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Professional Summary

  • Ashish Jain is a self motivated and goal driven professional with 3 years of significant, progressive experience in JAVA/J2EE technologies and Telecom domain. 
  • Ashish Jain is well versed in development and implementation of Core Java, J2EE technologies (JSP, Servlet, Portlets, Web Sphere portal, JDBC), Frameworks (Struts framework, Spring) and ORM (Hibernate).  
  • Ashish Jain has worked extensively in Web applications development using Core Java, JSP and Servlet, Portlets and RDBMS like DB2, and in Services layer/Batch Processes development using Core JAVA and EJBs. 
  • Ashish Jain is an excellent team player who listens, thrives on collaborating with diversely talented team members, and integrates their divergent thoughts, opinions, and perspectives into meaningful action. Ashish Jain is highly effective verbal and written communicator, fluent in English and mother tongue and he understands the importance of a management culture that fosters growth, respect, safety, and concern for its employees. 
  • Ashish Jain is visionary, global thinker and possessor of fair amount of Leadership skills, who has also played a role of Team Leader and Project Leader and was involved in direct and successful communication and relationship management with Client at various stages of projects with the organizations he was engaged with. 
  • Ashish Jain is a successful individual with proven records of achievements. He has made significant contribution towards the organization’s vision and mission. 

Work experience

Jun 2009Feb 2011

Senior Software Engineer

GlobalLogic India Pvt. Ltd.


Ashish Jain was acknowledged as star performer and was rewarded with out-of-turn promotion to next level as Senior Software Engineer for his exemplary performance.

Project Details:

1.Nortel IVR and Telemedia

Project Name:Nortel IVR and Telemedia

Client:Nortel India – Bharti.


Organization:GlobalLogic Idia Pvt. Ltd.

Duration:June 2009 – Till date

Team Size:Project : 13,Module : 3

Environment(with skill versions)

Languages:JAVA (1.4)

Tools:Eclipse IDE, Citrix neighbourhood client, putty, winscp, peripro

O/s:Windows XP Professional, unix

Description:Nortel is a recognized leader in delivering communications capabilities that make the promise of Business Made Simple a reality for customers. Our next-generation technologies, for both service provider and enterprise networks, support multimedia and business-critical applications. The project deals with IVR product (peri producer) of Nortel, Market leader in IVR systems. It handles Airtel's 121 IVR application. GlobalLogic's role in this project is intended to build an adapter between the various services which IVR cater to and the various publishers of different web services like IBM, Ericssion, etc. Few of the main features of the project are:

Largest IVR system with a capacity of handling 27,000 calls per second.

Lot of integration was done with the help of Web-service and JMS.

Contribution:As a Coder and designer, Ashish Jain was responsible for:

  • developing adapters in java which pull/post data from/to various web services and cater to/from IVR.
  • Compiled design documents for the web services cretaed.
  • Provide Support and Maintenance of already created modules.
  • Interaction with client (Requirement gathering from BRD, Design discussion and Work status reporting to client).
  • Deployment of services on AP(Application Processor,Solaris based environment).
  • Integration for ICICI payment gateway with latest API for MOTO product.
  • Integration for ICICI payment gateway with latest API for MOTO productCode Refactoring.
  • Team Mentoring
Jun 2007Jun 2009

Software Engineer

Satyam Computers Services Ltd


Ashish Jain has been recognized twice in a row for his exemplary contribution to the Organization's initiatives:

 Pat on Back Award for his contribution towards facilitating the functioning of Satyam Foundation with web-based event management and volunteer relationship management and tracking tool.

 BRAVO Award for his contribution in respectful closure of IBM Bharti SelfCare II project.


 Software Engineer.

 Ashish Jain has also been entrusted with the responsibilities of Project Leader and listener to Project Manager in his absence during IBM-Bharti SelfCare-II project.

Projects Details:



Client:Satyam Computers Services Ltd.


Organization:Satyam Computers Services Ltd.


Team SizeProject : 34, Module : 4

Environment(with skill versions)

Languages:JAVA/J2EE, Struts 1.1, Hibernate 3.0 ORM, Spring Framework


Tools:Eclipse IDE

O/s:Windows XP Professional

Description:This project was focused on providing service offering for HCU Java based on integrating Hibernate ORM, Spring and struts framework including tiles, custom request processor and struts validation framework.

Contribution:As a Coder and designer, Ashish Jain was responsible for  implementing Hibernate ORM and Springs IOC and Struts for the Generic, Ready to use User Registration Module.

2. Satyam Foundation Information Management System

Project Name:Satyam Foundation Information Management System

Client:Satyam Foundation-Delhi/NCR


Organization:Satyam Computer Services Limited


Team Size:Project : 1, Module : 1

Environment(with skill versions)

Languages: JAVA/J2EE(JSP/Servlet)


Database:Microsoft Office Access

Tools:Eclipse IDE


Description:This is an Information Management System for the foundation activities/database. It has been designed to provide an open and common platform for the Volunteers and Chapter Heads to share their thoughts and thereby strengthening the personal bond between the two. It keeps the track of all the Foundation activities. It includes a very robust and powerful search engine to search Volunteers database, launch events, record nominations for events, record volunteer hours, develop reports etc. 

It is designed in 3 modules: 

1.General Module  

2.Administrator Module  

3.Volunteers Module

Contribution:Ashish Jain has developed the project single-handedly working on all aspects of the software under the guidance of Chapter Head-Satyam Foundation, Delhi/NCR.

3.IBM - Bharti SelfCare Phase II

Project Name:IBM Bharti SelfCare Phase II

Client:IBM Global Services India (P) Ltd.

Role:Team Member (Services Team), Project Leader

Organization:Satyam Computer Services Limited


Team Size:Project : 10, Module : 4

Environment(with skill versions)

Languages: Java 1.4, EJB 2.0,JMS

Softwares:Web Sphere Application Server, JMS, XMLBeans

Database:IBM DB2

Tools:Web Sphere Application Developer Integration Edition 5.1.1, Rational ClearCase, Aqua DataStudio, Putty

O/s:Windows XP/Unix

Description:Bharti Tele Ventures Ltd. wants to extend the SelfCare application, via Web, IVR, SMS and KIOSK,WAP and USSD channels, to its customers, individuals and/or corporate, belonging to all of its line of business(LOB).A solution, built as SOA based application was designed. For web application Portlets were developed as individual module and bundled into a J2EE application that can be deployed into Websphere portal server. This project intended to reduce cost of customer service and increase customer satisfaction index by providing self-service (do it yourself) capabilities to customer


In the course of Project Ashish Jain was entrusted with the responsibility of Project Leader and then as Listener to his PM in his absence. During this time Ashish Jain was able to pull out two major handover signoffs from Client, which was  milestone towards the closure of the project.

Started as JAVA/J2EE developer, Ashish Jain was involved in development of Two major batch Processes: 1. BIFF Parser: Initially the application accepts the BIF XML files, validates them with the XML schema defined by the BIF team, and then parses data accordingly. Parsed data is then inserted into database using various the mapping defined in the mapping table. If in between it encounters some error in parsing a BIF then partially inserted data for that particular BIF is deleted from database and the file is taken as a failed file. The error Logs are created as plain text file.  2. DB SyncUp Module: Goal of this service is to synch up the SelfCare registration database with Customer Master System (eCRM) and to handle the event notification from EAI and Alert Server. SelfCare system subscribes to some of the events belong to Party, Account and Service Instance entity in eCRM system. ECRM system generates Events on Create, Update and Delete operations on these entities.

Assisted senior members in team in development, deployment and support of the Portlets. Successfully implemented the change requests which were raised by the client in the course of project. Ashish Jain has also been involved in Portlets deployment on production system.

Involved in development of components for Services framework using EJB 2.0 and DB2.

3.Business Wait Associate Management System

Project Name:Business Wait Associate Management System 

Client:CoRCC Bangalore

Role:Team Leader, Team Member

Organization:Satyam Computer Services Limited


Team Size:Project : 10, Module : 8

Environment(with skill versions)

Languages: Java/J2EE

Database:My SQL/ MS Access/ MS Excel

Tools:Eclipse IDE

O/s:Windows XP

Description:It was a client-server architecture based project. It focused on automating the processes of tracking the associates in Business Wait by CoRCC Loc rep. This tool imports data from xls format into our DB and generate location/BW-type specific attendance sheets accessible only to designated Reps. In addition, this tool also maintains the ELTPs' database, archive attendance, auto-locks the signin/signout timings, automatically updates leaves, generate report in predefined template. This project helped in saving 6-8 man-hours spent daily in this work on an average 35-40 man-hours a week.

Contribution:As Team Leader, Ashish Jain was with each and every part of full lifecycle of the project right from the requirement gathering till the delivery and closure of project. Ashish Jain was responsible for  Work breakdown and assigning the responsibilities to his team members. Take care of team members’ and project’s progress. Report to his Project Leader and give him the daily status report and updates. Being an ace project I also took care to create a learning environment that each and every one get benefited in utilizing the opportunity for learning new things during this project, which will be going to help them when they work in other client projects. 

As a team member, Ashish Jain was responsible for:

Analysis of client’s requirements.

Designing and implementation of the solution for the requirements. 

Do the coding for business logic while in development phase.

Design the user interface. 

Delivery and Deployment of final product.






Frameworks and others
Apache Struts Framework, MVC Model-View-Controller design pattern, Multithreaded programming, JUnit Test, Hibernate ORM, Spring Framework.
Object Technology
UML, Design Patterns
Operating Systems
Windows XP Professional, Unix,Solaris
WebSphere Studio Application Developer 5.0, Eclipse 3.2, Netbeans
Web Servers/Application Servers
IBM WebSphere 5.0, Tomcat 5.5
IBM DB2, ODBC, MySQL, Microsoft Access
XML, XSLT, HTML, JavaScript
Java Technologies
J2EE, J2SE, Servlet 2.3, JSP, EJB2.0, JDBC,  Java Beans, JMS, Threads
Programming Languages
Java J2SE, Sun Java JDK 1.4/5.0