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May 2015Oct 2016

Full-Stack Web Developer

Bloc Inc.

Learned to utilize some of the most popular frameworks and libraries in the tech industry today: Angular, Bootstrap, Rails, jQuery, etc.
Built numerous responsive web applications and sites from scratch using languages like Ruby, CSS, JavaScript and HTML
Gained knowledge of how to navigate around the command-line efficiently
• Obtained valuable debugging skills
• Received one-on-one assistance from an industry professional at least once a week

May 2014Aug 2014

Front-End Web Developer


• Spent 3 months learning to build interactive web sites from scratch with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery
• Was introduced to API's and how to interact with them
• Became skillful at building responsive websites

Aug 2009May 2012

BS Marketing

San Francisco State University

• Acquired advanced marketing skills and mastered fundamentals

Work History

Oct 2016Present

Freelance Front-End Developer


• Designed and developed full websites from scratch
• Made sure all aspects of each project were fully responsive and cross-browser compatible
• Utilized a wide range of technologies: HTML, CSS, JS, Angular.js, Bootstrap, AJAX, Node.js, Express.js, MySql, Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Git/Github, Unix based OS, Firebase.js, jQuery, Sublime Text

Oct 2016Dec 2016

Front-End Developer Intern


Built out numerous web pages from design utilizing HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, and Bootstrap

• Constructed many forms  that accepted data in a variety of ways, from plain text inputs to file uploads, saving everything to a database
• Acquired fundamental knowledge of back-end technologies including Node.js, Express.js and Mysql
• Used media queries to ensure that all web pages were responsive

Sep 2011Oct 2014

Digital Content Manager

• Responsible for managing and maintaining hundreds of artist profile pages while paying strong attention to detail
• Led email marketing efforts to engage over 800 new artists
• Addressed hundreds of support emails and reported site bugs via an issue tracking service
• Thoroughly trained new employees from start to finish on how to manage and maintain artist profile accounts

Recent Projects

Simply Put Your Way

Professional organizer, serving communities along the peninsula.

Powered by Mongo, Express.js, Angular.js and Node.js
Linked up to several API's including Pinterest and Gmail
Fully responsive and came up with all of the designs myself

Angela Sha

Small single page business website for Angela Sha, a pole dance instructor and performer.

Created a photo gallery and lightbox
Original web design
• Primarily developed with Angular.js and Bootstrap


Spotlight is a sub section of SBLOB where artists of various backgrounds and professions are showcased.

• Built out several pages for the Spotlight project including an index page, artist profile page and an extensive multi-page form to create a new artist profile
• Utilized HTML, CSS, jQuery, Node.js, Express.js and MySql
• Used media queries to ensure that all web pages were responsive


Angular, Bootstrap, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, jQuery, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Git, Github, Heroku, Command-Line, Sublime Text, Responsive Design, Cross-Browser Compatibility