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Feb 2007Oct 2007


Module 1: Initiate and provide structure for an entrepreneurial activity, to start a company, or manage a new activity within an existing structure (intrapreneurship activity).



Lille Flandres Artois University

Balloul JM, Sondermeyer P, Dreyer D, Capron M, Grzych JM, Pierce RJ, Carvallo D, Lecocq JP,. Capron A. (1987). Nature; 326 : 149.153.

Work experience


New Venture Development Director


Support  Transgene’s management to establish new ventures or to identify growth opportunities for Transgene: review business cases, seek additional information to confirm scientific and business rationale, structure scientific and development program.

Alliance Manager: Managing and developing new approach to strategic alliances and partnerships with key players in vaccine development.

Member of the In licensing Committee: analysis of opportunities that fit with strategic Company portfolio (

Novel active immunotherapy products, Adjuvant (to viral vectors and to proteins, Novel targets in infectious diseases, Novel tumor associated antigens).

Project leader of the Transgene Pharmaceutical Avian Cell Line Project dedicated to the production of therapeutic and prohylactic vaccines.


Head of Department

  • Operational Research Committe member
  • Management of three laboratories (Virology, Immunology and Biochemistry staff of 23 peoples scientists and technicians))
  • Molecular Biology and Virology (Poxvirus and Adenovirus)
  • Biochemistry
  • Expression systems (E coli, Yeast, eukaryotic cells)
  • Direction of the development of an avian cell line for vaccine production: Scientific coordination, Business Model development.

Group Leader

  • Development of the poxvirus platform (vaccine development, pox engineering)
  • HPV project leader for the development of a therapeutic vaccine against cervical cancer and high lesions associated with human papillomavirus infection
  • Head of the DNA sequencing lab


  • 1991-1998 HPV project leader for the development of a therapeutic vaccine against cervical cancer and high lesions associated with human papillomavirus infection
  • Head of the DNA sequencing lab
  • 1989-1991 Neuro immunology project leader (  Proteomic analysis of neuropepide stimulated T cells)

Research Assistant

Institut Pasteur de Lille
  • S. mansoni vaccine development Project Leader
  • Allergology Proteomic analysis


English semi-fluent

Spanish basic

Hebrew basic


2010: Niculescu Cristina; Balloul Jean-Marc A key for successful development of flu vaccines: Public-private collaboration - the Barcelona Vaccine Forum, Phacilitate, the Fira Palace Barcelona Spain, 21-23 June, 2010, the meeting report. Human vaccines 2010;6(12):966-9.Transgene, Boulevard Gonthier d'Andernach Illkirch, Graffenstaden, France.

2009: Tosch C; Geist M; Ledoux C; Ziller-Remi C; Paul S; Erbs P; Corvaia N; Von Hoegen P; Balloul J-M; Haegel HAdenovirus-mediated gene transfer of pathogen-associated molecular patterns for cancer immunotherapy.Cancer gene therapy 2009;16(4):310-9.Molecular Immunology Department, Transgene, Strasbourg, France. 2008: Foloppe J; Kintz J; Futin N; Findeli A; Cordier P; Schlesinger Y; Hoffmann C; Tosch C; Balloul J-M; Erbs PTargeted delivery of a suicide gene to human colorectal tumors by a conditionally replicating vaccinia virus.Gene therapy 2008;15(20):1361-71.Transgene SA, 11 rue de Molsheim, Strasbourg Cedex, France. 2008: Erbs P; Findeli A; Kintz J; Cordier P; Hoffmann C; Geist M; Balloul J-MModified vaccinia virus Ankara as a vector for suicide gene therapy.Cancer gene therapy 2008;15(1):18-28.Transgene S.A., 11 rue de Molsheim, Strasbourg Cedex, France. 2007: Paul Stéphane; Geist Michel; Dott Karine; Snary David; Taylor-Papadimitriou Joyce; Acres Bruce; Silvestre Nathalie; Kieny Marie-Paule; 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