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4 + years of Industry experience in providing User Interface & User Experience Design and Development with most usable enterprise wide applications. Specialized in full web site development and Front End Development. Played a vital role in the Development of and

Played major role with visitflorida, kellogg's, sapientnitro, harley davidson, procter and gamble and mastercard Banking Projects and proved the ability to work under pressure by taking complete ownership of tasks.

Well experienced in the end to end development, integration, testing, deployment and maintenance of the various web-applications and stand-alone tools in the finance, travel and tourism industries.

Experienced in technologies including HTML (HTML4, HTML5), CSS (2.1, CSS3, etc.), JavaScript / Ajax, jQuery and also have experienced in frameworks like (Bootstrap, HTML5 Boilerplate, Handlebars etc.), CSS Pre-Processors (Sass, Less etc.), Responsive Web Design, Mobile Web Development and Performance, Cross-Browser / Cross-Platform Development, Website Speed / Performance, Developer/Debugging Tools (Chrome Dev Tools, Firebug etc.), Version Control (GitHub / Subversion), MVC Frameworks (Angular), HTML5/CSS3 Polyfills, Data Formats (JSON, JSONP, XML), Image Editing Tools (Photoshop), CMS and Editing Tools (sublimeText 3, AptanaStudio 3, Adobe DreamweaverCS6).

Work experience

Nov 2013Sep 2015

Interactive Developer

Sapient Corporation Pvt Ltd

We are developed the website for master card and couple of other banks with In same architecture, like, appmia, janrain, Arabic, 5th3rd, advisors and donate.

  • Worked on different projects, enhancements, production defects for Master Card account.
  • Following are the projects I worked on MasterCard, ie janrain, 5th3rd, advisors and donate.
  • Worked on finding out the janrain production issues root cause.
  • Start to end development of 5th3rd project, owned multiple simple and complex coponenents and successfully delivered with minimal defects.
  • The complex modules and crazy components which I have implemented on 5th3rd is priceless offer grid and benefits grid, this was achieved through owl carousel and elastic grid.
  • Worked on advisors project on media gallery where I experienced in following libraries like blueimp and jssor.
  • Started working with donate project on HTML5, less, sass and normal scripting.
  • Now working on donate dashboard with angular.

This project tells Florida’s story – through blogs, feature articles, video, photos, informational graphics and social media – so that you can become a part of the story, too. Get tips about the best the state has to offer from’s Insiders, Floridians who share with you their expert insights. The Insiders take you along as they explore our beaches, adventures, family travel, food and dining, shopping, golf, boating and fishing, outdoors and nature, entertainment and luxury, hidden gems off the beaten path, deals and bargains – and the latest campaigns. also showcases work from more than 70 veteran Florida journalists who write, film, photograph and illustrates stories from all points throughout the state. Along with VF Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages, also offers event listings and deals – on hotels, resorts, outings, attractions and more – from VF partners in the travel industry.

  • Worked on different projects, enhancements, campaigns and Tier 2 defects for Visit Florida account.
  • Campaign works includes (winter-campaign, summer-campaign, fall-campaign, spring-campaign, beaches landing) etc.
  • Handled multiple parallel tracks on Visit Florida and showed the multitasking capability.
  • Have successfully completed KT & VC for onsite with 15 days for the completed application.
  • Contributed for responsive web designing, ad integration and migration for Visit Florida project.
  • Have taken complete ownership of ad migration from google ad server to visit Florida’s custom (OAS central) ad server for the entire, which includes Florida’s 8 sister sites and mobile sites.
  • Involved in end to end requirements analysis and effort estimation and ownership for the ad monetization project.
  • Completed lots of R&D and POC’s for the ad implementation.
  • Resolved many of the browser compatibility issues specifically on IE.
  • Customized api’s like googlemap, facebook, twitter and tintup for
  • Was worked for increasing the website performance tuning activates, solving the cross browser issues, increasing the usability aspects and the device compatibility etc.
  • Was responsible for development of Responsive Web Pages and multiple campaign pages.
  • Developed multiple key components of the web site application using front-end programming languages and different frameworks.
  • Implemented owl carousel for multiple pages.
  • Involved in Defect Fixes and took the responsibility of delivery part from the UI end.
  • Trained up the new team members to get started with work in shorter span of time.
  • Was the single developer for the business logic layer on complete ad monetization implementation and unit testing .
  • Was involved in Tier-2 defect fixes and production support activities.
  • Worked on enhancements and modifications of the and complete sister sites.
Feb 2011Oct 2013

Software Associate

Larsen & Toubro Infotech Pvt Ltd

Credit Digitalization Portal

The aim of this project was to develop an end to end solution portal to manage supplier credits through a single organization with full accountability to fix compliance capture lost credits and value for the users.

  • Was part of the E2E solution R&D team monitoring the development happening offshore.
  • Involved in requirements analysis and effort estimation for the project.
  • Designed the User interface for Credit portal, developed and integrated the UI with different SAP data providers. 

– E2E Forecasting - IPad and Cross browser compatibility.

The aim of this project was to port the e2e forecasting in multiple devices and enable the cross browser compatibility to the user experience for an American multinational consumer goods company headquartered in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. The front end was provided using the rich client-based forms in HTML5 and the backend was done in SAP.

  • Was worked as a technical consultant to provide the technology stack and was part of the feasibility study team.
  • Designed and developed new responsive UI for e2e forecasting applications to function in multiple browsers and devices.
  • Also standardize the application UI with respect to the functionality and the user experience.
  • Included and suggested Polyfills and shims to target Cross browser compatibility and application performance. 

FMR Dashboard

The aim of this project was to develop and maintain a dashboard application, which is a data visualization tool that displays the current status of metrics and key performance indicators for an enterprise. The essential features of a dashboard product include a customizable interface and the ability to pull real-time data from multiple sources. The data available in dashboard depends upon the role of the viewer. The data is represented in the form of charts and table.

  • Worked as a frontend developer for FMR was mostly dealing with the dashboards tables and charts user experience.
  • Designed the User interface for FMR Dashboard, developed and integrated the UI with different SAP data providers based on the requirement.
  • Was designed and developed multiple prototypes and user modules using Spring MVC, tiny table and highchairs.
  • Was responsible for development of a key track in the application.


Jul 2013Dec 2014

Master of Business Administration in Project Management

Ulyanovsk State University
Jul 2008Jul 2011

Bachelor of Computer Application

Alagappa University
Jul 2008Jul 2011

Diploma in Information Technology

Nettur Technical Training Foundation


css/css3, pre-processors
Grunt, Gulp, Maven


Feb 2013Present

IGDE SAP Development Training and Certification.

Larsen & Toubro Infotech Pvt Ltd
Dec 2012Present

Team Performance Award for FMR Dashboard

from Larsen & Toubro Infotech Pvt Ltd