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15+ years of direct experience in managing global projects under budget with tight time deadlines.Thrive in a pressure environment, generating innovative solutions that address complex and seemingly insurmountable business problems.Known for reworking multiple IT teams to greater efficiency and productivity levels through leadership strength.Capable of working with multiple resource options including managing offshore teams and globally resourced teams. Conversant in a variety of technologies including HTML/XMTL, CSS, ASP,, Java, MOSS, Visual Basic, C#, and Lotus Notes.Motivated, dedicated, and practical technology leader.


Work experience

Software Developer, PC/Network Technician


Hired to create a new sales management system for the distributed field offices

·Developed and deployed an inventory control program in Visual Basic allowing remote sales offices to get inventory and customer information.

·Built a VPN system accommodating users throughout the USA who accessed the system through the Internet.

IT Manager


Served as the IT mentor for a group of four system administrators and three developers.

·Managed a small team of four network support technicians and served as the resident IT mentor.

·Developed and deployed the API process and database spider to load orders from the website to the ERP system.


Ingersoll Rand

Recruited to the Thermo King unit of Ingersoll Rand to manage and maintain an aging website.

·Created a personalized content delivery system for all Thermo King employees worldwide utilizing existing resources and technologies.

·Rebuilt the Thermo King presence on-line, took on the role as mentor to the four staff members.

Manager, Technical Architecture

Ingersoll Rand

Offered a position to implement a intranet portal throughout all of Ingersoll-Rand.

·Specified a global architecture that could accommodate the 60,000 employees of Ingersoll Rand at that time.This included the first implementation of an Oracle database cluster at Ingersoll Rand.

Manager, Web and Notes Development

Ingersoll Rand

Led the developers and system administrators for all Lotus Notes and website development.

·Led the effort to diminish the role that Lotus Notes played in the enterprise, bringing total Notes applications from 580 to 83 in two years, moving these applications where needed to the web.

·Developed the eMerit system for the Climate Control sector of Ingersoll Rand which manages thousands of salary increases. The system was web based and built for less than three weeks of effort.

·Built a capital expenditure system for domestic Climate Control activity that would be adopted by Ingersoll Rand globally.Managed an off-shore contract development resource team to complete this project on time and on budget.

Manager, Web Services

Ingersoll Rand

After reorganization at the sector, the role expanded to all of the web services of the Climate Control sector.

·        Built a monitoring infrastructure that serves as a sentry of server performance and uptime for the sector to accurately report system uptime.

·        Brought an entire environment of twelve servers in a Citrix environment on-line, migrated a code base, tested the system and brought it live in production in less than five weeks and 20% under budget.

·        Developed a server consolidation at Climate Control which reduced the spending on Intel based architecture by 29% ($41k/monthly) for 53 servers.

Manager, Customer Facing Systems

Ingersoll Rand

Was requested to build up a development group that had been underperforming.

·Implemented a new management style that increased project completion rate by 330% in the first year.

·Grew an underdeveloped and dispersed team of three permanent employees to five effective permanent employees. Additionally, managed contract employees in various locations in the US, Europe and some off shore development resources in India.

Mgr, Enterprise Web Strategy

Ingersoll Rand

Led the effort to consolidate all of the web various efforts in all Ingersoll-Rand business units globally.

·Managed a cross-functional, company-wide global team that built a content management process and structure that could be used in every market and for every product.

·Led a global workshop and training about web content and site management that documented a 68% reduction in process time to publish web content.

·Rolled out in less than 18 months to four continents and nine languages.Forecasted to save between $2m - $4m over the life of the project.

·Acted as the enterprise mentor on all of the business unit on-line activities both domestic and globally.