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I have experience in Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations. I can make good transitions and a fun presentation to enjoy.
Microsoft Word
I have over a year experience in Microsoft Word. I can make professional letters, memos, and other documents.
I have  over 1 year of experience in Microsoft Excel. SPREADSHEETS Pie Charts Multiple sheet spreadsheets
Customer Service
I have used customer service tools for many years and it has been an important aspect to my current occupation, as well as my past occupations. I deal with customers on a daily basis; from happy customers, to the not so happy. I know that it takes time and patience to attempt to please a customer.


My objective is to maintain a degree in business to help learn the insides of the business world, watch from the sidelines as I try to make a difference in business. while brushing up on information I currently know.


I am interested in Business Law, I think that  law in general is amusing and intense at the same time. I also have an interest in learning how to go through computers and make them run properly instead of having to have someone come to fix it for a large fee.

I am also interested in music. I play the violin and the piano, and I taught myself how to read tab for the guitar.



Work experience

Feb 2008Present

Manager/Executive Administrative Assistant

Super Scooter Shops
Oct 2002Feb 2008


Cali Dreams Skate and Apparel

Co-owned a skateboard shop for multiple years.

  • Ran the register
  • ordered product for the store
  • stocked product
  • promoted the business
  • was in charge of setting up events, demos, etc.