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Work experience

Dec 2007Mar 2011

Field Engineer

McKesson Aps

Responsible for managing approximately 40+ direct and 80+ indirect clients located within hospitals and pharmacies in Southern Ontario as well as other Western provinces.

Relationship Management

·Built and fostered strong client relationships and was well respected for delivering exceptional customer service.Professionally handled difficult customers achieving a high level of client satisfaction.

·Liaised with American affiliate company to ensure the proper integration of McKesson equipment with existing customer hardware and software equipment.

·Educated and trained clients on product use at both the basic and advanced levels.

·Trouble shot problems with clients over the phone giving clear and concise instructions for less complicated repairs.

·Regularly met with territory sales force to discuss individual client needs and made recommendations on products and services that would benefit their situations and increase revenue opportunities.

·Maximized opportunities to promote and sell McKesson products through networking.

Technical Management

·First point of contact for new installations, maintenance, and emergency services for the APS (Automated Pharmacy Systems) located at each customer site.

·Effectively prioritized weekly schedule to allow for regular maintenance visits as well as the frequent emergency calls that required immediate attention.

·Created detailed site plans for new installations or retrofits of existing equipment/location.Assessed optimum layout and scheduled project plans that minimized disruption and downtime.

·Developed detailed maintenance and public relations report guidelines for internal employees to improve consistently of delivery across the country.

·Expertly repaired older equipment using reverse engineering techniques to ensure clients machines remained functional.

·Accountable for the $100K inventory of spare parts and managed the restocking process following just-in-time principles.

Jun 2007Oct 2007

Team Lead

Baxter Healthcare

Contract Position Responsible for upgrading and troubleshooting equipment Led a team through upgrade procedures Responsible for team safety

Jan 2007May 2007

Biomedical Engineer

Trillium Healthcare

Responsible for project management of COW units and Viral outbreak clean up Responsible for digitization of work order system Key task was the preparation of the department for upcoming hospital accreditation process


Sep 2009Apr 2011


University of Liverpool

Specialized in International Management with a focus on multiculturalism and globalization. Learned modern management and motivation techniques, Management accounting, Managerial Organization, Strategic Operations and all while focusing on international markets and how to work with today’s assorted labor forces.

Sep 2006Mar 2009


Bemidji state university

Specialized in Technology Management with a leadership focus. Added sales/marketing, TPM, six sigma/lean processes and project management tools to my skill set

Sep 2003Apr 2006


Durham College

Specialized in Biomedical Engineering. Built a technical skill set with medical focus as well as an understanding of hospital environments and their dynamics


People skills
People skills can not always be learned in a book but rather are learned by experience. these experiences normally shape how a person grows to be yet in my case I have used my experience to learn peoples differences and how to work with them optimally. This is shown in my ability to create long lasting business relationships as well as in my specialty of calming down angry clients and getting them back to a happy/content state of mind.
Everyday we all lead regardless of knowing it or not. Personally I started to lead predominantly during my first associates degree when I was part of building the greek life system at durham college. I have taken this learned knowledge and compiled it with studies such as technology management with a leadership focus to always strive to be a better leader. A good leader does so by psychical example, A great leader doesn't have to.


It is my objective to further my professional role within the management field. To do so I plan to utilize my unique academic skill set as well as the skills I have gained from my time spent in the field. Also I plan to continue my education via online education so that I will always be learning and more of an asset to any organization.

Personal Reports


A confident and intelligent individual whose combined education and experience demonstrates a high potential for leadership and management roles.Proven background in cultivating client relationships and managing territory accountabilities.Developed an excellent technical skill set with medical focus to deliver exceptional client service and gain a strong understanding of hospital environment and dynamics.


Education, Football, Soccer, Travel, People



Tau Kappa Epsilon