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Volunteer and Leadership Activities


Indiana University of Pennsylvania Student Association of Nutrition and Dietetics

Active member from Fall 2011 to Spring 2013

Fundraising Committee Chair Fall 2012- Spring 2013

Indiana University of Pennsylvania English Equestrian Team

Active member from Fall 2011 to Spring 2014

Historian and Public relations officer Fall 2012- Spring 2013

Co- Captain Fall 2013- Spring 2014

Indiana University of Pennsylvania Running Club

Active member from Fall 2011- Fall 2012


Four Footed Friends- Indiana, PA

October, 2013 to present

Food and Nutrition Exposition and Convention 2012- Philadelphia, PA



The purpose of this portfolio to combine my academic work, job experience and skills in one easily accessible webpage. The intent is to be ideal for future employers within the nutrition and dietetic field. 

Work Philosophy

In high school I was taught that setting goals is an important task, as a professional I wish to implement goal setting and motivation in the counseling field. When clients learn new skills or facts, when they reach their short term or long term goal, they will want to continue the process. The key is to keep them motivated and inspire to complete these tasks. As a future nutrition counselor motivation and variety of tactics will be a major component of my counseling methods. 


Result Oriented
In school there are grades that give us results, in the profession there are patient feedback. When a client says that they are feeling better when eating more fruits and vegetables, it is a good day for a counselor. Being result oriented is also understanding when nutrition intervention may not be the only factor to help the client; there may be an issue that is out of the scope of practice, such as eating disorders and the psychological counseling involved. Forms of measuring outcome of results is to look at the success rate. If someone is result oriented, there will be an increase in positive comments or experiences and a high plateau of consumer reports. Another increase would be in clients; an increase in client visits indicates customer recommendation. 
Desire to Learn and Improve
If at first you don't succeed, try again. in life we are not always given this luxury to try again, but there are usually opportunities for feedback. During class projects we are given rubrics and guidelines to follow, there are skills and learning objectives for these projects and we get results. Learning or work objectives are important tools to use in order to complete tasks. In nutrition counseling, when one-on-one with a patient, it is a constant test of your knowledge. This desire to learn and improve trait is important during counseling because a patient may ask a question or have a disease intervention that you are unaware or unsure to treat, this willingness to learn will open your mind and help you understand how to help that patient and possibly future patients.
In order to get to college, graduate school, an internship or a career planning is used. Once in these settings there are assignments and deadlines, work schedules and timelines are critical to getting  completion without getting overwhelmed. In high school, I used planning to determine a general career path, used it to find IUP and apply to the dietetic program and essentially begin my career. In the off-season from class I used planning to find a summer job and volunteer experience. After graduation I am going to use planning and organizational tools to get accepted into graduate school and an internship and eventually a dietetic career. Planning can be measured by acceptance rate to various programs.
When dealing with the general public much patience is needed, especially in a  high tourist area. Throughout high school and partially through college I worked in a bakery near a bus stop that shuttled to New York City. Dealing with locals and tourists was stressful in the sense that there were many customers to please as well as wait on. Within the bakery was also the task of educating women in drug recovery services; some of these women have never worked in the food service setting so an understand and calm demeanor was important to maintain to  keep those in training at easy. Patience was also used during my first job as a camp counselor, trying to motivate 25 third graders to play kickball is not an easy task, but persistence and patience were key with younger children. Patience is a versatile skill to have and teach between higher education and nutrition counseling. Patience is difficult to measure, but can be self measured by reflection. 

Work experience

May 2013Present

Wait staff

Copper Hill Country Club
May 2008May 2011

Server/ Baker

Baker's Treat

Managed cash registers

Prepared pastries for delivery to other stores

customer service

decorated signature cakes


Aug 2010Present

B.S. Nutrition- Dietetics

Indiana University of Pennsylvania