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I have fifteen years of experience in every aspect of a small business.  This includes owner, sales, marketing, accounting / financial, administrative, legal, research, project management & strategic decisions.

In addition, I know how to lead or to follow.  I have a very strong, independent business spirit.  However, I function very well as a member of a team. 


Data Analyzer
I am good at working with numbers and coalescing data into something that is useful for decision making.
Coach / "Go-To" Person
In every position I have held for the last fifeteen years, I end up being the "go-to"  person when something needs to get done, or some bit of information is needed.  I love to work side by side with people and coach people along a certain path.
Problem Solver / Idea Person
I am superb at analyzing ideas and working through complex problems with multiple steps.  I love to brainstorm and come up with new ideas and solutions to problems.    

Work experience

Oct 2007Present

Business Manager

Energy Pro

This is a multi-faceted company with a number of different business units.  My main duties involve the day-to-day business functions of the electrical contracting unit (construction financial management.)  In addition to this, I work side-by-side with the owner in strategic decisions that effect all the business units (these inlude two other federal contracting companies, a light manufacturing company, and rental properties.)

It can get hectic but I LOVE the challenge of new things where nobody knows the right answer and we are trying to figure it out.

Apr 2007Oct 2007

Project Manager

Colite International

I worked on a the Target account.  We manufactured and managed the installation of the exterior signage for every Target retail store in the southeast US.

With a team of 4, it was exciting and at any given time, we were managing about 24 sites that were in various stages of installation (from the early survey stage to the final installation stage.)

Jun 2001Apr 2007

Senior Loan Officer

Sturkie Mortgage Corp

I worked with all aspects of the loan process, from originating the loan through  processing and closing the files.  It was a fast pace, demanding job that was 100% commision. 


Aug 2004May 2007

Masters of Business Administration

University of South Carolina

I excelled in this course work.  I covered all major functions of a business in my core classes and took electives in Business Process, Economic Modeling, International Business, Project Management, Strategic Information Technology and Human Resources.  I completed my degree with a 3.9 GPA.

Aug 1992Aug 1999

Bachelors of Arts

University of South Carolina - Columbia