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Justin Mayer is a first year student at The University of Alabama pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Food and Nutrition. Justin in pursing his degree in hopes of working as a Registered Dietitian, with an emphasis in sports nutrition.  His background has mainly been in the Health and Fitness Industry, first in health club management, and in personal training.  Justin enjoys working with people to achieve the result of overall health, both through fitness and nutrition.

As you will see, Justin has had multiple positions working with the public.  He has a strong track record of recognition and advancement in the Health and Fitness Industry.  Justin really enjoys educating people on how to be healthy.  

Justin"s philosophy is hard work, dedication, having a passion for what you do, a passion for helping people, and always trying to get better.  He believes that all individuals can achieve what they want with a goal, dedication and hard work.

Work experience

Jan 2012Present


Holt Repair & Manufacturing

I run a cement mixer and fill in holes on the levy to make sure the levy is stable. I am responsible for a team to make sure they are filling in the right holes with the right amount of cement.

Jul 2009Jan 2012

Fitness Manager

Custom Built Personal Training

I over see trainers, their schedules and certifications. I supervise two assistant managers making sure they make phone calls, set appointments with new clients and teaching them sales techniques. I take care of customer service issues daily by phone, via email and face-to-face. My daily responsibilities includes finding new clients, following up with client’s progress, assessing their needs, creating client files, filling out health history questionnaires and processing payments.

Jul 2007Jul 2009

Fitness Manager

In-Shape Health Clubs

My job title included hiring trainers, managing their daily activity, reviewing their schedules and making sure everyone had their certifications. I made daily sales calls, set appointments, assessed client’s needs, and processed payments. I worked with the trainers on team motivation and helped them hit their target sales.

Apr 2008Jan 2009

General labor

DeBruin Construction Inc.

I was responsible for driving company trucks from the warehouse to different job site locations all over California. I loaded and transported hazardous materials to different job sites. I operated forklifts, jackhammers and diesel trucks while always maintaining a safe and clean environment for my co­workers and myself.

Aug 2006Mar 2008


Lodi Glass Company

My position included answering phones, assessing client’s needs, creating estimates, placing orders and logging inventory. I cut custom glass orders, installed windows, mirrors and doors. I created invoices, sent billing invoices, and collected payments, balanced registers before and after shifts. I worked with clients daily, addressed all customer service issues, loaded heavy materials, and maintained a clean and safe environment.



Debbie Eison