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Work experience

Aug 2001Present

Transmission Specialists

Smart Communications Inc.

Largest mobile and broadband service provider in the Philippines.


Jun 1995Apr 2000

BS Electronics and Communications Engineer

Mapua Institute of Technology


Networking (LAN)
Design DCN network for network elements manageability.
Microsoft Excel
Able to develope macros to speed up data consolodations



19 Mercurio St. Mabayuan ext., Olongapo City, Philippines, 2200

434 Federico St. San Rafael Village, Navotas, Metro Manila, Philippines, 1485

Mobile:+63 918 5646377

Telephone: +63 2 2535897 or +63 47 2226711

E-mail:[email protected], [email protected]


Electronics and Communications Engineer with more than six years extensive knowledge in Global Systems for Mobile Communications (GSM). Handles transmission NMS, tasks as first line operations & maintenance of transmission elements. Acting as a technical support level-1 for critical network concerns and outages. Expose in EoS (Ethernet over SDH) technology which includes LSP, MPLS, GFP and Tunneling functionality.

Knowledgeable in IP protocols, configuration and networking, i.e. BGP, OSPF, RIP and RIP2. Troubleshoots PC problem, hardware and/or software. Proficient in Windows 98 & XP and Basic Unix shell script programming.

MULTIPLEXERS and Microwave Radio Handled NMS (Network Management System)

·Tellabs 6300 Series (6320, 6340, 6345, 6350)

·Tellabs Martiss DXX 8100

·Nortel Metro Ethernet Routing Switch (MERS8000) Carrier Ethernet

·Nortel Metro Ethernet Manager (MEM 5.2)

·Nortel OM4150 and Nortel OM6500


·SIEMENS Transport Systems (SMA-16, SLD-16, SMA 1/4 and SMA 1K)

·NOKIA Synfonet Family (STM-16, STM-1/4 and SAN)

·NOKIA Dynanet Family (DN2 and ACM2)

·ECI (Syncom, MicroSDM, XDM)

·Fujitsu SDH Radio

·NERA SDH Radio (NL29x Family, Interlink, City link)

·Ceragon Version 2.00i

·Harris Stratex (Super PDH – IP Radio)

·Fiber Com IP Radio (Air Mux)

·RAD E-Gate IP Radio



Smart Tower

Ayala Avenue cor. Herrera Street,

Makati City, Philippines


A Company engaged in telecommunications, which is a part of the country’s biggest telephone company, Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT). Smart Communications provides cellular mobile network for Nokia Dual Band GSM Network, 3G, Broadband, IP Backbone, local exchange, lease lines for data and international getaway facility (IGF).


Transmission Specialist (Network Transmission Optimization)

Jan 2008 – Present

·Optimize existing transport network facility.

·Root Cause Analysis of Major/Recurring Network problems.

·Ensure end-to-end service bandwidth availability from provider to customer premises.

·Proactive correction of critical transport issues to avoid network wide outages.

·Handles second line support, on and off site for outages that cannot be handled by field engineers.

BSS/Transmission Engineer Network Operation Center (NOC)

Aug 2001 – Jan 2008

·Monitoring, alarm detection, troubleshooting, software data and E1 cross-connections and upgrade data traffic in VC12 or VC4 administration. Implements work orders given by Planning Group, which includes Layer1 and Layer2 MPLS circuits for integration, or upgrade.

·Knowledgeable in using Nortel Preside NMS (path labeling, path tracing, user label, E1 cross connection (mapping) and managing Nortel 4150 command language and 6500 (site manager).

·Knowledgeable in PDH, SDH (STMN-1, 4 and 64 level hierarchies), EoSDH (Ethernet over SDH) technology.

·E1 (VC12) end-to-end testing local or terminal loop back or STM-1,4 and 64 testing specially fiber cut trouble or degraded Signal occurred on STM-NO conduct field engineer testing and coordination on fault problem. Protection switching coordination from field engineer handled multiplexers.

·Handles monitoring of synchronization health of the network and performs trouble shooting and performance monitoring of PRC’s stationed all over the country.

·Knowledgeable in different IP protocols, configuration and networking standards.

·Handles restoration of NMS access of different NE’s to their respective NMS.

·Performance daily monitoring of RSL reading and Optical Measurements each Multiplexers and Radio NMS handled.

·Fault Reporting, update status pending trouble ticket, escalation, coordination in field engineer and other concern group, for restoration of network problems.

·Alarm clearing of unnecessary minor alarms (E1 with empty cross-connections) and do software E1 cross connection on NMS multiplexer’s handled and the costumer service such as 2G, 3G, HSDPA, VOICE and DATA.

·Providing assistance of the engineers on field for further troubleshooting of NMS handled and gives a proper escalation to higher Tier in case of major trouble occurred.

·Responsible for the Operation & Maintenance of Nokia DX200 GSM Network / Fault and Configuration Management

·Extensive experience in rollout of BTS and TRX expansion of Nokia DX200 GSM Network

·Creation/Definition/Integration/Rehoming and modification of GSM Cell sites parameters via NMS2000, Radio Network Editor and MML Sessions in the Nokia GSM Network

·BTS Site and ET/Transmission Cutover via Nokia NMS2000 application or in MML Sessions

·Extensive knowledge in implementing LAC Split and Dual rate for optimization and simulation.

·Upgrade/Downgrade in LAPD and OMU signaling rate of BTS site (16Kbps, 32Kbps, 64Kbps)

·Detection/Isolation/Clearing of Alarms in Nokia DX200 GSM Network

·Coordination and support in accordance to Service Level Agreement (SLA) during network outage.

·Responsible for encoding in the trouble ticket for proper documentation during outages.

·Performance of Routines/Reports through scripts via Nokia NMS environment.

·Knowledgeable in commissioning of Nokia Ultrasites, Insites and Metrosites. Can do TRX expansion or downgrade.

·Basic UNIX knowledge in creation/modification of scripts.


·Nortel Metro Ethernet Carrier 8000 (MERS) (2009) – Nortel

·Nortel Metro Ethernet Manager (MEM) (2009) – Nortel

·Tellabs Low Level Design (LLD) (2008) – Tellabs

·Harris Stratex Super PDH (2008) – Harris Philippines

·Siemens Surpass HiT 7600 (2007) – Nokia Siemens Network

·Nokia 3G Systra (2007) – Nokia

·IP Radio Airmux 200 and ETX 102 (2007) – RAD Phil

·Network IP Backbone (2007) – Smart Communication Inc.

·OME6500 and OME4150 (2006) - Nortel

·Fujitsu NFRX Radio (2006) – Fujitsu Phil.

·SSU-2000 Synchronization (2006) - IECI

·Ethernet over SDH (EoS) Technology.(2005) - Tellabs

·VSAT ( Very Small Aperture Terminal) training (2004) – TELESAT Company.

·ECI XDM NMS (SDH) (2003) – ECI Company Phil.

·Tellabs NMS Training (2003) – SMART

·Basic UNIX (2003) -- SMART

·Data Communications Network NMS (Network Monitoring System)--SMART Communications Inc (2002)

·Basic Unix--SMART Communications Inc (2002)

·Cadetship Engineering Program--SMART Communications Inc. (2001)


ØBasic Telephony

ØIntro to AMPS

ØIntro to CDMA

ØGSM System

ØTraffic Engineering

ØRF Engineering/Frequency Management

ØCell Planning Principles

ØBSS (Base Station Sub-System) Network Planning

ØSMS (Short Message Service)

ØNSS (Network Sub-System) System

ØBSS System

ØBSS Parameter

ØMS Access Basics

·GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) (2000)

·Seminar on Cellular Technology (2000)

·Seminar on E1 Technology (2000)




Mapua Institute of Technology, Intramuros Manila (1995-2000)

Electronics and Communications Engineer

ØDon Thomas Mapua Memorial Awardee (Silver Medal)


St Joseph’s High School, Olongapo City (1991-1995)

ØAcademic Excellence Award

ØScience Mercury Award


St Joseph’s Elementary School, Olongapo City (1986-1991)


Nortel Certified Support Specialists (Carrier Ethernet) (920/504) (2009) – 98% PASSED

Electronics and Communications Engineering Licensure Exam (PASSED)

REFERENCES:Available upon request.


New transmission technologies. Physics and sciences.


Feb 2009Present

Nortel Certified Support Specilists

Nortel (MERS)