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"Trusted advisor to sea turtles and scientists alike."

A trained scientist with a passion for promoting the proper use of scientific information and bridging the gap between technical and non-technical audiences.  Avid learner, active team member, supportive leader, and effective public speaker, with knowledge and experience in marine and coastal science, molecular biology, and ecotoxicology. Six years of managing relationships to deliver solutions for the successful completion of scientific missions.  Coupling extensive computing and data systems operational experience, with an ability to quickly learn new skills - technical or not.

Productive employee possessing a good blend of technical and people skills to achieve organizational goals.

A professional, thoughtful, and personable demeanor encouraging the development of positive working relationships.  The ability to effectively communicate and bring different groups and ideas together for mutual benefit and project success.


Field Work:

-  Ocean trawls for fish and plankton, dredging, and coring

-  Controlled the shipboard CTD Rosette sampling for virus counts and water property data

-  Utilization of GPS for terrestrial and marine navigation and research site identification

-  Piloted a Remotely Operated Vehicle and research vessels

-  Conducted tropical reef fish, algae, and coral surveys and video transects using SCUBA

Lab Skills:   

-  Micro, molecular, reproductive biology, and ecotoxicology

-  Troubleshooting of lab processes and procedures, training in lab safety, MSDS, and chemical and

    radioactive material handling

-  Staining and analysis of ocean water samples for virus like particle enumeration

-  E. Coli transformations, plasmid replication, Qiagen Prep for plasmid DNA isolation, Polymerase Chain 

  Reaction, and GeneQuant

-  RNA isolation and Northern Blot Hybridization with radioactive labeling and X-ray film analysis

-  Small and large animal surgery, ultrasound, and blood and tissue extraction\analysis


-  GIS: Completed ESRI training courses in ArcGIS 9.1, 10.0, and Python

-  Systems administration: Windows, Mac, Linux, and VMware vSphere and Vitrual infrastructure

-  Web Design and Sharepoint administration, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Acrobat, QuickTime, SPSS, R,

  Splus, Object Oriented Programming/Java, HTML, and Plone


Environmental project leader utilizing cross-disciplinary science experience and an ability to work and communicate effectively with different stakeholder groups.  An attentive listener and creative communicator who facilitates effective collaboration and encourages cohesive critical thinking.


Work experience

Jan 2010Apr 2013

Network and Systems Administrator

Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

Acting IT Director Sep-Nov 2010

  • Co-development of the BIOS Office of Information Technology strategic plan
  • Analysis and review of compliance with best practices to ensure cost-effective operations
  • Goal-oriented project management and coordination with external consultants
  • Act as technical authority for scientists to facilitate the completion of scientific goals
  • Strengthened the professional relationship between the BIOS IT and research departments
  • Design and administration of a new BIOS Sharepoint Web Portal
  • Supervision of Helpdesk support personnel and service requests
May 2007Dec 2009

Marine Oceanographic Technician

Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
  • Coordinated success of scientific studies by liaising with lead scientists and ship's officers
  • Management and oversight of oceanographic research and data acquisition activities
  • Evaluated and implemented a redesign of the shipboard scientific data acquisition systems

GIS and Website Design Consultant

Duke University Marine Lab
  • Created and managed content for a Plone based website promoting the Duke University Center for Marine Conservation
  • Compiled a GIS data set for a map of the Tortuguero village in Costa Rica

Marine Science Educator and Mate

Duke University Marine Lab
  • Instructed students in marine life identification and ecology
  • Acted as First Mate to the Captain during research cruises and coordinating science sampling activities

Environmental Science Instructor

Don Lee Center
  • Lab based environmental science instruction for elementary to junior high students in the Coastal Communities program
  • Facilitating low ropes challenge course

Marine Ecology Teaching Assistant

Duke University Marine Lab
  • Co-created the lab syllabus and designed and instructed 7 fieldwork exercises
  • Tutored and advised graduate and undergraduate students research project development

Sustainable Seafood Intern

North Carolina National Estuarine Research Reserve

Duke Masters Project "Smart Seafood"

  • Analysis and evaluation of fisheries population statistics, bycatch, pollution, and habitat destruction for locally served seafood species for use in creating a public outreach program
  • Review of harvesting and importation infringements, management plans, and international law - MSFCMA, CITES, Lacey Act, CCAMLR, ESA - for selected species
  • Research synthesized for presentation to technical and non-technical audiences, designed to influence decision-making
  • Consulted fisheries agency experts on sustainable alternatives
  • Represent NCNERR at meetings and speak on sustainable seafood for Estuary Live!

Sea Turtle Research Technician

Duke University Marine Lab
  • Tracked satellite tagged green sea turtles to create an area use pattern
  • Assisted creating a regional sex-ratio and growth-rate dataset for Loggerhead sea turtles

Animal Science Intern

Ohio State University OARDC
  • Conducted senior thesis research: Sustaining the Bovine Corpus Luteum Through Local Immunosuppression
  • Blood collection, preparation, and analysis by ELISA Assay for progesterone
  • Reproductive tissue sampling, cell culture, and staining
  • In vivo monitoring of reproductive tissues using ultrasound
  • Statistical analysis of results and presentation to department and thesis defense

Technical Assistant

The College of Wooster
  • Assisted in the redesign of the Government Publications software database using MS Access to simplify and standardize the task of updating the database, and to increase usability of the web interface for patrons
  • Administration of departmental workstations, government publications software, and Government Publications website
  • Projects were self-directed with weekly supervisor reviews, project documentation, and progress reports


Aug 2003May 2005

Master of Environmental Management

Duke University

Duke Masters Project - Smart Seafood: Sustainable Seafood in Carteret County


Bachelor of Arts

The College of Wooster

Senior Thesis - Sustaining the Bovine Corpus Luteum Through Local Immunosuppression