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Work experience

May 2008Present

Water Program Specialist

Commonwealth of PA - Department of Environmental Protection

Develops and interprets regulations, statutes, policies, procedures, and technical guidance for implementation of Pennsylvania Title 25, Chapters 92, 93, 96, and 111, the Pennsylvania Stormwater Management Act 167, and Title 40, Part 122, the NPDES Small MS4 permitting program.  Provides administrative and technical support providing technical training programs for county, municipal, and subcontractor representatives.  Performs review of stormwater management plans completed by county and municipal governments.  Conduct watershed evaluations to determine complexity of watersheds relative to estimates of effort and cost for preparation of stormwater management plans.  Provide technical and administrative assistance to counties and municipalities to prepare and submit stormwater management grant agreements, cost estimates, work descriptions, scopes of work, and reimbursement applications.

Apr 2004May 2008

Geologic Specialist

Commonwealth of PA - Department of Environmental Protection

Oversaw site remediation activities for the Storage Tank Spill Prevention and Land Recycling Programs.   Reviewed site characterization reports, remedial action plans, closure reports, and progress reports.  Performed hydrogeologic duties involving the study, charting, preservation, utilization, protection, and remediation of hydrogeologic resources.  Work required the use of standard geologic instruments and the reading and interpretation of maps, aerial photographs, remote sensing images, existing scientific literature, and similar materials.  Analyzed maps, photographs, hydrogeologic data, and water quality data.  Conducted studies and investigations of multiple aquifers, extensive faulting, folding, and fracturing.

Oct 2003Mar 2004

Staff Geologist

Gilmore & Associates, Inc.

Conducted Phase I and II environmental site assessments in accordance with ASTM guidelines.  Gathered historical information to determine areas of concern.  Measured groundwater levels for water supply study.  Compiled reports and drawings from data.  

Jul 2002Jun 2003

Staff Geologist

ENVision, Inc.

Conducted Phase I and II environmental site assessments in accordance with ASTM guidelines.  Gathered historical information to determine areas of concern.  Sampled water, soil, and sludge in areas of concern for groundwater pollutant parameters.  Oversaw monitoring well and soil boring installations and prepared field logs.  Compiled reports and drawings from field data.  Provided oversight during UST removals.  Written and verbal communication with clients, sub-contractors, and regulatory agencies.

Jun 2000May 2002

Scientific Intern

Commonwealth of PA - Department of Transportation

Conducted surveys of roadway topography, stormwater systems, guiderails, and pavements.  Input field data into the Roadway Management System.

Jun 1999Aug 1999

Scientific Intern

Commonwealth of PA - Department of Environmental Protection

Used Arc/Info software on a GIS workstation to attribute lake data with PADEP stream codes, which are determined by reading mylar overlays of USGS quadrangle maps.  Used Arc/Info and ArcView software to generate and edit a statewide GIS lakes coverage.

Aug 1998May 1999

Parking Enforcement Officer

City of Pottsville

Enforced parking regulations for downtown Pottsville area.  Wrote tickets for noncompliance.  Attended hearings for unpaid tickets at local District Magistrate's office.

Aug 1996Aug 1998


Hardees, Inc.


Aug 1999Aug 2002

Bachelor of Science

Temple University


Mac and PC computer programs for word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, and databases
Identify and evaluate rock and mineral specimens
Analyzing and interpreting data
Ability to collect, organize, evaluate, and present data in graphic and narrative form.
Borehole logger and interpreter
Fracture-trace analyzer


Environmental characterization and remediation, planetary geology, meteorite evaluation, and optical mineralogy.



2002 Mineralogical Society of America;2005-2007 Philadelphia Geological Society; 2007 Geological Society of America; 2009 Harrisburg Area Geological Society


Water Sampler, Temple University Geology Department, Philadelphia, PA 2000-2002

Collected stormwater and stream samples to be analyzed for nitrates to determine correlation of lawn fertilizer use with runoff.  

President, Harrisburg Area Geological Society 2009-2010, 2011-

Presides at all meetings of the Society; take cognizance of the acts of the Society and its Officers; Chairman of the Council and ex-officio member of all committees; plans meeting locations, topics, and field trips.

Presenter, 2009 Villanova Stormwater Symposium

The Role of Geology in Act 167:  A Case Study of the Valley Creek Watershed, Chester County.


Sep 2002Present

40-hour HAZWOPER