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Work experience

May 1993Present

Public Safety

Mercy Hospital Merced

Human Resources

Fresno, CA

Re: Maintenance Manager, HR Manager, Masters Degree Education

The expertise I bring to your organization my ability to quickly assess, evaluate, plan and execute. I have a reputation for complete focus on the mission-at-hand and a professional bearing that consistently demonstrates calm and purpose. Whether challenged to manage day-to-day activities or to deal with emergency situations, I time and again, deliver strong performance results.

Since leaving the Military, I have continued my education in Industrial Maintenance and Management to support my career goals. I am goal-directed and results-driven with strong and decisive leadership skills.

Strong Leadership:

  • Management of staff of 44
  • Federal, State, and Local regulations
  • Policies and procedures
  • Hands-on supervision and proper delegation

Organization and Time Management Experience:

  • Day-to-day scheduling
  • Emergency situations
  • Safety inspections / audits
  • Facilities Maintenance (appliance, electrical and plumbing)

My success has always been achieved through the development of teams. Creating a mission-ownership in each member through incentive and recognition resulted in many of those whom I have led, to advance to senior leadership roles.As a person who enjoys rolling up my sleeves and digging in, I consistently am acknowledged as the “go-to person”.

Thank you for your interest in my experience.I have attached a detailed resume for your understanding of my knowledge, both in education and experience. I welcome an opportunity to further discuss my qualifications and explore your needs and organizational objectives.Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.


James Iversen

May 1973May 1993




United States Air Force

NCOIC of Aircraft Pneudralic Systems, supervising, planning, coordinating, training of 44 individuals.Responsible for largest repair and reclamation shop in Air Combat Command, including repairing, authorizing and ordering parts, documentation, assist diagnosis/operational check of multilateral system, follow-up inspections and training to ensure quality of 5,700 flying sorties annually.Troubleshoot/repair primary/secondary flight controls, landing gears, windows, drag chute systems, air refueling doors, ammo racks, and 50 MLG tire changes/20 MLG brake changes monthly.Additional responsibilities included budgeting, allocation and purchasing.

Achievements included:

§Communicated directly with flight crew to troubleshoot technical difficulties, directed operational check and duplicated malfunction; diagnosed as air in spoiler system and directed crew to perform engine run to bleed air from system, safely discharging air for safe take off (received commendations from Deputy Commander of Maintenance & Aircrew).

§Inspected aircraft, locating cracked trunion; and successfully coordinated repair configuration with Boeing engineers.

§Discovered broken follow-up link, grounded aircraft and worked with Boeing engineers to receive prints on follow-up link (discontinued part) and directed fabrication shop on preparation according to Depot level instructions, effectively replacing parts without failure.

§Coordinated response crew to recover aircraft with one landing gear stuck up; recovered by fuel transfer and use of hydraulic cart to hydraulically power gear down.

§Developed plan to repair B-52 aircraft hit by lightning; removed serviceable asset from another grounded aircraft (40’ high/900 lbs) and replaced in lightning struck aircraft, allowing return to duty within 24 hours.

§Upon B-52 landing with right rear landing gear on fire, synchronized all base management and delegated emergency procedures, allowing all crew members to safely egress and while keeping base responders from injury (subsequent investigation identified defective anti-skid detector).

§Directed logistics in response of KC-135 nose landing with gear stuck in up position, redirected aircraft to base with longer runway, instructed pilots to burn fuel and transfer remaining fuel to balanced condition; aircraft landed with serious structural damage, but with proper preparation, all crew members were safely rescued.

§Received high recognition on peer review as “knowledgeable and reliable supervisor who takes charge and gets the job complete…unmatched performance…”

May 1985May 1990

Handyman Corperation

Area Supervisor Part time

Performed all aspects of outside and inside building supervisor, Had responsiblity of 5 sales employees. Inventory counts, Increase store profitablity by Million dollars. Order and reviewed all

vendor orders sheets. Kept all inventories ready for ads and store basic stock. Keep store inventories

standards. Worked till company went out business in 2000.