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Justen Maron

Vice President - Genesis Health Clubs

Work experience


Vice President - Group Fitness

Genesis Health Clubs

Directly responsible for budget, and performance for a $2 million Group Exercise department .Over 40+ direct reports, leading a team of nearly 1,000 Group Exercise Professionals.  Managed growth of department from 20 to 45 locations, and developed strategy and systems for continued improvement of defined KPI's. 


Divisional Vice President-Midwest

Gold's Gym International 

As the organization's only external hire for a DVP position, Justen oversaw the successful conversion of gyms in a three state territory to corporately owned Gold's Gyms.  Responsible for every department and growing a regional team from scratch, Justen was critical in learning and teaching Gold's policies and procedures in a short time frame.  Within four months of acquisition, was responsible for capital planning, budget planning and EBITDA performance for the new gyms, as well as staffing the management and regional positions.  


Vice President - Programming/ Fitness

Courthouse Fitness

In a nearly 10 year career, promoted to the highest position possible within the company, while continually increasing responsibilities.  At time of departure, lead the company's largest departments, which comprised the majority of employees, and generated over half of total revenue.  Responsible for the promotion and execution of most programs and events within the company, as well as external contracts and events.  

Successfully overhauled multiple departments, through new strategies and business plans for individual programs within the company.  

Typically managed teams that included over 200 employees.  From these ranks, identified, mentored and grew numerous General Managers, Division Leaders, and Lead Trainers, many of which hold key roles in the company today. 




Atkinson Graduate School of Management

Graduated with Honors

Coursework in Project Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, etc.  Worked in multiple teams, which created complete business plans for application to real world organizations. 


B.S. Exercise Science/Economics

Willamette University

Graduated with Honors

Intercollegiate Football/ Lacrosse Player


Shad Barnes

Online Marketing Manager

Oregon Lottery

"...Early on in his career with the Courthouse I recognized Justen as an uber-generalist: Someone who had a level of proficiency, dare I say mastery, over a multitude of areas. It became glaringly obvious in a short period of time and it wasn't long before our supervisor/subordinate relationship became one of peer to peer cooperation. As a prideful, competitive workplace performer in my own right, I can honestly say that Justen's consistently excellent execution of project after project made me jealous and forced me to "up my game" on a regular basis. But enough with the generalities: Leadership - Justen's thoughtful, inclusive approach to management settled a volatile, high-turnover department and eventually transformed it into a customer retention machine. Nearly doubling our key retention KPIs over a 5-year span. Strategic Planning - Brainstorming sessions often became solid, systematic project plans. One such example changed rate structures and netted year-over-year increases in membership sales during a tremendous local and national economic downturn. Subject Matter Expert - I've attended several national-level conferences where Justen presented and received recognition as a leader and trail blazer within the fitness industry. His communication style and materials were singled out and recognized as best practice examples. In summary, it has been an honor and inspiration to promote and collaborate with Justen Maron. In my experience he created a standard of excellence in nearly every undertaking. His calm demeanor and professionalism had a tremendous, positive effect on our company and company staff. Any organization fortunate enough to have Justen on staff would realize an immediate, positive impact."