Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2006 - Present


norwood photographic
Photographer:Set up and maintain lighting equipment. Utilize and understand digital software, Managed PC’s and equipment, networks and software. Work with client’s suppliers and owners to resolve issues to complete assignments. Meet tight deadlines for on location commercial photography projects and clients.


·Developed Norwood Photographic and J Norwood Photography web sites.

·Organized startup, budget, business plan for Norwood Photographic.

·Pursued online marketing though Google Ads,,,, and other social and business networks.

Apr 1997 - Sep 2006

System Analyst/Programmer

Hertz Corporation
Hertz Corporation, Oklahoma City, OK 1997-2006 System Analyst / Programmer: Diagnosed production issues across multiple systems. Provided system support on HP 3000/ix. Point of contact for second level issues. Resolved network and FTP issues between systems; HP 3000, HP Unix, Tandem, Window servers. Results:

·Programmed on See Beyond (Java) on Windows servers and JCL on HP systems.

·Maintained image data bases on multiple systems.

·Worked with programming and internal departments and vendors on designing and complete projects.



Bachelor of Studies in Business

National Christian University of Missouri

Business Studies

Graphic Arts Reproduction Technology

Letters of Recomendation


ðCareer Diversity: Possesses broad spectrum oftransferable experience that expands technical skill sets andenhances interpersonal capabilities drawn from diverse industries including employment asSystems Analyst – Telecom Industry,Cable Technology Corporation (Black Box Fly by wire), Publishing (distribution systems) and Tech Support of Multiple Platform Systems, Photography, Printing, Sales, Marketing and Personnel Consultant. (Managedup to 23 personnel)

ðProject Management: Installed inventory system for Fujitsu America with a savings of $500,000 + the first year and maintained a 99.99 % inventory. Installed HP3000 for Cable Technology Corporationand trained employees to be fully functional in less than 12 months configured multiple Bills of Material (mostly cable for the black box in F16’s). Honeywell relied on our inventory system to forecast schedule on weekly basis.

ðContinuingEducation:Acquired abundance of training and education through seminars and workshops both at personal expense and provided by employers. Notable achievements are due to continued search for knowledge and boundless energy.

ðWebsite Development:Wrote marketing text and collaborated with designer in development ofNorwood Photographic and J Norwood Photography webpage. Routinely designed creative and effective marketing and sales presentation materials.

ðMarket Penetration: Captured market share via maximizing business volumes, profit and client satisfaction founded on long term experience and in-depth understanding ofIT technologies, real estate marketing strategies and communication of competitive differentiators.

ðSales Training & Marketing:Presented sales and product education to clients and sales professionals in Oklahoma and Texas. Consistently ranked in the top 3 managers in sales for Richman Brothers. Top Lister at Loughry Associates.


Offering: Extensivetechnical expertise, soundbusiness savvy, and management practices that will position company for growth, profitability and market dominance demonstrated by, but not limited to the following



Manufacturing/Inventory Control

Material Requirements Planning, Master Production Scheduling. Implemented inventory control system at Fujitsu America.  Install, implemented and trained personal at Quatro/Cable Technology Corporation.


Quiz, Fortran, JCL, SeeBeyond (Sun Integration Suite) Maestro (Tivoli Scheduler)

System Management

MPE/ix System Management, Performance and Tuning


Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat Pro, Nikon Capture


AT&T/modem/router, Netgear router, Linksys, HP networks, Herztnet, Motorola modem, HP routers fiber optics, HP DTC (Digital Terminal Comm.).


Network across HP 3000 systems, Certified Fabric Professional 2G & Accelerated courses

Data Base

H.P. Query Fundamentals, Image/SQL, Turboimage for database Administration. Maintained routing and reservation databases at Hertz Corporation.


  Setup and maintain lightling equipment.    Utilize and understand digital software. Managed PC equipment, networks and software. Processed film and printed in color and Black & White. Worked with clients, suppliers and owners to resolve issues to complete assignments. Completed location assignments portraits, weddings and commercial on time.  Cameras Nikon N80, D70, D300, 4X5 View cameras, process cameras and Canon XL2 Cam. Adobe Photoshop CS3, Nikon Capture NX, Irfranview, Adobe Premiere Elements.