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BM/ Graduate Studies

Ithaca College

Management & Team Development

  • Work remotely with corp headquarters and international-based teams
  • Introduce and establish a new service in a competitive, mature market 
  • Responsible for recruitment, training, and developing a team of 18 achieving 95% of desired retention
  • Pilot and manage 1.5 M P&L 
  • Present business cases

About Me

I'm a general manager, enrollment, and marketing professional in the music, education, and arts industries.  In my current position at Yamaha Corporation of America, I serve as the director, external champion, and internal manager of the first company-owned education facility in the US.  I have responsibility for the site’s performance and success in achieving its potential for impact, sustainability, and scale.

In addition to my general management responsibilities, my primarily role is to serve as the organization’s chief marketing strategist, responsible for the design and implementation of comprehensive marketing strategies in support business objectives to deliver enrollment results, brand awareness, and community engagement.

My previous positions include student development and administration at Berklee College of Music, and I served in the Air Force as a member of the AF Band of Liberty.


"Your vision and performance provide an impressive example of effective leadership."

"During the past year you have directed the organization to a new level. Your result-oriented attitude has allowed you to maintain growth and meet the challenge of required results in multiple areas with limited resources."

"Broad combination of skills, personality traits and aptitudes are unique combination within the department. Has taken initiative and led the organization to current level of growth. This growth was a very important factor in the department's exceeding budget revenue and net income."

“Excellent comprehensive effort at moving the organization to the next level even though start up period presents challenges.  Fresh, positive proactive perspective.  Maintained healthy outlook in the face of some unpredictability, established good overall trajectory, and achieved healthy momentum on which to build future success.”

"Your understanding of technology and web-based marketing are a valued contribution to the department.”

”Through your effort the organization has continued to grow in numbers and quality.  Maintained toughness and positive attitude in the face of challenges and have demonstrated flexibility and quick learning.”

"Good management of staff. Initiative and proactive approach to trying new marketing approaches are a plus."


  • Delivered comprehensive marketing and sales campaigns on budget leading to 119% average growth
  • Designed integrated communication platform with traditional and online media, inbound and content marketing, direct mail, email, print, public channel underwriting, social media, and events
  • Delivered customer life-cycle and relationship strategies improving annual retention rates from 65% to 80%
  • Delivered market research, data analysis, and ROI to impact strategy decisions
  • Achieved 20K cost reduction with integration of Content Management Software (CMS) with Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Delivered customer rewards program increasing referral business by 20% on average
  • Delivered local and national concert series promotions at 90% ticket sales capacity on budget
  • Carried out vendor selection