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Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this career portfolio is to display my professional abilities through previous academic and professional experiences and activities, so that I may acquire a job in a related field.

Work Philosophy

Any workplace is a community of individuals working towards a common goal. In order to reach this common goal the work community has to be treated like a personal relationship. Adaptability, strong communication and dedication to the others involved are essential.

Adapting and not assimilating is the key to a cohesive work relationship. Two individuals will never have the exact same execution when completing a task. Assimilation only allows a single individual’s skills and ideas to be showcased. In order to be successful all parties involved need to make small adaptations to become a powerful working unit.

Without communication there is no community. The workplace is a multi-sided unit with different people filling different roles. Whenever problems arise, it is often thanks to the information communicated from those in other roles that the problem can be solved. Often times this information channel can affectively avoid problems altogether.

In today’s job market the drive to get ahead often times leaves several casualties in its wake. This approach only benefits the individual. An organization of people looking out for each other will always be prepared to face any challenge that may be presented. This form of dedication promises success in any endeavor.

“The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts” - - Aristotle


Professional Goals

Two Year

Upon graduating, I will acquire my certifications as a Certified Dietary Manager (CDM) and a Dietetics Technician, Registered (DTR). Within the following months I will find a job where one or both of these certifications could prove vital. I will acquire experience and direction from my colleagues and superiors. Depending on my station, I will either work hard to climb the corporate ladder and promote my coworkers or use the experience to search for an appropriate internship and graduate school.

Five Year

At five years, I will have acquired my masters and Registered Dietitian certification. Depending on the state I live in, I will also take the necessary steps to get licensed as a dietitian. After taking a few programming classes, I will begin to work on my first computer program or smartphone application geared towards dietetics practice or food service management.


Josh Schultheis is a senior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). He is working toward a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition on the Dietetics Track. He is expected to graduate in December 2002011. He is a dedicated student and has worked hard to maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA. He has made the Dean’s List three of eight semesters since he has been at IUP.

Josh is a student member of the American Dietetic Association as well as the Pennsylvania Dietetic Association. He has experience in all areas of food service and was intern in IUP’s Aramark facility. Josh was respected by his co-workers and had been held responsible for training new employees. Josh has learned a lot from both his internship experience and his jobs in food service. He believes that the time he has spent working in the food service industry has helped prepare him for his future. He has learned a lot and looks forward to continue learning after he receives his undergraduate degree. After graduation, Josh is hoping to find a career in Food Service Management. He would also like to obtain a Masters degree in Food and Nutrition and eventually attend a Dietetics Internship.


Heshel Snow

Angela Borello

Harry Schultheis



Food Management Skills

Writing Skills


Verbal Communication
            Verbal communication is the primary way that people interact. While writing is a very necessary skill when dealing with suppliers and in memos, oral communication is how we interact with our peers on a day-to-day basis. This skill requires a command of the English language and confidence in what is to be said. With both of these elements in place you can efficiently delegate your workforce.
Writing Skills
            Being able to write properly is extremely important in any position. If an individual cannot write it is very difficult to communicate with your peers. If a person is exceptionally good at writing they will have an even easier time communicating their ideas.
Food Management
             Management skills of any nature are crucial. If you happen to have a level of skill in the particular field you want to manage in that’s even better. This is one of the most useful skills of all.  
Self Evaluation
      Self evaluation is a very important and necessary talent. An individual needs to know when they are not performing to the best of their abilities. Most people never realize that they are under performing until someone tells them.       Self Evaluation is a simple skill to learn if one is interested. It is a difficult skill to master, though. The crucial part of the mastery process is to find a set of quality control points to compare against. It also crucial to not be over critical.         This is a very relevant skill if I plan to be successful in any job. I will not always succeed at everything I try, no one does. With this skill in my tool belt I will know where I went wrong and turn today's failure into tomorrow's success.        

Work experience

Dec 2009May 2011

Solution Specialist

Prime Communication


Jan 2006Dec 2011

Bachelor of Science - Nutrition/Dietetics Track

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

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