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James Kryza

Computer Tech and customer service


Im smart and quick to catch on and my positive and friendly attitude is very beneficial in any work environment. I have good communication skills along with a lot of patience and am ready to put all in when an obstacle or complicated task comes my way. Im a young ambitious worker able to comprehend and follow orders. Ready to work and learn everyday and a ability to adapt to new and changing environments. And always do my best at any given task. Computer work has been on of my most expansive fields of skills and knowledge. Been working on and in them for many years and know my way around them very well. I also have plenty of experience with power tools and assembling  using blueprints and schematics. I have a good eye and dexterity to boot. I spend a lot of time building various machines and DIY projects. I also am currently enrolled at C.E.T. to be certified as an HVAC technician. Being 85% completed with the course I am well rounded with working on machines and dealing with components be it plumbing, A.C. units, heaters and much more you show me what you need done and I can fix/build/or maintain it. Additionally I do have my 609 certification  or MVAC (Motor Vehicle Air conditioning). I know how to weld im some what new to it but have done several welding projects. I have just completed my full course as an HVAC technician. And have my EPA 608 

Work History


Dog bather

Tender Touch

I worked as a dog bather with a private business owner for four years 


Team Leader / Ride operator


Another private business where I worked as a team leader on setting up huge inflatable rides for festivals and other events. 


Alarm dispatcher 


Worked there for about a year as I was getting myself ready for school. learned a lot. I acquired very good customer service skills as well as technical support. Not to mention working under high stress environment techniques. Ton of attention to detail and data entry as well.

Computer tech

Under the table computer work with hardware and software has always been a constant in my life

Computer Skills

Programing exp. includes C++, Java, PHP, Javascript, html, and actionscript. As well as Graphic Design such as flash animation, web design and development, and 3D modeling. Also Well versed in MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook), SAP, SRM, Visio. Ive also taken A+ in computer hardware repair and maintenance 




Desert Edge

HVAC  technician