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Looking for opportunities to utilize my experience as GSM Senior System Engineer in the rapidly advancing field of Cellular Communication.


Senior System Engineer on Administration GSM Motorola

Team Leader

NSP 3 Level Support


Work experience


15 January 2010– to Date: Motorola Dubai: Starting to work as NSP 3 Level Support for Etisalat United Arabia of Emirate UAE.

November, 2007 – 15 January 2010: Motorola Saudi Arabia :

Starting to work for a new Motorola project for the new Operator MTC ZAIN in Saudi Arabia as Team Leader Senior system Engineer OMC-R/OMC-U in administration. And The NSP 3 Level Support for Mobily Project BSS/OMC-R/.


Operation and Maintenance Center Radio (Omc-R) Version GSR9:

Working on Motorola OMCR A SUN Fire 4900 system with SUN Netra 210Work Stations.

The Motorola OMCR is a Sun Fire 4900 System with SUN Microsystems (omcsplat) and SUN Microsystems Netra 210 Work Stations .Run on UNIX as operating system and supported by a strong GUI interface and INFORMIXdatabase applications .The main processing is provided by SUN Fire machine and the whole Network is linked through X25 based packet Switching application using the Cisco Routers.

System Administration:

Experience of Administration of OMC-R System, Integration and Configuration of Various Applications.

System Monitoring:

Experience of BSS System Monitoring at Centralized OMCR, Alarm Handling and Interpretation of various levels of Alarms, Fault Reporting and Login, Event Management.

BSS System Configuration:

Have Experience of Configuration of Hardware and Software on the BSS through R-Login Utility, giving Access to all the devices at BTS Sites, BSC and RXCDR’s. Database Changes on the BSS Sides are also administered through batch file Utility.

Performance Management:

The OMCR has strong database application that retrieves and a number of performance statistics in different formats link graphical and tabular. These include both Raw Stats and Key Stats. The parameters include like TchUsage, Total Calls, RFLoss, Interference on Idle, HandoverSuccessRate, TchAssignmentSuccessRate, etc.The Stats are pegged at Cell Level and are available for various Time Intervals .these Stats are then the basis of a Weekly Traffic Report that is used for measuring the Overall health of the network, as Well as planning for future Expansions.

I’m also using the New OMC Tools GUI: Call Trace Product (CTP), Generic Lookup Utility (GLU), Event Counting Tool (ECT) and Cell Analysis Tool (CAT).

BSS Database Management:

Experience of BSS Database Management Upload and Download Procedures, CSFP Configuration, Maintaining Updated Copies of System Software as Well as older versions in case of fall back.

January, 2005 – Sep2007: Motorola Morocco Starting with Optimization and RF Department:


NHA “Network Health Analysis “Installation on 05 March 2005.

Site survey Validation

Action Plan Performance

New Frequency Plan Follow up

New Site RF Integration Parameters

Drive Test Performance using TEMS Tool

Extension and Shelters RF Integration Parameters…

April, 2004January, 2005: Motorola Morocco: Working as OMC-R system Administrator

30 October 2003 – 17 march 2004:Motorola Jordan (Orascom Telecom Iraq Project)

Sharing to launch the first GSM commercial system in the Iraq_Baghdad.

Installing the first OMC-R Server with 4 MMIs Station and Preparing Database for BTS/BSCs and RXCDRs.

Commissioning and Integration for Phase 0 BSCs/RXCDRs (3 BSCs and 4 RXCDRs)

Supervise Phase 0 BTSs Installation, Commissioning and Integration (37 Sites).

OMC Network Monitoring.

December 20,1999 – 30 Sep 2007 : Morocco Motorola: OMC-R/DB/Optim/FR/NHA System


06 July 1998: Plaument as Engineer in GSM / BSS / OMC-R.

Qatar TELECOM (Qtel)

08 July 1996 - 06 July 1998: plaument as Engineer Specialist in Transmission.


Dec 1999Present

Senior System Engineer





§1Summer 1992: Graduate from High School option Technical in Industrial electronic.

New Technical School Applicable of Mohammedia

§11992 – 1993: Physics & Chemistry Studies.

Mohammed El Khamis University

§11992 - 1994: Commercial Electronic Studies.

Institute superior of Applicable Technology

§11992 - 1994: Computer Science of Management.

Institute of Administration and Technology

§11994 - 1996:Advance Study in computing apparatus maintenance I.

High Normal School of technical Education

§11996-1998: Advance Study in computing apparatus maintenance II.

High Normal School of technical Education

§11996 - 1997: Transmission Training.

National Institute of post and Telecommunication 

Sep 1992Dec 1997


INPT Rabat -Morocco