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 Being a student-athlete in the city I was born and raised has taught me countless lessons.  I have maintained a 3.21 GPA at the most pristine public academic school in our district (2,200 students) and am a part of the all-league San Diego county, union tribune student-athlete academic team.  Outside of football, I have been serving my community since I can remember, currently I am in my school program known as link crew, which helps develop freshman into our high school and gives exposure to numerous community service projects. This has taught me the importance of respecting others and building skills of leadership while working effectively with others and to see everything in my life with a positive outlook. Football has been and always will be my passion, however I have tried to the best of my abilities to distinguish myself from others in my community, along with varsity basketball and a bit of varsity volleyball, I also participated in choir and I am enrolled to be senior class vice president for my schools student government council.  These activities have taught motivation and perseverance, and will become memories I will cherish about high school.  Coming from a Christian based household and being the only male in the house has shaped me to become a humble man and step into a role of maturity, self reliance and moral values. Though both of my parents were not able attend college but instead went straight to the workforce, I strive to gain a college education through football and focus on a major related to business. Football has inspired me to do something superb in my life and I am passionate, dedicated and committed to bringing my talents and work ethic to a program that fits me.


Sep 2012Jun 2016

High School Diploma

Valhalla High School  1725 Hillsdale Rd, El Cajon, CA 92019


2012-2013 Grade 09

  • Algebra IC-1

  • Football-09  

  • Hum 1/Eng 1H C

  •  HumI Geo 1H

  • Phys Educ 9th

  • Science 1C S

2012-2013 Term 2 Grade 09

  • Spanish 1C 

  • Algebra IC-2  

  • Basketball-09 

  •  Hum 1/Eng 2H

  • 1 HumI Geo 2H

  • Phys Educ 9th

  • Science 2C 

  • Spanish 2C 

2013-2014 Grade 10

  • Biology 1C

  • Choir

  •  Ex & Nutr Sci 1 A

  •  Hum 2/Lit 1C

  •  Pl&S Geo IC

  • 1 A Spanish 3C

  •  V-Football

  • W His/Geo 1C 

2013-2014 Grade 10 Term 2

  • Biology 2C

  • Choir

  • Ex & Nutr Sci 2

  • Hum 2/Lit 2C

  • JV-Basketball

  •  Pl&S Geo IC

  • 2Spanish 4C

  • W His/Geo 2C 

2014-2015 Grade 11 Term 1

  • Algebra IIC-1

  • AP US Hist 

  •  Chemistry 1C

  • Eng Lang 1 AP  

  • Spanish 5H V-Football 

2015-2016 Grade 12

  • AP Stastistics
  • AP Literature
  • Economics 1C
  • Culinary Arts 1C
  • Culinary Arts 1C





53.72 %

SAT Score


ACT  Score


Extra Curicular Activities


9th Grade Athletics- freshman football, freshman basketball

10th Grade Athletics- varsity football, JV basketball

11th Grade Athletics- varsity volleyball, varsity football, varsity basketball

12th Grade Athletics-varsity volleyball, varsity football

Union Tribune All- County Academic Team

Interest and Community Service

Community Service

Link Crew - peer leader

Susan G. Komen - raise money and walk annually

Relay for Life - raise money and walk annually

Special Needs Buddy- co-caretaker of a handicap


Business major in college

Communicating with people, managing my own or an effective business

Sports, could pursue coaching, love teaching and being active

Work experience

Jun 2014Sep 2014

Curb Coring

Johnny's Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling

Labor in cement clean up and equipment manager