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"I am running for your Delegate because I love our district and want to see it thrive as a place to live and work.  For years I have worked hard to maintain a positive climate for both families and businesses.  But today we face many challenges – challenges that require a proven leader who understands business and our neighborhoods, a Veteran who is committed to service, and someone with a legacy of positive community leadership.  Most importantly we need someone who will fight to overcome today’s challenges.  I know I can make a difference – for you and for Virginia."

Community Leader

Successful Businessman


Jay is Running for You!

This election represents and investment in Virginia and the 44th District. Can You Help with a Contribution?  Please go to and become part of our team!

Work experience

Apr 2009Present

44th District

Jay McConville for Delegate

Mount Vernon deserves a leader who understands the issues facing our community and who will take action to address these issues.

Jay McConville is that Leader

Elect Jay McConville Delegate for Mt. Vernon and the 44th District

Family Man

  • Jay and Sue have been married 24 years
  • Children in local public schools
  • Sunday School and Church Youth Leader
  • Youth Sports Coach

A Proven Leader

  • President of Fort Hunt Youth Athletic Association
  • Active in local Citizen's Associations
  • Award-winning Executive in Manufacturing Industry
  • Former Army Intelligence Officer -- served with distinction in Desert Storm

A Fighter for Mt. Vernon

  • Transportation: Make the revitalization and improvement of Richmond Highway the number one priority in Fairfax County. Our district deserves the same investment as the rest of the Commonwealth.
  • Jobs: Keep Virginia a place where businesses want to be. Our right-to-work laws and positive business climate must be maintained to ensure prosperity for all Virginians.
  • Spending: Keep spending under control. Families and businesses have been making tough decisions; it's time for our government to do the same.
  • Education: Improve education so more money goes to teachers and children instead of administrative overhead. Fight for the rights of Parents, and help our students get into the Virginia colleges they've earned the right to attend.

Small and Large Business Leadership

Industry Executive - Defense and Manufacturing

Jay has a varied and successful business career.  Since leaving the Army in 1996 Jay has served in ever increasing roles of responsibility in both large and small businesses. 

  • Helped create a business unit with a major defense integrator that grew from $100M to over $1B in annual revenue
  • Rose from junior position to Vice President within one of America's largest corporations in less than 10 years.  Currently serves as Senior Executive in Manufacturing Industry
  • Served as successful Vice President over $300M+ in annual revenue and led 1500 employees
  • Key leader of the team that created a highly successful software product used to support our soldiers, sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Defense and Intelligence civilians in peace and war
  • Won multi-billion dollar company's highest award for business and technology achievement
  • Experienced in all aspects of business - from sales through management, acquisitions, and technology
  • Received President's Award for Ethics in Business from top manufacturing company

Jay understands business - and knows what challenges business people face


US Army Intelligence Officer

A Legacy Of Service

Jay has served his country well and will serve Virginia with the same dedication and passion.

  • Served in multiple difficult assignments around the country and the world
  • Served as leader from platoon to battalion level
  • Commanded an Intelligence Company in Alaska and was an Infantry Intelligence Officer in Saudi Arabia and Iraq
  • Specialized in Intelligence Analysis - both tactical and national intelligence
  • Supported military units in peace and war - 24th ID, 6th ID, 1st Cavalry Division
  • Served as special assistant to two General Officers
  • Combat Veteran in Desert Shield/Desert Storm - Awarded Bronze Star Medal for Service
  • Army Ranger, Airborne, and Air Assault Qualified
  • Served in both the US Army Active and Reserve units

Jay believes in serving his country and his fellow citizens - he will serve Virginia with distinction

Go Jay!



Bachelors of Science

A Positive Impact for Virginia