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Real estate financier Jim Stepanian brings 17 years of corporate management experience to his current role as President and founder of Summerlin Asset Management, LLC, (SAM) with offices in Arizona, Nevada, and Southern California. At SAM, Jim Stepanian serves in the capacity of loan manager and negotiator for distressed mortgages and real estate deeds, by establishing relationships with regional banks looking to reduce their mortgage holdings.  Because real estate prices have fallen significantly since the mortgage crisis, many individuals have taken an interest in first trust deed investing, known as a safe and collateralized high-yielding option in the investment market.  In addition to his regular duties as a negotiator and interlocutor between lenders, homeowners, and investors, Jim Stepanian travels across the country to inform investors about mortgages and deeds that are available for purchase from SAM. His online first deed marketplace, accessed through his latest venture, LLC, makes real estate notes, deeds of trust, first mortgages and second mortgages available to investors on a worldwide scale. Driven by technology, Mr. Stepanian’s maintains an interlinking network of over 100 domain properties that display current real estate opportunities, a technological strategy that has proven highly effective.

In January 2012, Summerlin Asset Management expanded its operations by opening a new Irvine office located at 18101 Von Karman Avenue, 3rd Floor.

If you wish to reach Jim Stepanian or Summerlin Asset Management please call (949) 225-4471.

Jim Stepanian can also be contacted online via

Work experience

Apr 2008Present

CEO & President

Summerlin Asset Management, LLC

Safe, Secured Investments with High Yields

Summerlin Asset Management is a private real estate 1st trust deed and mortgage investment company offering a variety of discounted Trust Deed Investment opportunities. We serve clients that are seeking to build a conservative portfolio of passive-income investments.

Jan 2008Present

CEO & President

Summerlin Asset Management

Founder of Summerlin Asset Management. I work directly with the banks and lenders, negotiating the purchase of loans on performing and non performing first trust deeds. I research the values of the trust deeds and analyze their loan to value ratio to determine whether they are suitable for my investors. I travel the country speaking to investors about the safe collateralized loans they can purchase and help them determine which loans would work for their investment portfolio.

Investment Relations, Loan Management, Developing contracts and facilitating communication between lenders and legal advisors , Loan servicing, Working with banks and lending firms to procure first trust deeds. Often by purchasing the notes from the larger lending facilities, our company can work directly with the homeowner to reduce the total mortgage amount, allowing them to keep their home instead of foreclosing. While Summerlin Asset Management purchases many performing first trust deeds, we also purchase non-performing deeds and turn them into performing notes by allowing the homeowner the opportunity to come current on their payments by reducing their mortgage amount and motivating them to begin making payments again.

Apr 2011Present


Note Technology

Note LLC, an information technology company focused on the global marketplace for note buying and selling., LLC holds over 100 domain properties focused on real estate notes, Deeds of Trust, 1st mortgages and 2nd mortgages. The company will leverage technology to interlink networks from all over the world in the note business.


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University of Phoenix
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Pasadena City College