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Work experience

field tech

Studley's Flower Garden

This was a seasonal job preforming landscaping duties.All phases were preformed from clean-up and maintinence to planting flowers, shrubs, and trees.edging,pruneing removal and chipping of debris.I installed in-ground lawn irrigation in residential and commercial sites.some carpentry duties were preformedDealt with customers and public very well on every day basis.

Mar 2002Present

crew leader/carpenter

Set-One LLC

For this company I preform all task associated with modular and mobile home set-up, preparation,placement,erection,assembly,and finish.these steps include concrete slab lay-out;transit use involved,pouring,finishing.guideing and placement of mobile homes on site.blocking/levelling,and finishing of home includeing roofing,sideing,trim, and all other aspects of completion.During modular home erection a crane is often used;safety;and crane hand signs are used,the home sections are placed and secured roof raised.Any roof system needed is built,dormer roofs,valleys,and hips are build,prepped,roofed,vented,and any vents etc. i install.sideing,window,installation,paint interiorwhen needed.lolly column cutting and placement,skirting of homes.all of these task I do in a leadership format,whith the utmost professionalism to give the customer,company and boss athe best job possible.

Feb 2006Present


Ricker Carpentry

For this company I preform a variety of task.Remodeling,roofing,strip and reroofing,exterior trim,skylights,and vents installed.sideing removal/installation,window installation;new or replacement.door replacement/installation.deck construction.Any and all forms of construction/demolition/carpentry needed to perform necessary task.We have also stick built complete homes from the foundation through finish.


Sep 1985Apr 1987


Shead High School

I excelled in school.I maintained a strong B ocassional C average in the college preparitory system.Mathematics was very strong,as well as science.INDIVIDUAL and TEAM sports were a constant interest.Academia and learning have been an ongoing persuit of mine.I feel you can always learn something new.not just learn,excel.


Roland Ricker

I have worked for and known Mr. Ricker for going on 8 years and have been a reliable,trustworthy,employee.I consider Mr. Ricker a friend as well as an employer.

Rolland Nowell

I have known an worked with Mr. Newell since,2002.

Richard Ricker

I ahve known Mr.Ricker since @2001.I have worked on many types of construction/remodeling jobs with and for Mr.Ricker.


Forklift Certified

Connor Brothers Aquculture

First Aid& CPR

Connor Brother Aquaculture