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Reading and debating


I am a soon to be graduate of Computer Sciences from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) majoring in Artificial Intelligent and minor in Management. I wish to pursue a career in computer sciences field after my graduation date which is after July2010. I am a dynamic, enthusiastic and responsible team player who can work independently or work with a team. Besides, I am able to communicate articulately with people.I have been involved in project management and having handled a number of projects in school.I have knowledge n C++ Programming, Java Programming, C# Programming, Tibco Business Work, Database system (Oracle, Microsoft Access, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, sqlyog), Microsoft Office Suite, Javascript, HTML, JSP and I had undergo industrial training(internship) at Genting Information Knowledge Enterprise (GIKE), Genting Group. I had participated in Women Intervarsity Debate Tournament 2008, Asian Universities Debating Championship 2008(AUDC), Royal Malaysian Intervarsity Debating Championship 2008.

Work experience

May 2009Sep 2009


Genting Information Knowledge Enterprise (GIKE)

During this internship period, I have involved in few projects which are Genting Malaysia Berhad in house systems and intranets. Tasks I have been assigned to were system support, programming, database system, project demo and presentation. The projects were mostly developed by using C# programming language, ASP.NET, Tibco Business Work and Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Then I have been assigned to set up two survey form web pages using HTML, JSP, Javascript and SQLyog.


Jul 2007Present


I am majoring in Intelligent System and minor in Management. Projects I have been involved in school are:

1) Tourist Spots Information Kiosk

This application was developed by using Java Programming and Microsoft Access as databse.

2) Prison Management System

There are two versions for this system whereby for the first version was developed by using Oracle Express Edition. Then, the second version was developed by using C# Programming in Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Access as database.


Other programming languages
Have knowledge and experience in developing few web based applications by using, HTML, Ajax, Javascript and JSP
Database system
I had been involved in developing projects by using sqlyog, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 during my internship at Genting Information Knowledge Enterprise (GIKE). Then as for school projects, I have been using Microsoft Access and Oracle as my database system for my school projects.
Tibco Business Work
Experience in using Tibco Business work to develop few projects during internship at Genting Information Knowledge Enterprise (GIKE).
I have developed few web based applications by using Microsoft Visual Studio C# in my internship period at Genting Information Knowledge Enterprise (GIKE). On the other hand, I have developed software namely Prison Management System by using Microsoft Visual Studio C#.


Liew Yuen Ching