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Field entered Abrasive Blaster\ Coatings Applicator, professionally developed to a NACE Certified Coating Inspector.

Professionally recommended by some of the industry's leading subject matter experts. Engaged with extensive coatings related hands on knowledge (16 years plus) inclusive with various markets within the industrial coatings industry.

Professional Employment History

February 2018Current


Coat Tech LLC

Management of operations: marketing and research, bidding and estimating, contractual provisions, specification writing, consulting and inspection coordination, purchasing agent, consultant, inspector, etc.

August 2018Current

Coating Inspector 2

Summit Design & Engineering Services

Rehabilitation Project: North Carolina

Nash Bridge 94 over Business 301 (South Church Street) CSX Railroad & South Washington Street - Superstructure Member Quality Assurance Coatings Inspections.

Rehabilitation Project: North Carolina

Bridge 188 & 189, Structures 14 & 15 - Superstructure Member NCDOT Quality Assurance Structural Steel Inspections.

July 2018August 2018

Quality Control Inspector

Apache Industrial Services

Field/ Site coatings quality control inspections. Tank division.

*daily client specification conformation inspections. (ambient conditions, wet film thickness, dry film thickness, discontinuity detection, etc.)

*thorough specification reviews

*professional contractor representation

*documentation processes

September 2016September 2017

Refinery Quality Assurance Inspector

TechCorr USA LLC.

Design, Implementation, & Monitoring:

Personally coded metric system. Easy service functions for data input; from inspector\supervisor data input evaluates all contractual non-conformances, graphs data and produces C.O.D. charts for visual presentations: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, and multi annuals. Identifies: trough relevance performances, non-conformance re-occurrences, phase by phase and project durations. Evaluates non-conformances: system wide, facility by facility, vendor by vendor. Aids in development of pathways forward for project and future decisions. Produces client document coating process report.

Implementation of metrics, train inspection personnel to utilize system. Continuous monitoring of system functions.

Client, Vendor, & Manufacturer Relations:

Evaluate vendor's phase by phase and complete performance, relay findings to client. Assist vendor's with technical assistance relative to project, coating manufacturers specifications, and client specifications.

Bidding & Estimating:

Evaluate project inspection criteria, duration, personnel manpower, etc. Relay figurative results to management in which further adequately adjust values for presentation to clients for approval.

Recommendation of Coating For Project:

Ensure adequate assessment of a projects design specification, metallurgical elements, environmental constraints, and circuit service usage versus coating manufacturer design limitations, vendor substrate cleaning and application standard practices, and client specifications.

Conformance Inspections:

Perform interior site and remote location coatings quality assurance conformance inspections. 

Failure Analysis:

Adequate assessment of post project coating applications, verification of root cause failures; adhesion delamination, excessive millage, etc. Forward recommendations for remediation's to client and vendors.

Inspection Coordinator:

Lead coating inspector on all internal / external projects. Assigned shift supervisor (Turnaround).

June 2016August 2016

Refinery Quality Control Inspector

Brand Energy & Infrastructure Solutions

Interpretation and location of Isometric Drawings, translate ISO to contractors SOW and relay between Coatings Field Foreman's and Lead man personnel. Receive ready for QC packages and notes during shift change over, perform coatings inspections, document NCR's, and PA2 results. Observe non-conformance remedial work and document conforming results. Observe abrasive and power tool removal procedures, document conformance, non-conformances, profile readings, and productivity results. Evaluate and document ambient conditions on site as per each ISO package.

May 2016June 2016

Infrastructure Quality Control Supervisor

Astron General Contractors

Interior coatings applications to company's facility. Cleaning and sanitization of site locations for lead and abatement media; BMP recovery. Abrasive blasting and coating applications performance; complying conformance with contractors SOW. Re-vamp staging of equipment. Installation of cable rigging and SAFESPAN to undercarriage of daily commute transportation overpasses. De-rigging equipment and staging for demobilization.

May 2016June 2016

Infrastructure Quality Control Supervisor

VIMA Construction Company
March 2015June 2015

Refinery Abrasive Blaster\ Coatings Applicator

Brand Energy & Infrastructure - Industrial Specialist LLC

Achieve level of substrate cleanliness as per demand of Phillip 66, 3rd party Coating Inspector VERSA Integrity Group representative, MCR Department, and Block Field Leads. Re-coat substrate with approved coating within acceptable ambient conditions, accumulated by EXTECH RH 401 instrument and data logged by immediate Industrial Specialist LLC. personnel supervisor. Maintenance areas include Phillip 66 Docks "C & D expansion inclusive," AST Spherical gas tank farm, and AST vertical holding tank farm, rack and fixed process piping, some elevated zinc coating applications on heat exchangers during initial installation.

September 2014March 2015

Lead Abatement Personnel Leader Man

Brock Services

Prepare ferrous (Fe2) substrate in accordance with SSPC-SP11 "power tool clean to bare metal" and SSPC-SP10 "near white blast" in combination with OSHA Lead Abatement regulations (29 CFR 1926.62). Apply PPG brand two part epoxy and urethane coatings by methods of brush and roller to obtain SOW "scope of work" specifications.

March 2014September 2014

Facility Abrasive Blaster/ Coatings Applicator

CHECO - Custom Hydraulic Equipment Company

Prepare ferrous (Fe2) substrate for coatings applications, by means of abrasive blasting utilizing #40 steel grit media in conjunction with Millennium State of Art Recovery Facility obtaining SSPC-SP5 "white metal blast"; non-ferrous substrate cleanliness obtained in accordance to SSPC-SP1 "chemical stripping." Apply Carboline brand two part epoxy and urethane coatings by measures of conventional spray methods to obtain SOW specifications.

October 2013January 2014

Offshore "Deep Water" Foreman\ Supervisor

Gibson Energy Corporation

Permits, SimOps Communications, Equipment Staging, Environmental Analysis, Hazard Analysis, Personnel Coordination\ Rotation, Equipment and Safety Equipment Inspections, Safety Analysis,  Safety Observance, BMP Observance, Quality Control Reports, Purchase Ordering, Jotun coating manufacturer ordering, Inventory, AFE Management, Financial Tickets, Employee Evaluations, Contractor Evaluations, Daily orchestration of personnel as per SOW in advances to customer representative satisfaction. 

January 2012September 2013

Pipeline - SPC Certified Applicator


SPC - Specialty Polymer Coatings certified airless spray grade coating applicator. Travel to multiple below ground anomaly sites across Southern and Southeastern Texas.

March 2012November 2012

Offshore Abrasive Blaster\ Coating Applicator


Various usage ranging from dry abrasive media's to Ultra High Pressure Waterjetting. Routine maintenance "T&M" coating applications on various offshore platforms across the Gulf of Mexico and shore base plant facility locations. 

January 2012March 2012

Facility\ Field Abrasive Blaster Coatings Applicator

D & L Painting

Heat exchangers, concrete transportation vehicles, hauling tankers, escavators, aerial lifts, trailers, lift beds, custom fabricated projects, manual concrete mixers, etc. Some common customers to contractor are Ohmstead, Power Hydraulics, LA Tank

October 2011January 2012

Infrastructure Abrasive Blaster\ Coating Applicator

Olympus Painting Contractors

Supervise 8 - 16 personnel crew. Contain removed previous coating as per regulatory standards. Utilize hand power tools to obtain contractors SOW specifications, apply 2 coat system as per manufacturer recommendation to various maintenance areas "box beam, I-beam, riveted foundational steel plates" of the I-10 Bridge\ Overpass

May 2011March 2012

Offshore Abrasive Blaster\ Coatings Applicator

Allison Offshore Services

Common travel locations: Black Bay, Eugene Islands, West Cameron, Helis Oil & Gas, Apache, and Century are a few of the contractors well know customer

October 2010February 2011

Utility Tower Abrasive Blaster\ Coatings Applicator

Professional Application Services

General re-coat requirements utilizing interior linings and exterior, atmospheric, and uv ray protective coating provided by TNEMEC and Sherwin Williams manufacturers. Water tower locations: Port of Lake Charles, Lake Charles, Louisiana, and Rayne, Louisiana

April 2009July 2010

Utility Tower Abrasive Blaster\ Coatings Applicator

Quality Tank LLC.

General re-coat requirements utilizing interior linings and exterior, atmospheric, and uv ray protective coating provided by TNEMEC and Sherwin Williams manufacturers. Water tower locations include: Wisner, Louisiana, and Port of Lake Charles, Lake Charles, Louisiana. New construction Bitumastic 300 M"coal tar epoxy" coatings on barrier wall and bulk heads at F. Miller Construction Morgan City, Louisiana

August 2002May 2003

Facility Abrasive Blaster

Tadlock Drill and Pipe

Spot and sweep defects to substrate; drill pipe.


December 2012January 2014

Business Administration

Jones International University

Students matriculating in JIU's ABM Programs will graduate having mastered four sets of competencies. In addition to the General Education Outcomes, they will have mastered the common body of knowledge related to business communication (knowledge competencies), and they will have developed the skills to apply this knowledge to global workplaces and marketplaces (skills competencies). Finally, JIU ABM students also will develop a set of proficiencies through the selection of a specialization from either the MABC or MBA program as indicated below.

BBA Program Learning Outcomes


 Summarize ongoing and developing issues and trends related to leading and managing organizations in global business environments.

 Describe macroeconomic strategies (cost, production structure, etc.) appropriate for companies operating in a variety of markets, including global and e-commerce markets.

 Differentiate ethical and legal reasoning concepts, theories, and issues as they apply to the conduct of business in global and e-commerce environments.

 Explain the financial accounting concepts that are germane to the conduct of business in global and e-commerce environments.

 Discuss the marketing issues, concepts, and trends that are crucial to the conduct of business in global and e-commerce environments.


 Employ financial reporting and accounting information in managerial decision-making.

 Develop personal strategies for dealing with potential ethical dilemmas.

 Recognize the ethical perspectives of others.

 Examine leadership/management concepts of organizations that operate across international borders.

 Describe rules, conventions and practices for measuring and reporting economic events in financial terms.

 Apply budgeting, cash management, credit administration, investment analysis, borrowing funds and financial forecasting to effective business decision making.

 Review marketing challenges and opportunities to identify sound marketing strategy decisions.

 Demonstrate selected principles of business communication to a variety of management challenges

Professional Development

May 2017May 2020

NACE Certified Coating Inspector

NACE International Institute

The Coating Inspector Level 3 oral exam is designed to assess whether a candidate has the requisite knowledge and skills that a minimally qualified Level 3 Coating Inspector must possess. The CIP Level 3 Peer Review is an intensive, detailed oral examination that is given in front of a three-member review board and is based on the Coating Inspector body of knowledge. A candidate should have “expert knowledge” of all corrosion, surface preparation, cleanliness, environmental conditions, test instruments, coating mixtures, and safety. They should also be able to perform unsupervised non-destructive inspections of liquid and non-liquid coatings to any substrate and demonstrate technical knowledge, problem solving ability regarding issues that may arise on site and is capable of supervising basic (CIP level 1) and intermediate (CIP level 2) coating inspectors.

September 2016May 2020

Coating Inspector Level 2

NACE International Institute

CIP Level 2 focuses on advanced inspection techniques and specialized application methods for both steel and non-steel substrates, including concrete using both nondestructive and destructive techniques. Surface preparation, coating types, inspection criteria, lab testing, and failure modes for various coatings, including specialized coatings and linings are also covered.

July 2016No Expiration

Diploma - Strategic Management


Certification #878-5852241

Diploma in Strategic Management introduces you to the concept of how top management can use strategic practices and procedures to achieve major goals and initiatives within an organization. The course begins by explaining what a mission statement is and how clearly stated mission statements add focus to the organization's efforts. You will learn how a strategic plan helps determine long-term decisions including an organization's objectives, goals and course of action. You will learn the difference between operating decisions and strategic decisions and what a strategic management decision process involves. The course then introduces you to the decision making process involved in strategic management. You will learn about important decision making steps, from determining the mission or purpose of an organization to specifying objectives and goals to formulating a strategic plan and through to monitoring, reviewing and evaluating the strategic plan. The course then introduces you important topics in strategic management, such as strategic competitiveness, strategic risk, strategic flexibility, and internal and external analysis and what role they play in the decision making process. The course reviews the concept of implementing strategy and describes who will carry out the strategic plan and what should be done to align the company’s operations in a new direction. You will then learn about business functions and the factors differentiating Stage I, II and III companies. The course introduces you to the important issues involved in corporate strategy such as directional strategy, portfolio strategy and parenting strategy. Finally, you will learn about tools and techniques that are used as part of the corporate strategy process.

May 2016No Expiration

Diploma - Workplace Safety and Health


Certification #325-5852241

Workplace safety and health policies are key elements of any modern business or organization. They can help ensure employee well-being as well as foster a productive work environment. ALISON's online health and safety certification course guides you through the important aspects involved in workplace safety and health and is ideal for anyone wishing to attain certification or gain a greater understanding of the topic. Topics covered in this online course include behavior-based safety for supervisors and managers, workstation ergonomics, back safety, and the keys to maintaining a drug-free workplace.

May 2016No Expiration

Diploma - Customer Service


Certification #588-5852241

Providing excellent customer service is essential to the long-term viability of every business. ALISON's online Diploma in Customer Service course introduces the fundamental elements of customer service and explains how they can be applied in any organization. Following this, it describes how a business can develop its customer service program to the highest level. ALISON's customer service certification course also details the role of customer service in the hospitality industry, the retail industry and the public sector. These sections explain the elements of customer service that should be focused on in these sectors.

March 2016No Expiration

Diploma - Human Resources


Certification #347-5852241

Human resources (HR) plays a key role in modern organizations and businesses, the private sector, public sector, or voluntary. ALISON's online human resources diploma course covers diverse topics in HR, from the role of the human resources manager and how to recruit, select, train and assess employees, to employee motivation, employee-employer relations, and how to manage change within an organization. ALISON's Diploma in Human Resources course gives a thorough knowledge and understanding of the important role HR plays in organizations.

Feb 2016No Expiration

Diploma - Project Management


Certification #276-5852241

This online project management professional certification course from ALISON offers a comprehensive review of project management such as methodology, tool sets and documentation, and the project life cycle including analysis, planning, design and evaluation. The course also includes a project management case study. With project management in great demand internationally, the diploma in project management course will greatly enhance your career prospects.

May 2015May 2020

Coating Inspector Level 1

NACE International Institute

CIP Level 1 covers the technical and practical fundamentals of coating inspection work. Students will be prepared to perform basic coating inspections using non-destructive techniques and instrumentation. This course provides students with knowledge and application of coating materials, along with techniques for surface preparation.