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To be employed by a company that appreciates a dedicated individual that goes above and beyond the requirements of any given job.

A company that advances the personnel from within and if willing and able  to educate the individual to perform his/her  job in an exemplary manner extending opportunity for advancement.

The ability to work and manage an area remotely, with minimal management intervention.

To work in a friendly atmosphere one that breads a family environment, with like minded and light hearted people.


GOLF: Although not a pro yet, I love the game and enjoy playing all over the South Florida region.

My bucket list includes an interest to play golf in every one of the 50 states and beyond if possible. So far I have played golf in FL, GA, MS, CA, NY, NE, and areas outside the United States, Mexico and the Bahamas.

I enjoy traveling and am enamored with Spain's romanticism and Italy's architecture, the foods of Mexico, the beauty of the Caribbean, and the uniqueness of Morocco.

I also enjoy cooking, large holiday meals for family and friends.

I value my home time with my wife working in and around our home.

Of late, my weekends are usually spent with my 3-year -old granddaughter who has a lot to teach this world and us about the significance of family and how fast time flies.



Skilled desk top support field engineer, with over 10+ years working with an International Financial company with local offices both in Miami and Palm Beach.  Offices supported 50+ employees at various times.  Also, supported the CEO's private home in Jupiter and other high ranking brokers at their homes.

Worked throughout the SE Florida area, at a myriad, for different types of users from Nuclear power plants to small businesses, hospitals,  labs, and even highly secure areas in airports and armored car customers. 

Customer service is paramount attending to customers specific needs and adhering to the company's response time.  With a friendly and personal demeanor, able to defuse most all bad situations, while giving the customer quality service.

Meeting deadlines and multiple call closures for the area.  Keeping up with daily reports and semi annual inventories, assisting other techs in the area, and volunteering for any new training on different products.

Work experience

Aug 2000Present

Field Support Technician

Essintial Enterprise
Field Support Technician 

Desk top support for past 6 years for major financial firm in Miami and Palm Beach.  Supported on average 50 to 75 users.  Duties included moving pc's, upgrading systems, installation of new users, reimaging and printer support.  Also, worked on servers swapping out drives and upgrading units.

Supported other customers in the area of  Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.  Duties included printer repair and troubleshooting, PC and laptop repair, storage units, servers, and other peripheral equipment.

Managed work loads, SLA's, and local inventories.  Promoted new products to users and suggested possible upgrades to local systems.

Mar 1987Aug 2000

Field Support Technician

Genicom Corp

Customers included but not limited to;  FPL power plants, government agencies, private homes, small/ large business, factories,  international airports, hospitals, doctor offices, and sensitive labs.

Covered South East Florida territory from Ft. Pierce to Key West and west to Ft. Myers.  Troubleshot users PC's,  workstations, and printers.  Some server and storage system repair.  DSL installation for Rythms, in San Francisco and SE Florida.

Managed work loads, SLA's, and local inventories.


Mar 1986Apr 1986


Broward College

Multiple courses taken  through the Community College of the Air Force, focusing on training recruits and teaching the course of Telecommunications Specialist.

Courses taken at Broward College for Business Management but did not complete all required courses.


Customer Service Rep.
Operated a walk in service center, performing bench repair and sales.  Promoted new products and services to make the facility number 2 in the nation.   Able to go into any type of business or facility and work with the local users with out any problems or conflict.   Able to defuse detrimental situations all while obtaining a satisfactory customer report.   Friendly and outgoing personality.
Customer Service Rep.
. Computer store bench repair and sales.  Promoted new products and service to make facility number 2 in the nation. Able to go into any type of business or facility and work with the local users with out any problems. Able to defuse bad situations and have good customer report. Friendly and outgoing personality.    
Desk top support
Performing desk top support to over 50 users in both Miami and Palm Beach locations. Printer support and repair, for most vendors currently in office environment. Moving of PC's and workstations and setup work areas, test and confirm. Upgrade hardware, both with desk tops/workstations and servers. Reimage units, for corrupted images.





Defense Department