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Work experience

Aug 2009Present

Research Assistant

Cochlear Implant Lab, UTD
  • Under Dr. Philip Loizou in the Cochlear Implant Lab, UTD
    • Working on signal processing algorithms for Cochlear Implants, recruiting and conducting experiments for subjects and analysis of results of the same
Nov 2008May 2009

Research Assistant

Face Recognition Lab, UTD
  • Under Dr. Alice O'Toole in Face Recognition Lab, UTD
    • Pattern classification of fMRI images for Face Recognition and study of Other-Race effect
    • Co-authored "Dissociable neural responses for Caucasian and Asian faces using a pattern-classification approach" - Society for Neuroscience 2009



Assembly language Programming


To obtain an intern/full time position for the Spring/Summer 2010


DSP, Speech Recognition, Pattern Recognition, Audio & Acoustic Signal Processing, Embedded Systems and Digital Communication


  • Graduate - DSP - I, Random Processes, Linear Signals and Systems, DSP - II, Speech Signal Processing, Applied DSP, Pattern Recognition, Speech and Speaker Recognition
  • Undergraduate - VLSI Design, VHDL, Analog & Digital Communication, Adaptive Signal Processing, Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, Multimedia Communication, Information Theory

Leadership Roles

  • Community Service Officer at UTD Police Department for Spring '09
  • Chairman, Executive Committee of the IEEE Student Chapter at PESIT 2008
  • Student Assistant for Professors for three semesters under the Student Assistantship Program in Electronics and Communication Department at PESIT
  • Served as Head and Member of the organizing committee in inter-collegiate fests held in college
  • Selected as "The Most Promising Leader" at high school

Technical Activities

  • Graduate Class Project on LabVIEW: "Neural - Network Based Signal Prediction System", "Two -Channel Speech Enhancement System", "Design of a Digital Resonator Filter"
  • Undergraduate Project on MATLAB:"Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Formation Flight"
  • Completed courses on "DSP Programming and Applications" and "Advanced Course on DSP" on Blackfin533 at Analog Devices - IIT Madras DSP Learning Centre (January - February 2008)
  • Completed a course on "Statistical Signal Processing" given by Dr. G.V.Anand, IISc, Bangalore
  • Presented a seminar on "Optical Character Recognition using Neural Networks"
  • Authored a review paper on "Nanomagnets: A New Beginning" which was selected at an inter-collegiate conference in Bangalore in 2007