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Recent Work experience

Mar 2014Mar 2019

Senior Software Engineer

Automated Insights
  • Sole developer on several managed services projects (responsible for everything from model architecting to data ingestion and munging to narrative generation and delivery).
  • Primary developer of the initial parser for our Wordsmith platform, and a key contributor to Wordsmith and the Wordsmith Data Engine from their very beginnings.
  • Responsible for everything from planning and implementing large features in Wordsmith to troubleshooting and fixing bugs.
  • Experience with Ruby, Python, AWS, PostgreSQL, Redis
Jun 2009Mar 2014

Full-Stack Software Developer

SciMed Solutions
  • Developed custom web software for different companies and universities
  • Used Ruby on Rails, javascript, CSS, MySQL, and Postgresql, Oracle
  • Concurrently worked with different developers on different projects to help meet deadlines.
  • Lots of experience developing custom scientific software (genetics, HIV research, etc.)
Aug 2006Feb 2009

Web Software Development

  • Create websites using HTML, AJAX, Ruby on Rails, and MySQL
  • Software design, testing, and development using agile techniques
  • Search engine optimization for a multinational company
  • Deploying sites and ensuring that they run smoothly
Apr 2006Aug 2006

Senior Technology Support Analyst

Interactive Remix
  • Creating pages for JEA using Macromedia Studio (Dreamweaver and Fireworks)
  • Providing prompt, helpful customer assistance
  • Finding new customers and marketing the company
Aug 2005May 2006

Community Assistant

University Housing
  • In charge of student check-in, check-out, any room key problems
  • Voted “Most Dependable” of 2005-2006
  • Provide assistance and information for students, their parents, and NCSU staff
  • Handle university mail and packages
Nov 2002May 2005


University Dining (C-Store)
  • Responsible for opening and closing of stores
  • Supervise other employees (up to 3 at a time)
  • Keep store stocked and clean and running smoothly


Aug 2001May 2006

Bachelor's of Science

Spanish Minor

Linguistics Minor

Student Activities

University Honors Program (2001-2003)

University Scholars' Program (2001-2006)

Bone Marrow Donor (2002)

Lee Hall Council (2002-2003)

NC State Concert Band - first chair bass clarinet (2002-2004)

Habitat for Humanity (Spring 2004)

Semester Dean's List (Spring 2004, Spring 2006)

NCSU Film Club (2005-2006)

Tutor at Wilburn Year-Round Elementary (January 2006 - May 2006)


Personal Skills

Languages: English and conversational in Spanish

Leadership: President of HOA (April 2010 - January 2011), Vice President of HOA (Jan. 2008 - April 2010), C-Store Supervisor (2003-2005)

Personality: Very adaptable, quick to learn, always thinking, creative, hard-working, friendly

Technical Skills

Languages: Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Coffeescript, C/C++/Visual C++, Pascal, Assembly, Python, Elixir

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows (98, ME, XP, Vista), Ubuntu (Feisty Fawn, Gutsy Gibbon), Linux Mint, Mac OS X

Programs: Wordpress, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, MS Office, Textmate, VIM   Services: Search Engine Optimization, Logo Development Relational

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, Redis


Thanh Nguyen

Mason Matthews

Contact info available upon request.

Tony Spencer

Contact info available upon request

William Landis


A Little About Me

I graduated in 2006 from NC State with a Bachelor's in Computer Science and minors in both Spanish and Linguistics.  I first learned to program in freshman year of high school in Turbo Pascal 7 (not too common now-a-days), and have been coding ever since in many different languages.

Speaking of languages, I've always been interested in them, which led me to get my two minors (Linguistics and Spanish).  I like seeing how languages evolve over time, and differ from place to place.  It's also fascinating how some words (very old ones, like "mother") are very similar across many languages.

Websites - Co-Founder (November 2006 - Present)

Learned and employed many aspects of SEO (#1 in Google searches for "NCSU apartments", "NC State apartments", "UNCG apartments", "ECU apartments", "UNCC apartments", and others) (September 2007 - Present)

Started this to spread my ideas about saving money and helping the environment, and in doing so have learned a lot myself. (December 2006)

One of my earlier sites.  I tried to keep everything very simple for this one.

Recent International Experience

Conversational in Spanish

Auckland, New Zealand & Aitutaki, Cook Islands - May-June 2015

  • Most remote place I've been
  • Got to learn a different kind of English

Xinjiang, China - May-June 2013

  • Got to see the other side of China, very different from Shanghai
  • Got to learn even more Chinese and practice it, also a tiny bit of Arabic

Mexico,  Honduras, Grand Cayman, Belize - April 2013

  • A cruise, as it were

Bahamas - April 2011

  • Learned my way around the city using the metro and taxis
  • Got to learn and use some Chinese

Shanghai, China - October, November 2011

  • Learned my way around the city using the metro and taxis
  • Got to learn and use some Chinese

Uruguay, Brazil - February 2010

  • Traveled and stayed in small towns in western Brazil
  • Learned and used a smattering of Portuguese

Uruguay - December 2007

  • Stayed in hostels in three different cities
  • traveled by bus, making up itinerary as we went along

Caribbean - summer 2006

  • Bahamas, St. Johns, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas

Netherlands - Spring Break 2006

  • Visited Anne Frank house, Heineken plant, Amsterdam

Costa Rica - summer of 2005

  • Traveled to different cities by bus
  • Stayed in hostels and hotels

Peru - summer of 2004

  • NCSU Study Abroad Progam (took 2 four-week Spanish classes)
  • Traveled in and around Cuzco for two weeks
  • Lived in Lima with Peruvian host family for four weeks

Spain - summer of 2003

  • studied Spanish at I.L.Y.C. in Granada
  • lived for four weeks with a Spanish lady who knew no English (a great way to learn Spanish!)

Mexico - fall 2001

  • Stayed in Akumal, a small town on the gulf coast
  • Helped my family get around (no one else knew Spanish)