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Jan 2009Jun 2010

Professional Certification Program

Seattle University

I have completed the professional certifcation program at Seattle University which included taking three graduate level education courses throughout my studies.

For our cohort, I implemented a blog (Seattle University Cohort Blog) to help keep track of online assignments for the course.

Aug 1998May 2002

Bachelor of Arts

St. John's College

I wrote my Senior Essay on the role of scientific imagination in Antoine Lavoisier’s Elements of Chemistry.

Work experience

Aug 2009Jun 2010

Math and Technology Teacher

Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart
  • Designed and adapted math curriculum to meet the needs of all learners (classes taught a year ahead of current grade level)
  • Collaborated with colleagues to organize student events and activites
  • Integrated technology into daily mathematics classes (5th - 7th)
  • Taught techology skills and safe internet behaviors to fifth and sixth graders
  • Communicated with parents, students, and teachers using an online grading program
  • Wrote and updated webpage for students and parents 
  • Moved from classroom to classroom to teach students
  • Aug 2004Jun 2009

    Math Specialist Grades 5 - 8

    Holy Rosary School

    Math Specialist for Grades 5 – 8 and Leadership Advisor (2006 to Present)

    • Organized student data and place students in ability groupings at the beginning of each school year
    • Designed and adapted curriculum to meet the needs of all learners
    • Collaborated with colleagues to create units and integrate technology
    • Communicated with parents, students, and teachers using an online grading program (Powerschool)
    • Wrote and updated a website (see link above) weekly for students and parents 
    • Organized, wrote, and co-directed the annual talent shows and spirit assemblies for school with partner teacher and students
    • Operated analog and digital Audio/Visual equipment
    • Member of the Archdiocesan Professional Development Day Committee in 2006

    7th Grade Homeroom- 7th grade English &Math and 8th Grade Pre-Algebra

    • Designed a project-based English curriculum and a hands-on math curriculum 
    • Awarded a Fulcrum Foundation Grant to purchase math manipulatives and resources for teachers
    • Collaborated with a partner teacher and organized a multicultural film festival for junior high students
    Aug 2002May 2004

    Intern and Teacher

    Alameda Middle School

    8th Grade Science and Literacy (Intern year 2002 – 2003), 7th Grade Math and Beginning Algebra, NM History, and Literacy (2003 – 2004)

    • Created interdisciplinary units in a teaching team
    • Collaborated with colleagues to improve mathematics instruction
    • Produced hands-on math and science experiences for students
    • Attended pre-AP workshops to integrate technology, mathematics, and science
    • Member of the New Mexico Council of Mathematics and Science Teachers
    Aug 1998May 2002

    Visit Coordinator and Tour Guide

    • Presented and explained St. John’s College’s unique program of studies to prospective students and parents.
    • Created prospective students’ classroom visit schedules, which included meetings with admissions counselors, tours of the campus, meal tickets, and coordinating with Tutors (Professors)
    • Organized schedules for tour guides and admissions officers
    • Answered telephone and email inquiries
    • Entered data for prospective students and accepted students


    Texas Instruments Calculator Functions
    In New Mexico, I became very familiar with Texas Instruments graphing calculators and integrated them into the math curriculum.   I attended many workshops and learned how to use the plug-in tools.   In Seattle, I attended calculator workshops and am currently receiving updates for graphing calculator lesson plans.
    General Technology Skills
    Technology is a resource I am very familiar with using.  I approach any new program or device without trepidation - I play around with it until it feels familiar.  I have taught myself how to upload and edit videos, work in both Garageband and Adobe Soundbooth to create podcasts, create and edit music.  I continue to learn more about  html coding.   One way I communicate with students is through the a classroom webpage established on the school website.  I update the blog weekly and students and parents find it a very valuable resource.
    Microsoft Office Applications
    I have been on computers since the age of five - and not just in school.  My father is a computer programmer and systems analyst and always made sure I was computer literate and up-to-date on the latest technology.  I learned how to use Word from him and the various functions of tables.   From several jobs during the summer and my work at St. John's College, I became proficient in Excel and use it quite often.  I especially use Excel to organize electives schedules and student data.  It has been particularly helpful in the placement of students in math because I can color code and search scores to find objectively which students are performing above grade level.   I taught technology for the past year at Forest Ridge.  Students learned how to use Office programs such as Outlook, Excel, Publisher, and Powerpoint.  Students also learned how to conduct better internet searches and throughout the year I emphasized safe internet behaviors.


    Howdy!  Welcome to my visual CV!

    I grew up in Texas and graduated from Tom C. Clark High School (San Antonio, TX) in 1998 in the top 10% of my class.

    In high school I discovered that I liked small communities - in particular because my graduating class was 600+ people.  I applied to St. John's College because it was a small community and offered a program where students read original works and daily participated in discussion of these works.

    St. John's College was the best educational experience for me and formed me into the person I am.  It was at St. John's that I was able to explore all academic disciplines and decided to become a math and science teacher.  

    I was an intern with the University of New Mexico and Santa Fe Public Schools cohort and taught at Alameda Middle School, a Title I school in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The school had a team teaching structure where teachers taught groups of 75 students throughout the year and collaborated on all aspects of the curriculum.  In my first years of teaching I grew to love teaching middle school students.  It was with a heavy heart that my husband and I left New Mexico so he could go back to school.

    Once we moved to Seattle, I learned that Seattle Public Schools would not even talk to me if I didn't have a teaching certificate.  So I took a teaching positions in the private sector of education, first at Holy Rosary School and then at Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart.  I have also expanded my grade level teaching experiences.  While I was quite nervous about teaching fifth and sixth grade, I have found them to be the most incredible group of students.  I really like teaching middle school students - they are a delightful blend of responsible, curious, and enthusiastic.

    I have always loved school because I have always loved learning.  I enjoy teaching in environments where teachers are allowed to be innovative.  I find satisfaction in my profession from collaborating with other teachers and learning from my students.

    Classroom at Holy Rosary


    To teach middle school mathematics in a collaborative, supportive, and innovative environment.


    When I am not teaching, I enjoy…

    • Reading to explore a new idea or escape for a brief period of time.  Favorite Book: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
    • Watching films - I especially enjoy the "making of " extras on DVDs.  Favorite Film: Cinema Paradiso
    • Listening to podcasts.  Favorite podcasts to date are The Leaky Cauldron and This American Life.
    • Crocheting, making pysanky, stitching, or just about anything I can do with my hands!
    • Singing!(Especially at church)  I also like attending symphony events and I enjoy performances at the Seattle Opera!
    • Kayaking or Canoeing – I am not great at it, but I like paddling around Lake Washington 


    Sep 2004Jun 2010

    Residency Teacher with Endorsements in Middle Level Humanities and Math/Science

    State of Washington
    Jul 2002Jun 2005

    Level One Provisional 7 - 12 Secondary License with Endorsement in Science and Mathematics

    State of New Mexico Board of Education