Results-oriented professional with experience gathering user requirements and converting them into system specifications throughout the full software development life cycle projects. Excellent analytical and problem solving skills along with current technology experience. A strong liaison between the business partners and developers.  Areas of expertise include:

  • Requirements Gathering and Analysis    
  • Application Development and Support
  • Data and Systems Analysis
  • Technical Support and Training
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Project Management
  • Programming
  • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Planning


  • Database Tools: File-Aid (DB2 and IMS), QMF, SPUFI, Stored Procedures.
  • Databases: DB2, IMS DB, Microsoft Access 2013, Oracle, Teradata.
  • Enterprise Software: Blackline Systems, Business Objects, CollabNet, HP QC / ALM.
  • Mainframe Tools: Abend-Aid, CA-7, CA Endeavor, Changeman, File-Aid TSO, QA Hiperstation, RACF, Strobe, TSO/ISPF, Xpediter.
  • Operating Systems: IBM z/OS, UNIX, Windows.
  • PC Tools: DOS, iGrafx, Microsoft Office 2013, Microsoft Project, Visio.
  • Programming Languages: COBOL, HTML, JCL, Java, JavaScript, PL/I, SQL, Visual Basic/VBA.
  • Software Development Methodologies: Agile/Scrum, Waterfall.



Visual Basic / VBA

Using Visual Basic to develop calculators and analytical tools using MS Excel / VBA to assist the buyers in analyzing steel material prices. 


Supported users of Ford's material cost system which used Microsoft Access to connect to Teradata's database systems.  Also, assisted with the transition to a new reporting system using Business Objects. 

Business Objects

Used Business Object to transition users for Ford's old material cost reporting systems, which used  Microsoft Access and Teradata to Business Objects.  Ensured cost analysts who supported for 80 manufacturing plants in North America, Europe, and Australia were able to create their reports using Business Objects.


Develop Java desktop applications using Swing Framework and NetBeans IDE 6.8 through self-study.  Obtained knowledge to perform the following. Upload and download application using Project Kenai, Sun's collaborative hosting site for open source projects. Developing database applications using JDBC and Apache Derby. Creating test scenarios using JUnit.


Experience with the following mainframe skills and tools, which have been used at extensively at EDS, K-Mart, and Ford Motor Company: COBOL JCL DB2 SQL IMS - Online, DB, DLI File-Aid (IMS, MVS, and DB2) SPUFI Xpediter Abend-Aid CA-7 Strobe QA Hiperstation Changeman


Developed procedures on entering and executing test plans for enhancements to Ford's purchasing applications.  Coach lead developers and offshore staff to ensure procedures were followed.

Microsoft Office 97-2013

Develop calculators and analytical tools using MS Excel / VBA to assist the buyers in analyzing steel material prices.  Worked with the GM steel management team to determine requirements for those tools.  Ensure the calculators and analytical tools operated using Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, and 2010. Supported GM's Steel Master File, using Microsoft Excel and VBA.

Project Management / Leadership

Led the implementation of enhancements to various purchasing and logistic systems. Gather requirements from the business customers Develop project plans and tracking plans using Microsoft Project. Conduct status meetings, Collaborating with the development team, on site and offshore, to ensure development tasks are completed on time. Monitor projects to ensure completion on schedule and within budget. 

Work experience

Work experience

Business Analyst - Purchasing and Supply Chain Systems

Aug 2014 - Present
General Motors

Finance/IT Consultant - Risk Advisory Services

Jan 2011 - Jul 2014
Experis Finance
  • Defined and implemented new functionality for GM’s steel contract database to allow buyers to calculate steel purchase prices online. 
  • Developed numerous Excel and Access VBA applications to aid buyers in analyzing and negotiating steel prices with the suppliers.
  • Resolved complex data and price variances from various supply chain and financial systems. Reduced GM’s financial impact between their systems by 95%.

Technical Environment:  Windows 7, Office 2013, HP ALM, Visio, DB2/SQL, Tableau

Business Analyst (Ford Motor Company)

Apr 2009 - Dec 2010
  • Installed changes to support the launch of new service centers for the 11 European countries. Gathered requirements from each service center and transformed them into technical specifications.
  • Coordinated the implementation of numerous enhancements. 
  • Liaised with the European and North American business support teams to resolve numerous customer-related issues for Ford's purchasing systems.

Technical Environment: COBOL, JCL, DB2, IMS DB, SQL, Xpediter, Changeman, SPUFI, CA Telon, CA-7, Mercury TestDirector, MS Office.

Systems Analyst at Ford Motor Company – Material Cost Accounting System

Jan 2001 - Mar 2009
  • Team Leader for 10 employees on the Ford Motor Company Account. 
  • Organized the Mainframe Specialty group for the Compuware Professional Services' Michigan branch.  Coordinated monthly meetings and presented various mainframe topics.  Assisted employees on the Ford Motor Company account in resolving mainframe-related issues. 
  • Created procedures for entering and executing test plans using HP QC to comply with Ford's Quality Control procedures.  Mentored lead developers and offshore staff to ensure procedures were followed.
  • Developed the monthly software migration process to conform to Ford's corporate change control procedures. Conducted reviews prior to implementation to ensure full compliance with auditors.
  • Led the development of disaster recovery and business continuity plans for Ford’s North American supply chain systems.  Worked with various system leaders in developing their specific plans which were incorporated into Ford's manufacturing systems plan.  Tested plans to ensure full application recovery.
  • Completed the transition of one of Ford's material cost reporting systems from an application using Microsoft Access and Teradata to Business Objects for 80 manufacturing plants in North America, Europe, and Australia to address security control issues.  Worked with users to transition to the new application.
  • Installed interfaces to Ford’s Oracle-based financial and purchasing systems to handle transactions for Ford's North American and European locations. 
  • Implemented numerous production support fixes for Ford's purchasing and material cost accounting systems.

Technical Environment: COBOL, JCL, DB2, IMS DB, IMS Online, SQL, HTML, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Teradata, Stored Procedures, QA-Hiperstation, Strobe, Business Objects, Igrafx, MS Project, MS Office.

Systems Developer

Nov 1998 - Jan 2001
  • Installed changes to the corporate allocation system to improve allocation of its colored clothing items.
  • Implemented fixes to the allocation system to improve the system performance of calculating the distribution of merchandise to its stores. 
  • Expanded the corporate allocation nightly batch cycle from six days to seven days a week.

Technical Environment:COBOL, CICS, JCL, SQL, DB2, File-Aid (TSO and DB2), SPUFI, Abend-Aid, Endevor, Xpediter, MS Office, MS Visio.

Systems Engineer

Oct 1995 - Oct 1998
Electronic Data Systems
  • Completed Systems Engineer Development (SED) program.  Finished top of class.
  • Implemented numerous enhancements and production support fixes for General Motors' global part maintenance application.
  • Created an application utilizing Microsoft Access and Visual Basic to tracking defects for General Motors' engineering material system.
  • Coordinated annual disaster recovery drills for GM’s global part applications.

Technical Environment:COBOL, PL/I, IMS Online/MFS, JCL, SQL, DB2, FileAid, SPUFI, MS Office tools, MS Visio.


Jul 1992 - Sep 1995

Managed accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll for various Detroit area companies:  FTD, BFI, and Oakwood Hospitals.



Self Study
  • Completing tutorials on developing Java and J2EE applications using NetBeans IDE 6.8.
  • Completed computer-base training courses, including Perl, UML, Project Management, and SAP R/3.

1999 - 2001
Oakland Community College

Completed courses to obtain knowledge of Java and Oracle 8i.


Aug 1993 - Aug 1996
Schoolcraft College

Graduated with honors.

Obtained knowledge of UNIX, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, and C++



BlackLine Reconciliation Implementation

Feb 2011 - Present
Blackline Systems


Includes biking, traveling, computer programming, board or card games.

Professional Associations

Toastmasters International

  • Elected Vice President of Education for I-Talk Toastmasters, Dearborn, Michigan, 2004
  • Completed Competent Toastmasters (CTM) program, 2005
  • Completed Competent Leadership (CL) program, 2005




Bill Smith

Gene Dunkerson

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