April Rose Holmquist

Work History

Work History

Dog Groomer/Bather

The Grooming Spa

My duties consisted of bathing and grooming cats and dogs, cleaning, cashiering, customer service and I booked appointments for clients in person and over the phone.

Jan 2010 - Present

Assistant to the Director, Dental Hygiene

Seattle Central Community College

I work as assistant to the director of the Dental Hygiene program at SCCC.This includes clerical work, financial spreadsheets, assisting with daily events like filing, Dental Hygiene applicants, planning, and organizing.Though my work-study contract is up on June 18th, my services are valued and I’ve been given a job as a receptionist at the student dental clinic for the summer.

Apr 2009 - Jan 2010

Artist Assistant, Sales

Cyclical Designs, Pike Place Market

I set up and broke down an artist’s shop on a daily basis. This job was all about sales, socializing with the public, and swarming crowds.I had to have a good sense of humor and an ability to adapt.

Dec 2007 - Nov 2008

Dog Groomer/Bather


I acted as a dog groomer and bather, sales representative and cashier for this small grooming shop in greenlake.


Apr 2009 - Present

Apparel Design

Seattle Central Community College

For the last year I have been taking prerequisites to enter the apparel design program at Seattle Central.  So far my classes have consisted of Sociology, anthropology, intercultural communication, english 101, 102 & 205, American Women's History, Women in Society, Microsoft Excel and Word, Basic Sewing prerequisite classes, Drawing, and Desktop Publishing.  I hold an overall GPA of 3.99 and I'm on the President's and Dean's lists.  I have been accepted to and will be entering the Apparel Design Program fall 2010.

Aug 2007 - Jul 2008

Small Animal Massage Therapist Level 1

Northwest School of Animal Massage

Received my certification to practice maintenance massage on small animals.  This included learning basic animal anatomy, indications and contraindications for massage, animal pathologies and altered massage techniques designed for dogs and cats.  We were also required to visit a local shelter and provide massage to the animals.

Mar 2005 - Mar 2006

Massage Therapy

Brenneke School of Massage



Sewing, Industrial machine

I have been using industrial machines in the Apparel Design Program for about a year.  I am required to sew everything within 1/16 of an inch.  This preciseness has allowed me to be very responsive to the machine. I am able to work quickly and efficiently on the industrial machine.  I have 10+ years of experience with using a domestic machine.

Microsoft Excel

I have used Excel minimally outside of the course that I took but learned complex coding and functions in class.  I passed the class with a 4.0 and a full understanding of the software.

Microsoft Word

Not only do I have many years of personal use with Microsoft Word but I have taken a course specifically on Microsoft Word which taught me all of the functions of Word.


In my spare time I love to read, creative writing and self publishing, drawing and creating forms of art in a diverse range of mediums, work on computers, practice playing the saw, and sew.