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For more than 26 years, Jim Rosen has redefined the way millions of people use fitness equipment and has spread his message of healthy living around the world. Realizing that many people want to exercise from the comfort of their own homes, Rosen began marketing high quality fitness equipment at very affordable prices in 1985 and has equipped more than 250,000 residential and commercial gyms since. An athlete and personal trainer himself, Jim Rosen has continually pushed for educating people on the benefits of regular exercise and a healthy diet, and he has shared his expertise through his companies and non-profit undertakings. After introducing millions of people to the benefits of fitness through equipment sales, Jim Rosen turned his attention to educating children, families, and pro athletes at his state-of-the-art facility, SUPERGYM’S in Los Angeles. Rosen designed and built SUPERGYM’S as a multifaceted sports performance academy. For children, Rosen provides sports camps and academies where professional coaches and players offer instruction in basketball, dance, soccer, baseball, volleyball, football, and other sports. The facility accommodates parents of young athletes by providing access to a variety of fitness equipment, classes, and personal trainers. Parents can also maximize time efficiency by taking a class, working with a personal trainer, or playing their favorite sport. Many top pro athletes and celebrities also train at SUPERGYM’S, which is considered one of the most advanced performance training facilities in the country. A father himself, Jim Rosen raised his six children to enjoy physical fitness and understand the lifelong benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Rosen’s efforts extend beyond the business world and include philanthropic and educational endeavors through his non-profit entity called Kids Fitness Revolution. Through this organization, Rosen has been able to educate children about making healthy choices regarding self-esteem, diet, and exercise, fight childhood obesity and related illnesses, and help gifted youth athletes achieve their dreams.

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