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20 years experience in pipefitting and industrial maintenance.i have mostly worked in chemical plant and foundries I have all the tools to do my job .I get along with everyone and think a person can learn from anyone on the jobsite from the greenest helper to the topsupervisor. . I Take Pride In My Work and do my job to the best of my ability while still getting the job done in a timely manner.I give 100%. When I have a job to do.I always get along with the clients,engineers and coworkers

Work History


Iron worker/pipefitter Demolition


Demolition of old structure rigger pipefitter  and fabrication.Anything required


Working Foreman/Pipe Crew

Pen Gulf Industries

Working foreman   I helped keep all jobs going while still doing my job.I communicated with the clients /engineers pulled my own measurements drew my isometric drawings.ut beveled and fit pipe for 3to4welders.I overseen and  install all equipment ,tanksand piping.I can get a good reference from each engineer I have worked for. 


Lead man Millroom Maintenance

Waupaca Foundry

Started @Waupacacwhile construction was still going on .We helped build the plant then helped maintained the equipment,answered all calls for breakdowns and kept the plant running.I became lead man and took the foreman's place on his days off and when he was out for any other reason.I worked all holidays and worked   all weekend awhile employed there.


Lead man /Pipe crew

FruCon Construction

Started as top help and quickly learned how to do what was required to become a pipefitter at the Olin Chemical jobsite Then I became lead man and started taking over for my foreman when he was out for medical reasons I was working as the foreman when I left them in 2001


Tire tech

Harris Tire Company

I changed all car tires truck tire tractiorctires split rims two and three piece .I also replaced brakes did oil changes and other misc.mechanical job .This job is where I picked up my work ethic see worked constantly from the time we got there till we left. I started working there at 15 and worked there till my daughter was born .



Benton Elementary

Polk County 


Polk County High School

Took a GED course so I could start working full time


Jimmie Couch

Iam certified and have run all kinds of equipment.I have been trained on lockout tagout confinedc space.I am high work competent and have took multiple other classes and certifications over the years.i give 100% when I am given a task

Roll tide