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University of Arizona


University of Arizona


Criminal Defense


An attorney and judge with nearly five decades of experience in the law, former Coconino County Judge & Attorney J. Michael Flournoy provides clients in Arizona with expertise in most civil and criminal matters. Currently, he works part-time in private practice in Flagstaff, specializing in mediation and arbitration. In his semi-retirement, J. Michael Flournoy only participates in a select number of civil and criminal cases at any given time.

J. Michael Flournoy spent over two of the last five decades as a member of the Coconino County courts. Starting in 1967, he served Coconino County as its first Public Defender for a year, the first person designated in that new position in the history of the county. Thanks to his success in this position, J. Michael Flournoy won election the following year as the elected County Attorney, becoming the first Republican in over 20 years to win the position. Winning a second term in 1972, he gained a reputation as a respectable figure in the courts, all the while maintaining his other job as Partner of Preston, Flournoy & Flick over the course of his terms. He was a county bar officer, was recognized as Arizona County Attorney of the Year in 1974 and held the position of President in both the Arizona Sheriffs County Attorney Association and the Arizona County Attorney's Association, now the Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys Advisory Council (APAAC), which he co-founded.

Following his successful tenure as a County Attorney, J. Michael Flournoy entered solo practice. After 16 years, he re-entered the courts in a political capacity after winning an election as Coconino County Superior Court Judge in 1992. Serving three elected terms, J. Michael Flournoy oversaw one quarter of all criminal, civil, and domestic relations cases in the Coconino County Superior Court. He also served as the Probate Judge while on the Superior Court.

Along with his service to the Coconino County Courts, J. Michael Flournoy served in private practice for a total of nearly 40 years. Admitted to the State Bar of Arizona 49 years ago, he still holds his active license to practice law in all Arizona state and federal courts, as well as the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.


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