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James Mehi is an electrical engineer with over 20 years of system and hardware design experience for ultrasound imaging devices. He serves as the Director of Advanced Development for VisualSonics, where he develops new ideas related to system configuration and architecture and does signal processing for upcoming products. One of the company’s most recent projects is the Vevo2100, a 64-channel linear-array based diagnostic ultrasound imaging system. James Mehi remained involved in every step of the project’s development, from system specification and system architecture to signal-processing design and algorithm development. During his tenure, the company has also released a high-frequency ultrasound biomicroscope.Prior to joining VisualSonics when it was a start-up company in 1999, Mehi worked at several other companies and as a consultant to entities developing complex imaging devices. While at Acuson, he accumulated experience as a member of the Acoustics Department and focused on transducer integration as well as B-mode and Doppler signal integration to produce refined images. At Medasonics, he worked on Doppler ultrasound systems and worked on the design of analog and digital circuit designs. James Mehi offered his engineering prowess as a consultant to companies like Carl Zeiss Canada, where he helped develop an ophthalmic ultrasound imaging system. James Mehi’s time assisting in the improvement of several companies’ technologies has resulted in his being named as a co-inventor on several patents. He continues to advance the science and hardware behind complex ultrasound imaging devices, and he has been published in Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology as well as in conference proceedings held by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.James Mehi graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. He earned his Master’s from the university’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering, having completed a thesis based on the development of an ultrasound system designed to find carotid arterial disease. When not absorbed in his work, Mehi enjoys staying active through golf.

Work experience

Jan 1999Present

Director, Advanced Development

Jan 1997Jan 1998

Engineering Consultant

Acuson Corporation
Jan 1995Jan 1996

Engineering Consultant

James Mehi and Associates
Jan 1993Jan 1995

Engineer III

Jan 1990Jan 1993

Image Analysis Engineer

Acuson Corporation
Jan 1986Jan 1990

Senior Research Engineer

Jan 1985Jan 1986

Engineering Officer II

Institute of Biomedical Engineering


Jan 1982Jan 1985


University of Toronto
Jan 1978Jan 1982


University of Toronto