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My key skills include:

  • 25+ years experience in contract administration and acquisition experience, 20 + for government agencies, 4 years of which were as a GS-1102/Grade 15 Supervisory Contracts Specialist, Chief of the Procurement and Contracts Branch.
  • 20+ years in government acquisitions as a manager with experience in leadership, developing and implementing division procurement strategic vision, budget development, financial planning, program management, capital planning, and resource management.
  • Prepared and negotiated hundreds of proposals, purchasing agreements, leases, subcontracts and contracts for supplies and services as well as non-disclosure agreements, memoranda of understanding, cooperative and teaming agreements, interagency agreements, contracts, subcontracts, modifications, and other related agreements.
  • 15+ years experience in Supply Chain Management and Logistics.
  • Possess advanced knowledge and related experience in government contracts administration and related laws, (FAR, DFAR terms and conditions and all types of contracts.
  • Developed and implemented new and modified procurement policies, procedures and internal controls regarding contract management and administration.
  • Participated in strategic planning for many major acquisitions. Performed program analysis, budget analysis, and resource planning and manpower analysis.
  • Hands on experience in all types of government contracts and subcontracts, R&D, T&M, Firm Fixed Price, Cost Plus, CPFF, Performance Based, Service Contracting, IDIQ, GWAC, GSA, etc.
  • Familiar with compliance of DCAA, Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR) and ISO 9001 Quality System.
  • Proven track record of contracts management and negotiation with such agencies as DHS, GSA, Department of Transportation, Census, District Government, NIH Department of State, Department of Justice, Department of Energy, US Marshals, Social Security, Customs, Navy, etc.
  • Provided daily supervision and management of staff with varying work breakdown structures. ( up to 62 people at once)
  • Supervised day-to-day contract administration for contracts departments in large government contractors, providing outstanding management and leadership skills, and maintaining business relationships with customers and representatives of agencies.
  • Reviewed terms and conditions of federal solicitations/contracts, reviewed proposals and RFP's, prepared contracts for submittal and approval. Approved invoices prior to payment, prepared PO's, contract files, subcontracts, funding documents and daily cradle to grave contract administration.
  • Experienced in working with Corporate Counsel regarding complex issues.


A Senior Contracts/Subcontracts position where I can utilize my experience in effective leadership, managing the government contracting process cradle to grave, and have responsibility for program oversight of contracts management and administration.  I am an asset to any government contractor,business or agency because my in depth knowledge of government and commercial contracting, as well as supply chain management and logistics, and business development makes me instantaneously effective. My additional government consulting practice has given me "hands on" experience and a breadth of experience across multiple agencies and many government contractors. My strongest aspects are my technical skills and providing outstanding customer service.

Work experience



Procurement Partners

CEO of Contracts/Subcontracts and Procurement Consulting firm where I offer my consulting expertise as an experienced specialist in government contracts. Primarily my clients are Federal Government agencies. I provided NIH /NCI in Frederick with senior contracting skills as a consultant. I have provided these agencies with supervisory and senior contract management assistance. At one government agency I was responsible for reviewing the procedures, policies, and practices to ensure they were consistent with FAR and other government related laws. At other agencies I assisted as a senior contracting specialist with hands on experience provided to the client by providing cradle to grave contract administration in accordance with agency rules and regulations. For a different client (government contractor) I provided such services as; developing RFP's, writing proposals, reviewing program SOW's,  administration of all documents from pre to post award, managing a staff of contracts specialists and administrators, preparing and negotiating non-disclosure agreements and teaming agreements, and monitoring contracts and subcontracts for compliance to government regulations. When an agency needs an experienced "hands on" professional, I assist them with the workload.

Results: Over the last seven years I have contributed much needed assistance to government agencies as a senior level contractor. My results included saving millions of dollars for one agency as part of the Contract Review Team, writing an RFP for a highly complicated IT contract (150 billion) and helping agencies relieve backlogs in contract processing and closeout. On one such contract I manage a small team of specialists to close out 400-500 contracts in less than one year. I am an outstanding liaison between the customer and program personnel.


Sr. Asset Manager, IT Business Operations


I was recruited to AARP as a senior consultant because of my IT Business Management, Budget Management and Contracts and Procurement Management expertise. During my tenor at AARP I utilized my experience in the contracts management field to perform contract administration for all IT and major automated systems contracts. I performed cradle to grave contract administration, contracts and subcontract negotiation, reviewed and prepared RFP's and analyzed proposals. I provided pre award and post award contract administration. I worked with senior management to develop budgets and managed company contract files. While at AARP I prepared and negotiated teaming agreements, MOU's, Non-Disclosures, Contracts, and Subcontracts. I developed and implemented new policies and procedures for IT Business Management, reviewed major software and hardware purchases, managed and negotiated software license agreements, and improved IT contracts and acquisition systems for the largest association in the country. 

 I reviewed major IT contracts in the areas of network security, software, large high-end computer systems and enterprise software. I applied best practices from other positions to improve the contracting process and shorten the procurement lead-time by 1/3. I reviewed and maintained acquisition and contracting policies and procedures. I reviewed the IT asset and investment plans. I developed technical contract statements of work, issue RFP's, evaluate bids, analyze costs, negotiate fees, and awarded contracts.

Results: I managed all IT contracts/subcontracts and improved software, services and policies and procedures in IT Business Management. These business collaborations led to process improvements that shortened the amount of time it takes to perform certain tasks in the IT contracts and acquisition area and I received company recognition for it. I developed and implemented a new contract negotiating strategy and bolstered the area of complex procurement transactions. The result was that AARP saved 15% of the IT budget in the first year.


Director of Government Business Development

MVM, Inc.

The President and CEO recruited me to this privately owned $60 million dollar computer security and IT company as the Director of Government Business Development. I was recruited because of my expert knowledge in the arena of federal contract management. I also possess a sound understanding of the computer industry and business law. At the time I was recruited, the company sales were $34 million.  When I left, sales were over $68 million. I provided technical expertise in analyzing government bids, gathering intelligence, responding to RFP's, and writing cost and technical proposals.  These actions doubled MVM's computer security and IT business in the first eighteen months.

My specific responsibility as the Director of Government Business Development was to increase sales. I established the strategic direction and growth strategy related to gaining federal contracts.  The vision was to take the company public, and it was my responsibility to increase sales volume and create growth strategies within the federal government. I identified and managed the most critical initiatives of the Business Development Unit. I served as the principal advisor to the CEO on business development. I identified and qualified lead target market segments. I maximized the opportunity to gather business intelligence. This allowed the company to position itself for strategic wins. I created sales presentations, conducted product demonstrations, consulted with customers, and provided technical management on proposals. I had to know FAR, DFAR and CAS inside and out. I also had to know government contracting policies and procedures. I ensured that government compliance policies were met after the contract was awarded.

Results: The profit improved from 7% to 18.7% and above on government contracts.  Overhead was decreased by 20% as the contracts increased in size, thus making the company more profitable. I implemented an aggressive government capture plan and gained improvement in total sales of almost 100% in eighteen months. I solely managed 36 million in wins in eighteen months. This improved total sales from $34 million to $64 million. While at MVM I attended The Sandler High Tech Training classes and scored highest in my class for sales ability.


GS1102-15 Supervisory Contract Specialist, Division Director: Contracts and Procurement


Division Director of Contracts and Procurement for a large government agency with over 170 locations. The annual budget was over $560 million. I supervised a staff of 62 people, from senior staff to contract administrators and procurement clerks. I was a direct report to the head of the agency. During my tenor here I created a strategic plan to generate division revenues for the division, the first in this department in agency history. I also developed and implemented the division's strategic negotiation plan, resulting in 10% of the agency's budget being saved just from contract and procurement negotiation. I received the agency's highest award two years in a row as outstanding employee. 

By implementing government and agency wide reforms, on the arenas of contracts and procurement, the contracts division became an outstanding division in customer service. The amount of time to contract for goods and services was decreased significantly from 120 days to 45 days. (This included 30-day bids) My staff was responsible for all contracts, subcontracts, procurements, and agreements for this agency. My responsibility was to ensure that contracts and procurement regulations were followed to the letter of the law, that the customer was well served by efficient procurement practices, and that the agency saved money on the contracts, and received the required goods and services.

I worked "hands on" with Federal contracts, used FAR, worked with Federal grants, negotiated cooperative agreements, and developed the first automated contracts and procurement system RAPS. I was a turnaround specialist for this agency and turned the division into a customer savvy group of contract professionals.

Results: I developed and implemented a strategic contracts management plan that provided support for this large government agency. I identified and redefined the agency's contracts practices, procedures and processes. I trained and educated staff on contracts management issues and I was extremely successful in implementing a cradle to grave contracts administration and management support system for the agency. Through a strategic contract negotiation policy that I developed and implemented, the agency enjoyed a $ 5.6 million dollar savings in the first 12 months and higher savings thereafter.


Director of Corporate Contracts/Subcontracts and Purchasing

B.F. Saul Co.

I was recruited from Marriott as a Director of Corporate Contracts and Purchasing Department for a nationwide commercial real estate and banking company.  This position was a key position on the Executive Operating Committee. At BF Saul, I directed the contract functions, capital budget, and contract compliance. My responsibilities as a Director of Contracts and Purchasing included directing corporate staff to implement process improvement strategies, improve policies and procedures, and increase accountability in the contracts division. I realigned the department work, created and revised all contracting processes, and developed contract compliance standards. I was responsible for providing contract expertise to the staff and cross-training them in all aspects of contract administration and negotiation.

I established the division's strategic direction and developed group goals. I managed all large contracts and had signature authority to $ 1 million dollars. I used my skills from Marriott to implement an efficient contracts management program.  During this time I became a certified trainer in the following courses: Win-Win Negotiating, Goal Setting, Supervision, Customer Relations, Dealing With Difficult People, and How To Speak Up and Set Limits.  I used these skills to train contracts and purchasing personnel.

Results: I realigned department work, created new contract policies and procedures, wrote a new policy manual and provided contract expertise. By establishing new strategies, the lead-time for contracts was drastically reduced, customer service was measurably increased, and relationships with suppliers turned into "win‑win" business outcomes. This resulted in cost savings to the company of 2.5 million in the first year. The company was in an explosive growth period, and establishing these strategic directions early on helped manage larger more complex contracts and created greater savings in years 2-4.


International Corporate Contracts and Purchasing Manager

Marriott Corp. Int'l,

I joined Marriott Hotels International as a Corporate Contracts and Purchasing Manager at its headquarters in Bethesda. I managed the contracts and purchasing functions and supervised a staff of thirteen procurement professionals.  I applied my knowledge of procurement/contracts policies and procedures and wrote seven policy manuals for this international company. I created a strategic negotiation direction for this division that saved over $10 million in the first year and more in the next three years. I cross trained procurement and contracts professionals.  Marriott was in an energized growth mode during this period of time and I personally participated on a special senior management team that supervised the openings of over 100 hotels. Opening 100 hotels in four years required constant planning and process improvement. I improved processes to meet our current and future growth strategies. Our division monitored contract compliance, purchases, inventory, warehousing and delivery.

Results: By revising the methods of contracting and procurement, renegotiating contracts according to our strategic plan, and streamlining operations, the company enjoyed savings of $ 10.8 million in first year. I insisted on results from purchasing staff and organized the operations teams to produce the desired results.


Rutgers University Majored in Business Law GPA 3.9

University of Md.  Matriculating toward BA degree in Contracts.  Currently Maintaining overall GPA of 3.98.

Knowledgeable in all Microsoft products (Word, Excel, Outlook, Visio, Access, Power Point, etc.)  Lotus Notes, Prism.

Related Education:  Goal Setting for Executives (RAC), Government Contracts (UMD) Government & Technology (UMD) Managing Employees (DDI) Sandler High Tech Sales (Sandler Institute) Business Law (Rutgers) Government Ethics (DOT)

Teach: Win-Win Negotiation 


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