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Executive with senior management leadership skills, including strategic planning, customer relationship management (CRM), application development, infrastructure management, international operations, project management, team building, vendor management, contract negotiation, business development, joint ventures and strategic partnerships.

Strategist, visionary focused on cost controls, growing revenue and profit

·Provided the long term technology planning, support, implementation and troubleshooting for infrastructure and operational environment both domestic and international bureaus.

·Fully integrated (CRM) with A/R and online Web site permissioning systems, capitalizing on emerging technologies that allowed sales team to sign-up and permission customers using smart phone devices in real-time.

·Conceived and implemented multi-year technology road map capitalizing on emerging technologies (Robot Server Application “RSA” and categorization / metadata enhancement engine) that yielded technology breakthroughs year-after-year. Revenue exceeded plan by 27%. Operating profit during the same period more than doubled. Implemented another phase of the technology road map that increased productivity by 338% overnight reducing staff and yielding exponential revenue growth.

·Proposed, initiated and implemented the redesign of the Knight Ridder/Tribune (KRT) Web sites to capitalize on untapped sales opportunities by leveraging new technology strategies and yielding a 422% increase in revenue.

·Led the acquisition, redesign and restructuring of a university-focused news product. The new Web site was launched as KRT Campus with administrator tools that reduced staff by 60% and increased subscriptions sales by 66%.

·Developed efficient workflows to provide real-time delivery of video and still photography to wireless devices.

·Doubled Blue Pixel’s net profit.

Effective negotiator

·Conceived an alternative syndication system to eliminate AP delivery of KRT wire copy for KR newspapers. Selected and negotiated vendor agreements for all KR newspapers that yielded a 50% cost savings. After the acquisition of KR by the McClatchy Company, I renegotiated vendor agreements extending them to the McClatchy newspapers.

·Key member of the KR corporate vendor management team that successfully bid and negotiated company-wide vendor agreements to replace expiring telecommunications and Internet contracts.

·Drafted and negotiated multi-million dollar, multi-year agreements with major digital camera manufacturers.

Team builder, successful manager

·Managed all technology, communication, body armor, training and 24X7 support for more than 50 of Knight Ridder’s award winning war coverage journalists deployed in and around Iraq during the Iraq War.

·Capitalized on emerging technology during the Iraq War to ensure uninterrupted and timely filing of stories and images that gave Knight Ridder the competitive edge in breaking news coverage.

·Worked with architects to design and implement construction of new office space and data center.

·Led the successful merger and relocation of the McClatchy Washington office and rebranding efforts.

·Oversaw hiring and relocation of the Newscom technology team from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. and later from Washington, DC to Salt Lake City, UT.

·Senior project manager for the KRT and KR Washington Bureau office relocation.

·Led the successful merger of KRT and KR Washington Bureau technology departments.

Work experience

Photo Editor

Knight Ridder/Tribune

Coordinated and assigned photo coverage of major world and national events including: the first Iraq war, uprising in Haiti, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Somalia, Oklahoma City bombing, Waco and major sporting events.

Olympics photo assignment editor for Knight Ridder during the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Ga. 

Jul 2008Jul 2009


Blue Pixel, Inc.

Responsible for maintaining the day-to-day business operations, while creating a balance between managing a team of the visually creative minds and nurturing business opportunities.

·One of the four founding partners of Blue Pixel, drafting the initial foundation for the company.

·Drafted and negotiated multi-year, multi-million dollar Blue Pixel contract with Nikon to create Nikon’s first digital camera-training seminar program. Nikon School educates more than 12,000 photographers annually in more than 30 cities. This agreement is under it’s fourth renewal.

·Closed a multi-year, million-dollar contract with Sony Electronics to manage Sony’s first professional photographers program, “Artisan’s of Imagery”.

·Increased net profit from 8% in 2007 to more than 12% in 2008 by reducing cost and increasing revenue. At the close of the second quarter in 2009, Blue Pixel’s net profit exceeded 22%.

·Reorganized financial accounting to comply with generally accepted accounting practices.

·Developed standardized company policies, including employee handbook.

·Developed standardized professional services agreements. Blue Pixel hires more than 200 independent contractors annually.

·Worked closely with our insurance brokers to consolidate, update and rewrite all insurance policies under one broker.

·Developed efficient event marketing workflows to provide real-time delivery of video and still photography to Web and mobile devices for Verizon’s marketing team.

May 1997Aug 2008

Technology Director

McClatchy – Tribune (formerly KRT) – McClatchy Washington Bureau

Built, managed and supported 24X7: help desk, customer support, enterprise infrastructure, WAN, LAN, telcom, local and remote data centers, servers and workstations, firewalls, VPNs, E-mail, wireless networks, SQL and Oracle databases, DAMs, B2B customer Web sites for three business units:

·McClatchy-Tribune (formerly Knight Ridder / Tribune), a global news service that reaches more than 800 newspapers worldwide with a combined circulation of more than 80 million.

·McClatchy Washington Bureau (formerly Knight Ridder Washington Bureau), an award winning reporting team, including several Pulitzer Prize winners, with journalists based in Washington, D.C., and nine foreign bureaus in Brazil, China, Egypt, Germany, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Nairobi and Russia.

·Newscom, a global content aggregator of photos, videos, stories and graphics from more than 100 information partners including wire services, photo agencies, creative agencies and syndication. (Newscom was sold in June 2007.) Key member of the merger and acquisition team that successfully sold Newscom. After the sale was completed, I led the McClatchy-Tribune technology transition team ensuring a smooth technology transition to the new owner.

Responsible for developing, monitoring and reviewing company-wide capital and operating budgets for three-business units: McClatchy-Tribune, McClatchy Washington Bureau and Newscom. Successfully achieved budget goals every year during my 11-year tenure.

Designed, implemented and maintained the infrastructure to achieve 24X7 uptime for all business units and customer-facing Web sites.

Designed, implemented, maintained, tested and updated business continuity and disaster recovery plan for three-business units: McClatchy-Tribune, McClatchy Washington Bureau and Newscom.

Designed, developed and implemented workflow to integrate newsroom editorial system with online publishing system allowing editors to simultaneously publish stories to print, wire services and online.As new information became available, stories were edited and updated in real-time as the editorial team published new versions. Introduced numerous automation and efficiency tools to allow non-technical editors to manage the presentation of content online.

The RSA (Robot Server Application) project allowed the Regional News service to increase revenue in excess of one million dollars per quarter. Kapow RoboMaker (RSA) project combined with the Acquire Media Categorization tool allowed us to more than quadruple the Regional News’ monthly story volume from 18,349 to 81,375, while reducing staffing by 1.5 FTEs. The Business News departments’ revenue exceeded plan by more than 27 percent. Operating profit for the same period more than double budget projections. Prior to this project, we delivered approximately 800 KRTB stories per day. After the system was implemented, we immediately started delivering more than 2,500 stories per day with no additional labor costs.

The AcquireMedia categorization / metadata enhancement project combined with the Kapow Web scrapper opened the door to a fully automated editorial / delivery system. The Kapow robots scrape content from more than 500 contributor Web sites. The Acquire Media software enhances the Web site scraped stories, adding business industry codes, ticker symbols and converting the story into an XML format with inline XML markup. An RDF summary paragraph is also created, which can be used for RSS feeds. The enhanced story is passed along to a custom KRT application to determine routing and delivery of the story. This application then converts the story into any format requested by the client.

“AutoSlotting” project categorized stories that were submitted to KRT and slotted the stories into the appropriate section / department (news, sports, etc.). The internally developed application automatically slots more than 84 percent of the stories with more than 96 percent accuracy. The success of this project virtually eliminated the need for manual slotting of stories, giving back a half an FTE while improving our efficiency and timeliness of story delivery to customers.

In 1997, created the first Web site for Knight Ridder / Tribune that grew to more than nine concurrent B2B Web sites designed to syndicate, market and sell content. Oversaw technology for four Web sites for McClatchy-Tribune and McClatchy Washington:,,, and

Implemented the PathFire delivery system for News In Motion to deliver on-demand broadcast quality video animations to more than 200 TV Stations in the top US markets. Broadcast clients would search the News In Motion Web site, preview and then purchase the animation. This system replaced the costly satellite delivery system.

Installed the first Data Asset Management (DAM) system to archive photos then quickly expanded the system to include fully captioned graphics, illustration, Web packages, animations (videos) and caricatures. Built upon the success of the DAM system to create an in house editorial system for our News service.

Additional highlights of the projects completed at MCT / Washington Bureau:

·Migrating the McClatchy Washington Bureau to MediaGrid editorial system

·Automating Delivery and publishing of McClatchy DC stories to the McClatchy DC Web site and Yahoo

·Launched several new Special Sections Packages: Adventure, Entertaining and Trail Talk

·Successfully transitioned all MCT Select customers to MCT Direct

·Completely redesigned the MCT Direct Web site using PHP and MySQL database

·Implemented Omniture on the MCT Direct Web site that allows for metrics to be gathered on the site.

·Started deliverying Graphics, Photos, and Text to McClatchy Interactive

·Started delivering visual content to LexisNexis

Oympics technology coordinator for Knight Ridder / McClatchy:

·2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China

·2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy

·2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece

·2002 Winter Olympics in Salt lake City, UT

·2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia

·1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan

·Implemented an alternative Internet delivery method for Knight Ridder content at the Sydney Olympics, saving Knight Ridder more than $100,000.

·Managed technology for 30 newspapers, KR Digital and KRT’s news and photo services.