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I enjoy helping out in my local community of Eaglesham. When time permits I also enjoy going for long walks with my wife and dog.  I follow my local rugby team GHA and when I get the chance I go to Scottish international rugby matches both home and away


In 2009 I was diagnosed as having an intestinal disease called Diverticulitis, which caused my intestine to perforate.  Since then I have had 5 major operations to rectify the condition which have been successful.  I was unable to work for most of that period of time.  During this period I have kept very busy within our community of Eaglesham.  I’m Chairman of the Eaglesham Fair Committee, which I resurrected with my cousin in 2005 and have since given back over £30,000 to our local community groups.  I’m Chairman of Eaglesham & Waterfoot Community Development Trust which I started in 2010. We have recently opened Eaglesham Heritage Trail after I secured £22,000 funding from various sources.  We have other plans in the pipeline to develop our village further and I’m in the process of seeking funding for over £500,000 to develop some community amenities.  I have recently finished a report into small group funding in the village and have just finished a business plan to acquire a museum in the village and transfer it from council owned to community owned. I’m a member of Eaglesham Community Council and as part of my remit I sit on the Whitelee Windfarm Fund panel.  Whitelee Wind Farm is the biggest windfarm in Europe and as part of this donates over £125,000 per year to surrounding areas for community projects.  We decide what projects are given funding from this fund.  I’m President of Eaglesham Burns Club which myself and my friend started up 5 years ago, we now have over 130 members.  I also assist local groups seeking funding for projects




Alistair Carmichael is the Provost and Councillor for Ward 6 in East Renfrewshire.

Work experience

Jan 2011May 2011

National Census Team Leader


Census Team Leaders assisted with the management and co-ordination of the enumeration process ensuring activities are completed on time and to the required standards. I carried out the enumeration of residential establishments, such as care homes, and assist in the recruitment and training of a team of around 12 census takers (enumerators) and it’s my job to manage them in my designated area for the duration of the project.  This was a part time post and involved mainly evening and weekend work which ended in May 2011.

Aug 2009Feb 2010



My role in the DWP was to process claims for ESA (employment support allowance) and to handle queries regarding all claims over the phone.  Sometimes customers were difficult to understand, anxious, upset or angry, they may have just lost there job and I had to show sensitivity to all customers.  I had to use a wide range of in-house computerised systems and Microsoft packages.  I dealt with both computerised claims and paper claims, processing them from beginning to completion.  During my period of employment I took seriously ill and was in hospital for several months.  Because of this my contract was terminated. 

Oct 2007Jul 2009


Whitelee Catering

On the outskirts of Eaglesham a windfarm was built and is the biggest windfarm in Europe.  The site is on Eaglesham moor and there were over 1200 workers on site.  My cousin opened a catering business and employed 10 people to carry out the on-site catering for general workers and office staff.  My role was to manage the day to day running of the business, dealing with contractors, managing staff and ensuring that all machinery is in good working order. 

Sep 2005Oct 2007

Facilities Manager

Greater Pollok Community Forum

My role with the Forum was to co-ordinate with local facilities management committees offering support, advice and training to help them to manage, develop and sustain their facilities, effectively ensuring maximum use by all sectors of the Greater Pollok Community during the projects life span.  In the Greater Pollok area there are over 25 community halls and during my contract I worked closely with the halls in areas such as hall maintenance, developing a PPM system, an assets database and gathering together a dedicated list of contractors database who could carry out emergency and general repairs and carrying out an energy audit on all halls to try and reduce energy costs.  I also worked closely with Caledonian University to develop and implement a Greater Pollok Community Facilities Management Training Pack and Facilities Manual.  This is an invaluable 128 page pack, which helps the management groups with a variety of business information such as Health & Safety, Financial Systems, Hall Management and Marketing.  I was also instrumental in acquiring over £150K of financial support to the halls to carry out repairs and refurbishments.  These include re-roofing a hall, replacing windows, emergency brickwork rendering repairs, replacement of a complete kitchen and installation of a new fire alarm and heating system. I project managed these jobs from inception to completion.  I was on a two year contract which was funded by the Big Lottery Fund. 

Sep 2000Sep 2005

Quotes Coordinator

City Facilities Management

City Facilities Management manages the day-to-day maintenance of every Asda supermarket in Britain.  I joined the company in September 2001 as a quotes administrator, quickly taking over the role as quotes co-ordinator/manager.  This involved co-ordinating all repairs in every Asda store in Britain within a cost range of £250.00 and £10,000, daily dealing with contractors, organising costs, checking KPI’s and making sure that all contractors had relevant Health & Safety awareness for on site working.  After works were completed I had to make sure that the work was of the highest standard and then I would pass the invoice for payment.  I managed a team of 9 people primarily dealing with approximately 9000 quotes per year with 2 people in the team dealing with parts procurement. My duties included liaising with divisional managers, area managers, in store technicians, contractors and store managers to ensure that the smooth running of the store was not disrupted.  I also managed the yearly budget (in excess of 10 million pounds) for capital and revenue works for the Divisional Managers.  I had to organise weekly reports for Asda Directors which involved the providing of high quality data files outlining which stores needed what repairs (400+stores), what cost and percentage of the budget has been spent, what cost had been spent in repairs for that year, projected costs and various other data as requested by ASDA.


Aug 2007Jun 2000


Stow College