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So, who am I?  That's easy... I'm an HR Business Consultant for Alabama Power Company, one of the OpCo's of Southern Company, where we generate and supply electricity to the majority of Southeastern US.  Prior to joining the team in late 2007, I was a Business Development Manager for Aerotek, and before that, a General Manager and Recruiter for Ruby Tuesday restaurants, back in the day when being a restaurant manager was cool.  ...Wait, scratch that last part.

As an HR & Talent Pro, my interests lie in the busy intersection of talent, business results, technology, and specific strategic thinking, all with a futurist's mentality of opportunity.  So, what's that really mean, you ask?  I believe that as next generation HR pros, it is our duty to stand alongside our leaders, at all levels of the organization (VPs, Directors, Managers, etc.), armed with the information and tools critically necessary in order for organizations to successfully attract, recruit, develop, performance manage, manage talent, and retain a rapidly (and constantly) changing workforce --- from the board room to the break room.  Let's face it, you know it needs to be done.

Work experience

Nov 2007Present

HR Business Consultant

Alabama Power Company

Here at Alabama Power, my role as a Consultant is to provide a higher level of guidance between business units, executive management, and HR that contribute to the achievement of business goals and strategic initiatives of the organization.  Vague enough for you?  It should be... came directly from my job description.

Here's where I get my hands dirty: 

  • talent management
  • solutions to workforce issues
  • organizational design
  • diversity
  • workforce planning
  • leadership & team effectiveness
  • leadership development
  • performance management
  • employee relations
  • labor relations
  • and (the all too familiar) HR compliance, policies and procedures, and compensation
May 2003Nov 2007

Business Development & Account Manager


During my first 8 months at Aerotek, I was a recruiter for the Energy and Environmental market segments, where I came to appreciate the recruiting world in fast-paced environment, and was able to really learn the in's and out's of the business.  After the initial 8 months with Aerotek, I was fortunate enough to get promoted into an Account Manager role working specifically with the (quickly) emerging Alabama automotive industry providing both direct placement and contract staffing services in a variety of highly technical engineering specialties, along with my team of recruiters.

As I began working closely with and building relationships with the hiring and HR managers at each of these (world-renowned) automotive manufacturing facilities, I began discovering something a bit unsettling, and that was this:  There is a lot of uncertainty among middle management (including HR) around talent management, performance management, and leadership development.  Was this epiphany justified only in the auto industry?  Were there other industry / markets / companies out there with the same (extremely unspoken) uncertainties?  Were their corporate HR dudes aware of this?  Were they working on a solution, or were they a part of the problem? 

Throughout the following 3+ years, I truly discovered the meaning of value-add and the depth at which it can operate.  As I continued to work with those clients, and countless others, my business became not just about "making the sale" and staffing, but about sitting down with the managers, in their environments, and helping them find the path that makes the most sense for their business in the arenas of talent & performance management, workforce planning, succession planning, and subsequently, employee relations.

Jun 1997May 2003

Recruiter / General Manager

Ruby Tuesday

So, right now you may be asking yourself, "Wow. Okay, so he went from being a General Manager for an international casual dining restaurant concept to being passionate about HR.  What gives?"  Two things: 1) Business management, and 2) People management.  For the sake of your time, and webserver space, I'll keep it as brief as possible. 

You can gain exponential amounts of business skills, knowledge and insight into the eccentricities of running any successful business by taking an under-performing restaurant, turning it around with a diverse workforce of 70+ team members and 6 managers, working 80+ hours per week, every week, for 1 year straight.  How do I know that?  I did it... for 4 years straight, in 7 different geographical locations.

Prior to marrying my amazing wife, I was the single guy, straight out of college (a.k.a. cheap labor, would work my tail off) who would gladly get moved from city to city, store to store, turning around the restaurants that were under-performing.  I loved it.  Loved the challenge, loved the adrenaline rush, and the high-productivity / high-quality environment that it fostered.  I was the guy that everybody knew at corporate when I visited - the guy who could "get it done".  I was also the guy who knew that he could not keep this pace up once he got married, because I didn't want to end up like a lot of my peers in that industry:  divorced, and stuck working 80+ hours, year after year after year.

Prior to my 4 year stint as General Manager, fresh out of college, with my Human Resource degree in-tow (actually, clinched in my fist - ready to take on the world), I became an assistant manager in Griffin, GA.  Quickly, the VP of HR at corporate found out that I had an HR degree, and that I wanted to use it.  He presented the opportunity to move to Charlotte, NC to become the never-tried-before "management recruiter", mainly because most all of the managers were promoted from within.  With a long list of scheduled new store openings, and a lack of fuel in the talent pipelines, we needed over 50 managers from outside the company identified and in place in a short period of time.  No problem... Done!  This is where I really fell in love with recruiting, and HR - a love that is still strong today... along with my marriage!


Jun 1999

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Auburn University

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Employment Law

University of Tennessee, 2002

Organization Behavior

Auburn University, 2004

Moving from Tactical to Strategic HR

Cornell University, 2004

Diversity Initiative

Russell Corporation, 2004

Demographic Impacts on HR

Pfizer, Inc., 2004

Advanced Fundamentals of HR

Cornell University, 2008

Member of SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management)


"Generational Leadership" and "Valuing Diveristy" Facilitator


PHR (Professional in Human Resources)