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Yoga, Mind Body Medicine, Travel, Study of the Yawanawa indigenous people their traditions and their culture, natural medical practices, plant medicine "Dieta" ritual, The Jungle, Martial Arts: Jujitsu, Tai Boxing, Taekwondo, Stick and Knife Fighting, Chi Gong Tai Chi, Nature, Surfing, Water Activities, Hiking




Dedicated to community service, martial arts instructor James Biasucci has worked closely with The Center for Mind-Body Medicine. At Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, J.J. Biasucci serves as a volunteer in the hospital’s cancer ward. He helps patients deal with fear and anxiety. Using five modalities, including yoga therapy, J.J. Biasucci helps individuals with cancer to relax. He also uses such practices as aromatherapy, reiki, and meditation and trance work. Having spent some time in Brazil, J.J. Biasucci is also extremely interested in the plant-oriented medicinal practices of the indigenous Yawanawá people. He is currently studying their practice of the “Dieta,” a ritual in which a medicine man from the tribe cleanses his body through a ritualistic diet found in the jungle. The “Dieta” completely transforms his body, allowing him to utilize his own being as a tool for studying plant medicine. The medicine men undergoing the “Dieta” often spend up to a year, and sometimes several years, in the jungle studying medicinal plants. Other hobbies J.J. Biasucci maintains an active interest in are jujitsu, Thai boxing, Taekwondo, and stick and knife fighting. He is also interested in the internal martial arts such as qi gong and tai chi. Many of the martial arts disciplines J.J. Biasucci pursues recreationally he also incorporates into his therapeutic techniques. Through the combination of Pranayama (Yogic breath work) and a diverse array of martial arts disciplines, he trains clients to improve their physical and mental capacity at Neo Tao in New York City. Through Neo Tao, J.J. Biasucci trains clients in Scott Sonnon’s Clubbells technique, as well as Kancho Cameron Shayne’s Budokon, a combination of martial arts and yoga. Additionally, J.J. Biasucci teaches the Art of the Eight Limbs, Muay Thai, and jujitsu. Thai boxing serves as an intense cardio workout that also develops speed and power. In addition to losing calories, individuals enhance their rhythm, speed, and coordination. Jujitsu began in feudal Japan as a technique for dispatching armed and armored adversaries in situations absent of weapons. It is the primary self-defense discipline taught by J.J. Biasucci through his Neo Tao program. Master Instructor Jacaré Cavalcanti, who has received accolades for providing “the Harvard of jujitsu” in Atlanta, trained him in the technique. Mr. Biasucci holds a 7-3 submission record in fighting and sport jujitsu. An avid outdoorsman, J.J. Biasucci spends his free time hiking and surfing.

Work experience

Jan 2008Present

Head Coach

Neo Tao/Neo Tao Life

James Biasucci is a health guru and integrative therapist. He began his training at age 6 with kickboxing legend Ted Pryor and began learning energy work at age 7 with Sifu Cheng, a Taoist holy man from China via Korea. While in high school James competed in numerous Tae Kwon Do tournaments and boxing matches, winning North Carolina, Virginia and Florida state championships. James served in the Marine Corps after high school, teaching hand to hand combat and open water combat while being stationed in Hawaii. After the military he worked as a consultant to a security company in South Florida. He quit the security business to then begin a career in modeling, working mainly as a fitness model.  In 1999 James got back into the fitness industry when he opened a boxing gym in Atlanta. It was in Atlanta that James began training with Jacarea in jujitsu. This began a love affair for grappling and a year later he competed in his first mixed martial arts tournament. In 2003 James moved to New York to study energy work and neuro-linguistic programming mainly to help cope with his own depression and A.D.D. This is when he began to combine physical training with the mental disciplines of meditation and NLP. In the 7 years that James has been in New York he has studied and now teaches: Chi flow, Circular Strength Training and Yoga. James is also a proficient therapist dedicating time to working in Beth Israel Hospital with cancer patients under the umbrella of Urban Zen. Urban Zen is a program developed by Rodney Yee that teaches Yoga therapy, Reiki, aroma therapy, guided meditation, nutrition and palliative care to help hospital patients deal with symptoms of pain, anxiety, insomnia and nausea. He also frequently travels deep into the Brazilian Amazon to study indigenous forms of energy work and healing modalities. AchievementsGoing to Haiti to help the people there and going to Gaza and working with foreign populations, especially people who are having a very difficult time.

Jan 2008Present

Volunteer - Cancer Ward

Best Israel Hospital

I volunteer my time to people in the cancer ward by sitting with the people in the cancer ward, and I help them with relaxation and dealing with their fear and anxiety. I help them relax through 5 modalities Yoga Therapy, meditation/trance work, reaki, aroma therapy, and nutrition


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