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Work experience




In this role, I managed a team of 95 associates in a $23 million dollar location.  Responsibilities included ensuring a plan for merchandising grocery items was created each week and this was communicated to all members of management, our File Clerk, appropriate department managers and the store's receiver.  Additionally, customer relations, associate coaching, training and discipline were areas I was responsible for.  During my tenure at my current location, we have converted an existing store to the Enterprise Value Pilot store; completed an in-store remodel, eliminated approximately 8,000 SKUs through SKU rationalization, worked with Dunnhumby to gather and analyze customer loyalty data and selected new fixtures appropriate for a Value Store. 



Foreman Group, Inc.

Foreman Group, Inc. was comprised of two businesses:  Jim Foreman & Associates represented a variety of manufacturers to retailers across the midwest in order to increase sales and display space.  The relationships we developed with buyers and business owners were capitalized upon to introduce new items and manufacturers to the marketplace.  Crescendo was the name of a single-door gift shop owned and operated by Foreman Group, Inc.  This start-up business was located for five years in Brownsburg, IN where our family was responsible for purchasing, merchandising, advertising, accounting and payroll. 



Master of Business Administration

Western Governor's University

My MBA emphasis was Strategy and Leadership with the intention of continuing to grow in this area of expertise.



Cornell University

Sponsored through Kroger, this Pathways Certificate series offered a variety of intense topical studies that included managing and training people, customer relations, managing loss prevention, effective communication, time management and the complete manager. 



Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis

My studies focused on strategy, research and analysis and game theory.  My work at a campus computer lab exposed me to a variety of students where communication skills were necessary to express technical information to a non-technical audience. 


Computer Skills
I am very comfortable with the use of personal computers and some networking tasks.  I am proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher and Powerpoint.  I have a basic understanding of business intelligence software such as Business Objects.  I was a computer operator for five years on a Sperry 2000 mainframe in the military working with secure satelite communications. 
Business & Profit Development
First, most recently, I have worked to analyze what products are selling well in a department in the store with maximum profit and then utilize this data to build a display of this product.  Second, I have worked with independent store owners to bring in complementary gift items for what is selling well currently as an add-on sale to increase profits and sales-per-customer numbers.  Finally, I developed a business plan for a start-up retail gift shop as well as consulted with a number of independent businesses to find the maximum profit at a given cost of business. 
Retail Merchandising & Planning
I was the agent of a merchandiser during college, the coach and employer of merchandisers for a decade and have owned a retail gift shop...all before entering Kroger Management where planning and merchandising is stressed as a key job skill. 
Strategic Leadership / Problem Solving
Focused decision making and problem solving are skills I've developed since my time in the military.  Whether communicating my own plans or implementing the strategy developed at a corporate level, I have a vast amount of experience in leading teams.  My role in the Kroger Enterprise Value Pilot store in Indianapolis has given me experience in task management while simultaneously managing a unique plan developed from this 3,500 store organization. 
Research & Analysis
In my role as Co-Manager with Kroger, I presented several times on research I'd compiled for different departments (Deli, Bakery, Produce and Meat).  This analysis included research on sales trends, shrink numbers and profit drivers.  Additionally, I have experience in researching a corporation's customer base, trends and targets to identify product mixes to fulfill goals.
Teambuilding / Coaching & Training
I have a practice in place to coach each direct report individually on a regular basis.  My team is strengthened by the growth of its members.  I am a firm believer in developing or participating in mentor programs to build the knowledge and depth of myself and others.



Professional leader with a proven track record of organizational management, team building and creating sales solutions both in wholesale and a highly competitive retail marketplace.  Developed strategies to ensure sales plans are executed.  Possess strong analytical skills to operate or advise business units.  Proven consistently the ability to handle multiple tasks in demanding situations.  Demonstrated problem solver with exceptional interpersonal communication and presentation skills. 


  • Brownsburg Kiwanis, Past President
  • American Legion, Post 331
  • Brownsburg Redevelopment Commission
  • Brownsburg Planning Commission