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Work experience

Voluntary Work

During periods of Under Employment , i have greatly enjoyed carrying out voluntary work for charities.

Most recently, from September 2009 to June 2010,  I have worked with Habitat for Humanity in Regina as part of the staff at the ReStore, and more recently as a volunteer on building sites.

Apr 2010Present

Web Developer

I took over development from the initial designers of the site with the objective of improving the reliability and performance of the site. I reworked the site to have significantly lower resource needs and added extra features as requested. I also introduced modern methodology such as bug-trackers and a wiki based knowledge documentation for site maintenance etc.

With a working proof of concept website the Quickvox directors explored business opportunities within the media industry, which culminated in a series of presentations and funding applications to British media companies. The site is in cryostasis while the start-up seeks continued funding.

The website uses  PHP and the CakePHP framework  with  MySQL, on a Linux/Apache based host.

Sep 2011May 2012

Sessional Instructor, Geology

University of Regina

Classes Taught

Environmental Geology (Introductory level; Winter 2012)

Igneous Petrology (Advanced level; Fall 2011)

Mineralogy (Advanced level; Fall 2011)

While I have always been a strong presenter, teaching has taught me to adapt  to the dynamic nature of the classroom. I enjoyed the pressures of teaching; both the limited time available for preparation of difficult material, and the need to present this material in a way that students from different educational and cultural backgrounds were able to understand and retain it. Teaching also let me further develop my ability to learn difficult concepts very quickly and to then communicate them to others.

Jan 2011May 2011

Sessional Instructor, Mathematics

First Nations University of Regina

Classes Taught

Adult Mathematics (introductory level)

Adult Mathematics (advanced level)

Adult Mathematics classes are designed for students without a high school diploma who wish to enter the University system. The classes covered mathematical methods taught in the later years of high school. Due to low enrolment, the two classes were taught simultaneously. Most of the students were mature students from a First Nations background and were the first members of their families to attend University. Teaching these classes was a fantastic experience.

Sep 2000Dec 2009

Graduate Student Research Assistant

Geophysical Institute, Univerisity of Alaska Fairbanks

 • 2009, developed satellite image ash composite tool ( Ruby, BASH )

• 2008, developed webcam review website (Ruby, PHP, JavaScript)

• 2008, developed webcam analysis tools, (C, C++, Ruby)

• 2008, developed meter accurate shadow prediction tool for satellite images (JavaScript/PHP)

• 2006-7, developed INSAR processing tools for Alaska Satellite Facility (C++)

• 2005, participated in development of Synthetic Aperture Radar processing tools for the Alaska Satellite Facility (C, C++)

• 2003-4, developed ocean tide modeling tool for the Arctic (Fortran)

• 2002, developed palynological wind analysis tool (VB).

• 2001, developed image processing tool for use in Stratigraphy (VB)

• 2001, developed SAR analysis software for Windows (VB). 

 My time in Fairbanks as a graduate student was fabulous, and I particularly enjoyed the opportunities to work on projects outside the core focus of my degree work. I finished my masters degree 6 months faster than the average at the time, and then engaged in PhD research on arctic sea ice and (due to the ill health of my first PhD adviser) since 2005 on volcanology.

Following the birth of our son in 2007, my wife and I moved to Canada in 2008/2009, which slowed down my progress on my thesis.

Jan 1997Sep 1997

2nd Line Support, Problem Services Group.

Automobile Association (UK)

Worked as second level support, to resolve issues as diverse as computer technical faults, through to bomb alerts, in the UK's largest car breakdown recovery service.

Additional duties involved streamlining procedures and developing Excel Macro's to reduce data analytics reduction time.

Left to pursue degree in geology.



Tools of the trade
Graphic Editing tools    Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat, Gimp, Bibble, inkscape 
Other Technologys
The following list of technologies are things that i have played with but have not yet been able to learn to my satisfaction. Normally, i have hacked larger projects to suit me better,  or written small programs to solve problems within a limited domain.   Python, Java, Perl, Fortran, Matlab, R, Qt, OpenGL, Assembler, ActionScript   Development Environments Vim, Netbeans, Eclipse, firefox/chrome/opera for web development   Embedded Hardware and software Gumstix, dd-wrt router firmware, Arduino, AVR   Development Methodologies SCRUM, Pair programming, AGILE technologies, The Pomodoro Technique
Web Design
Image Processing
Image processing of both RADAR and optical imagery (including still, video and hyperspectral), using both raw programming with  (C,C++, Ruby and common open source libraries) and ENVI  (a geospatial image processing tool).
LAMP administration
I have extensive experience setting up LAMP stacks,  including working with MySQL add-ons like the Sphinx full text search engine.
I also have operational knowledge of Solaris.
Visual Basic


Peter Webley

Ed Yoxall



I have a keen interest in art, and enjoy taking classes in drawing and painting. I am also an opera lover, and visit performances whenever i am able.

I indulge my passion in learning about new (and some old) programming languages, computer technologies,  and microelectronics.

I have a strong interest in the design and construction of audio amplifiers, and  also camera systems  such as those that work in the UV range or Infra-red.

I'm a native speaker of British English. I also speak some German.


I want to work for a company that creates things that make people go Wow!, with a group of people that are committed to the idea, enthusiastic about the product and resourceful in their solutions.

Academic Experience

Scientific Articles

a. Published

Modeling M2 tidal variability in Arctic sea-ice drift and deformation, W.D. Hibler III, A Roberts, P. Heil, A.Y. Proshutinsky, H.L. Simmons, J. Lovick, Annals of Glaciology n.44, 2006.

Near Real Time Volcanic Ash Cloud Detection: Experiences from the Alaska Volcano Observatory. P.W. Webley, J. Dehn, J. Lovick, K.G. Dean, J.E. Bailey and L. Valcic , Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research: Special Issue on Volcanic Ash Clouds, eds. Larry Mastin and Peter Webley. 2008.

b. In Preparation

Remote sensing analysis of the ash clouds from the 2008 eruptions of Kasatochi and Okmok Volcanoes, Alaska, USA. P.W. Webley, J. Dehn, J. Lovick, K.G. Dean, J.E. Bailey, A. Ekstrand, S. Henton and C.F. Cahill.

Seminars and Conference Presentations:

October 26th 2010, University of Regina, Environmental Research and Studies Seminar Series. "Volcanoes vs. Humans, the ultimate global warming deathmatch."

November 2009, University of Regina Geology Dept. Wednesday Seminar Series, "Quick, get off the island! The volcano is erupting! The 2008 Eruptions of Okmok and Kasatochi volcanoes".

102nd Annual Meeting of the Cordilleran Section, GSA, 81st Annual Meeting of the Pacific Section, AAPG, and the Western Regional Meeting of the Alaska Section, SPE (8-10 May 2006). "The 2006 Augustine Eruption in Synthetic Aperture Radar Data."

2003 ASPRS, "Fusion of Radarsat SAR Interferograms with Other Image and Geological Data Sets to Establish Temporal, Spatial and Physical Behaviors of the Active Layer at Sagwon, Alaska."

Poster Presentations

AGU Fall session 2001. "Interpretation of RADARSAT SAR interferograms of Sagwon, Alaska, to establish temporal and physical permafrost parameters."

AGU Fall session 2002. "Fusion of Radarsat SAR interferograms with Other Image and Geological Data Sets to Establish Temporal, Spatial and Physical behaviors of the Active Layer at Sagwon, Alaska."

AGU Fall session 2003. "Numerical Investigation of Inertial and Tidal Variability in Arctic Sea-Ice Deformation."

IGARSS 2007: "Development of a Open Source Permanent Scatterer System."

AGU Fall session 2008. "Observation of volcanoes through webcams: Tools and techniques." Available on-line: