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Work experience

Richard Flanagan and Company

Richard Flanagan and Company

1 weeks work experience completed with this company. Provided me with the knowledge of what the electrical trade is about and gave me a greater understanding into what I wish to pursue as my life career. 

The Grocery Club

The Grocery Club

Working Part Time with this company in the grocery industry.

Cool Dynamics

Cool Dynamics

Voluntary 1 week work experience with Cool Dynamics, to gain a greater knowledge in the area of refrigeration tradespeople.

Volunteered to do this as I was inquisitive about this trade.

Feb 2010Feb 2010

Work Experience

Cool Dynamics


Jan 1998Present

Saint Stephens College

Attended the College since grade one and graduating 2010.


- State Athletics 2009

- Captain 2nd XV rugby side 2009 

- Member 1st XV runner up side 2010

- Member Rugby Premiership side 2006, 2007, 2008

 - SSC Rugby MVP  year 11 2009 & 2010

 - APS Sportsmen of the Season Year 2009

 - APS level representation Athletics/Cross Country 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002

 - College Barbarians Rugby XV

 - Saint Stephens College FARA Olympics. Frederick's Ataxia Fundraising olympics.(voluntary)


- First in Class 2002

- First in Class 2003



Michael Turner is a passionate Student who is highly motivated with strong leadership, communication, interpersonal and team work skills. Michael exceeds this criterion and is driven to work with a positive, productive and inquisitive attitude.

He wishes to help your business fulfill its goals while at the same time educating himself to greater horizons and continue his previous insight into this career. Michael is approaching completion of Year 12 with a high motivation in academics and high involvement in sporting achievements. Also his previous experience at companies such as Richard Flanagan has provided him with the following skills as well as multiple others;

• Problem solving and analytical skills

• Ability to work well and communicate in a team environment

• High motivation towards achieving a positive outcome

• High work ethic

• Positive attitude towards the industry and career

Using these skills he currently possess, Michael can adopt and learn new technologies and

practices that are being used by your company. With him he will bring these to a career of strong work ethic, a desire to succeed and willingness to co-operate with others with the aim of achieving high quality goals.


Sporting Activities in which participated and achieved success:

- Rugby (since under 10's)

- Golf

- Cricket

- Touch Football

- Baseball/Gold Coast Baseball

- Athletics

- Fitness activites