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Beverage Industry Executive successful at building, managing and leading teams that deliver sales and profit growth both as a supplier and a distributor.  Adept at start-up organizations, led the team that formed Diageo’s first dedicated division in Ohio for Glazer’s. A strong, motivating and effective corporate leader who exhibits the skills and ability to implement change by accenting the positive and developing teams that share the vision, understand the mission and deliver the plan.  Core competencies include:• P&L Management • Start-Up Expertise • Major Account Development • Solution Selling Strategies • High-Impact Sales Presentations • Market Evaluation/Penetration

Work experience

Aug 2009Present

Non- Paid Executive Director

Sexually Abused Children's Relief Endeavor

Strickly volunteer- non paying position

May 2008Aug 2009

General Manager

Premier Cru St. Louis

Responsible for the management of four sales representatives, two warehouse personnel and one operations manager.Responsibilities include the portfolio management of 60 plus suppliers, all sales and incentive programming, sales direction, operational efficiencies, logistics, pricing and the management of 250 fine wine accounts for the Eastern half of Missouri.Responsible for the corporate relationships with Sam’s Wholesale Club and Whole Foods Market.

Selected Achievements:

  • Implemented sales accountability standards which have led to a 24% increase in accounts sold. 
  • Key Supplier success stories:Merryvale up 18%, Vine Connections up 38%, Anderson Conn Valley up 22%, Winesellers up 14%.
Jul 2005Jan 2008

Vice President- General Manager

Allied Beverage Group

At New Jersey’s largest wholesale distributor, responsible for $410MM in annual sales and 282 full time employees. Responsibilities included the management of four divisional sales teams with 30 managers and 183 sales representatives, marketing and merchandising teams with 12 managers and 13 merchandisers, development of marketing and sales strategy and objectives, pricing, incentives, prioritization, customer relationships and P&L management.

Selected Achievements

  • Implemented team management standards that led to an 8.8% increase in division sales or $33MM.Balance of company declined 2.2%.
  • Reversed declining on-premise sales from -2% in 2005 to + 12% in 2007 by developing targeted programs, and reorganizing management and sales representative responsibilities. 
  • Re-designed incentive compensation programs to focus on high gross profit items which contributed to achieving 100% of targeted goals and to + 12 % on premise growth.
Jul 2002Jun 2005

Ohio General Manager

Glazer's Family of Companies

Start-up experience with Glazer’s of Ohio spirit brokerage and dedicated Diageo/MH-USA Division.

In a ninety day period, designed, recruited, trained and managed 125 person sales and management team.

Selected Achievements:

  • Achieved first year sales plan while finishing 13% under operational budget.  Negotiated a staff reduction with supplier that resulted in an additional savings of $2.5MM.No loss in productivity or performance was experienced. 
  • Built the team that has shown 52 straight months of market share gain in Ohio. 
  • Developed a strong relationship with the management teams of The State of Ohio, Giant Eagle, Kroger and Meijer’s.
Nov 1998Jun 2002

Kansas City Area and Branch Manager

Glazer's Family of Companies

As Area Manager, was entrusted with and successfully merged three acquired firms.During this transition, solution seeking skills, excellent judgment, culture-blending, inter-departmental conflict resolution and the ability to build organizational effectiveness were part of the required skill set for achievement.Developed national account relationships with Haddad Restaurant Group, Applebee’s, Levy Restaurants, Volume Services, Hy-Vee, Sam’s Club and Wal-mart.

Selected Achievements:

  • Organic growth averaged 15% per year with sales revenues surged from $15MM to $125MM. 
  • By managing sales and expenses, achieved the objective of moving from an investment to profitability. 
  • Recognized as one of Glazer’s top manager’s and promoted to head key start-up in Ohio.
Nov 1990May 1998

Vice President/General Manager

Major Brands, Kansas City

Managed sales, operations, personnel, merchandising, supplier relationships and gross profit development during this period of unprecedented growth for the company.

Selected Achievements:

  • Attained or exceeded plan every year while sales grew from $22MM to $53MM. 
  • Led the move to specialization by developing separate dedicated sales teams for beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages.

Division Manager- Central and Empire Regions

Schieffelin & Somerset Company

The predecessor company to Moet-Hennessy USA, Schieffelin & Somerset Co. marketed and sold premium wine and spirit brands.The Central Region consisted of Illinois, Missouri, N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana.The Empire Region comprised the State of New York.Managed 28 distributors and a sales team of 14.


Vice President-General Manager

Jackson Distributing Company

Responsible for 25 sales, admistrative and warehouse employess for this 10M wine, spirits and beer distribution company.


Eastern Division Operations Manager

General Wine and Spirits

Responsible for budgets,sales promotion and merchandising materials for this 10 state region.


Aug 1968May 1972

Bachelor of Science


Mr. Theodore Roman

Mr. Paul Moeller

Mr. Scott Westerman

Mr. Robert DeRoose

Mr. Stephen Bellini

Mr. Kevin O'Neil

Ms. Margaret Lapcewich



Employee Development
I build teams that trust me and the direction I set for the company.  They buy-in to our vision and mission and they make plan.  I lead the team as a member of the team and believe in building the confidence,skills and value of each member of the team.  I am not afraid to take chances and have had great success at moving managers and sales reps into new areas.  I share information, build consensus, and value input.
Skilled Negiotator
Experienced negotiator with union members, suppliers, customers and internal staff.  Was the chief company negotiator with the NJ salesman’s union and gained approval for an amendment to the contract that clarified a new selling division's role and product portfolio.  Negotiated many union grievances to the satisfaction of the company.  In Ohio, was the chief negotiator for the restructuring of a RFP that required a five year commitment for human resources and a losing financial commitment.  This negotiation was concluded in the second year and represented a savings of over $2.5M.
Skilled Presenter and Motivator
Dynamic speaker with a casual style that conveys trust, believability and sincerity to the audience.  Skilled at developing high impact presentations that get the point across while not challenging the viewer's attention span. 
Corporate Culture Blending
Gained true experience with this skill in Kansas City when Glazer's purchased four separate wholesale distributors over two years and merged them into one.  We changed IT sytems three times, moved four buildings into a new building and combined the sales, marketing, operations and administrative teams with great success.  The newly formed enitiy emerged,with Glazer's culture, as the best performing  adult beverage distributor in Kansas City.   Because of these efforts, I was asked to build a new organization in Ohio for Glazer's.  This was a start-up with much of our new team coming from outside the industry or our competitors.  Again, we also had the chore of blending an acquired company.  The ensuing organization showed 52 straight months of share growth against established competitors in Ohio.
P& L Management
Responsible for budgeting a sales and marketing division that produced over $9M in gross profit.  Strict adherence to my philosphy of controlling expenses, increasing sales and growing margins led a 4.7% increase in GP.