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Work experience

Jan 2009Present

Marketing Representative

Mos'Art Theatre
The Mos'Art Theatre is Palm Beach County's newest independent film and live performance theatre. I conduct sales for our pre-screen advertising and create new marketing strategies and promotions. During the evening, I participate in the operational tasks, such as concessions and playing each film.
Aug 2008Nov 2008

Special Events Production Assistant

North Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce
At the North Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce, I helped facilitate the production of events, such as art shows, business mixers, and festivals.


Aug 2005May 2009





  While I believe that I am very creative and artistic, I realize that I do not know enough about graphic design.  I believe that this is a very coveted weapon in marketing and I am pursuing training in this field.  My personal stance on marketing:  Every day, you will have to be more creative than you were yesterday.  The world is full of amazingly beautiful things and the reason for this is because of the expansive variety seen in every aspect of life.  I know that I have a storehouse of creativity to bring to the table and I am studying how to make this tangible. 
Computer Proficiency
  I use a computer everyday for both work and leisure and I have since become very efficient with technology.  While I do not understand everything about computers, I do research new technologies and avidly seek to become more tech-savvy. 
  I have been told that I am a person who takes initiative and is willing to put forth a strong effort in order to accomplish a worthwhile goal.  I like to spearhead and pioneer things in a way that will benefit myself and others.  My personal philosophy on leadership comes from a wise man who challenged me with this:  "A great leader is a proven servant."  I believe that the most powerful and inspiring forms of leadership are birthed from people who know what it is to truly serve others.  I believe that every human being has the capacity and calling to use their gifts and abilities in a way that will bless and that a leader needs to know when to direct and when to follow instruction.  A leader empowers those around them by enabling these people to take charge of their abilities.  A leader must lead by example and so he must serve others.



  My name is Josh Perry and I am a graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing.  I am very intrigued and currently pursue graphic and web design, as I believe this is the future of Marketing.  I have been involved in the design and facilitation of special events and I have since found a passion and joy in this field.  I hope to one day be a Marketing Director or Special Events Director for a company in the surf industry.  I like to take new paths and I do so with initiative.  While I take pride in leading, I know that I must serve, follow, and listen and take pride in these as well.


  I am a fish at heart- I love to surf, free dive, SCUBA dive, and go fishing.  I love music and I am very passionate about both playing and writing it.  I love to learn how to play new instruments and make music with other people.  I have played soccer for most of my life and have trained in various martial arts.