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Travel, Art, Music, Skiing.


A visionary and diversified sales executive, experienced at leading a sales team to greater achievements by finding creative ways to generate new revenue and squeezing out additional revenue from current clients. Hiring, training, coaching and motivating sales men and women to attain maximum performance has been the hallmark of his career. Communicates well with diverse personalities making each feel good about the contribution they are making in order maximize productivity.

A diverse background adds to his knowledge base. Having worked for large technical corporations like IBM and BMC Software, medium size companies like Rodime, PictureTalk and Startup Technologies and has entrepreneurial experience in the food and beverage industry with Bonkers Performance Teas.

With an extensive background every phase of sales, from Sales Representative to Sales Manager, Director of Sales, National Sales Manager and Vice President of Sales, he has a history of closing business in order to meet and then exceed company objectives.

Work experience

Marketing Representitive


Started with IBM right out of college. Receive extensive sales training. Won many sales awards including salesman of the month numerous times.

Regional Sales Manager


Managed regional sales for a start-up computer division of Xerox with moderate success. Xerox decided to move it's financial resources to other projects and disbanded the computer division as quickly as it started it.

Director of Distribution Sales

Tandber Data

first Director of Distribution sales for this Norwegian tape drive company. Started from ground zero and built a team that opened major distribution channels throughout the USA.

Director of Sales


Grew sales  of this disc drive manufacturer from $60 million to over $100 million. Directly responsible for the Apple account.

Director of Sales

Start-Up Technologies

Managed a skilled sales team to higher levels of success. Increased revenues by over 40% in one year. Closed numerous accounts and filled the manufacturing pipeline of this custom chip design company. Among the new accounts were: Rolls Royce, McDonald Douglas, Hughes Aircraft, Aerojet and Teledyne. 

President & VP of Sales


Hired and managed a sales team, closed major accounts including Siebel, PeopleSoft, Netopia and EPRI that significantly increasing revenues. P/L responsibility. Lead this company's Sales, Marketing, Engineering, R & D and Financial departments. Created and improved product offerings for this telecommunications software company.

Business Develpment Manager

BMC Software

Increased revenues and created new revenue streams. Managed sales to one of BMC's largest customers, Sun Microsystems. Managed highly technical development of new and creative software projects like Automatic Domain Reconfiguration, Jiro Bridge, Sun Management Integration, bi-directional SunMC integration and Patrol, in order to assure increased revenue for BMC software.

President & Director of Sales

Bonkers Performance Teas, Inc.

As co-founder and Director of Sales I built a successful beverage company from the ground up. Creating new and unique products that would interest retailers to carry and customers to purchase. With very limited resources I was able to close hundreds of accounts including two of the largest in the industry, Safeway and Kroger.

My entrepreneurial experience included designing a 21st century virtual company that did the R & D, designed the packaging, did all the purchasing, manufacturing, billing, sales and shipping with a limited budget and staff. I know what it takes to make "it" happen. I successfully got our products into the industry's largest distribution channels.


Master Hypnotherapist


I took this course to sharpen my communication and rapport building skills. I believe in self improvement and continuing education. This year and a half course was extraordinary and clearly made me better at everything that I do. I have attended numerous sales trainings but this was far and above the best training for managing people and closing sales contracts that I have ever had.


University of Connecticut


Jun Fan Martial Arts
Martial arts is truly more for the mind than the body. It teaches self control, self esteem, standing up to challenges, self confidence, self discipline, quick thinking and at the same time how to be humble. Great exercise too.
Hypnotherapy has given me a talent for working with people that I had not had. It has improved my communication skills immensely.


Certified ADD Hypnotherapist


Handwriting Analyst

Mar 2009Mar 2013

Active Florida Real Estate License

State of Florida
Mar 2009Mar 2013

Active California Real Estate License

State of California