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About Jimmy Winemiller

Heavily invested in real estate, Jimmy Winemiller currently resides in Memphis, Tennessee, where he works as an entrepreneur and property developer. With his experience focusing on developing residential and commercial properties in the southern United States, he most recently served as an agent for Brevard Harbor Edge, LLC, based in Martin County, Florida. Previously, Jimmy Winemiller was principal agent at the Crossville Outlet Mall renovation in Tennessee, where he oversaw the site’s redevelopment.

In addition to his work as an agent, Jimmy Winemiller owns or manages several crop fields and livestock farms in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas. The Angelina Plantation, one of his larger endeavors, contained 27,000 acres of crops. Following the sale of the plantation, Mr. Winemiller purchased a 16,000-acre farm from the Conn Memorial Foundation. Currently, he and his wife own a 10,000-acre rice farm in the Mississippi Delta named the Dahomey Plantation.

Beyond his farming and real estate development activities, Jimmy Winemiller is active in the business of horseracing. His wife began owning and breeding horses in 1997. Together, they owned Iron Horse Farm in Perryville, Arkansas. At this farm, they broke, trained, and bred more than 100 thoroughbred horses at a time. They now own about a dozen thoroughbreds, including a colt that is racing and several younger horses.

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