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Passionate Computer and Communications Engineer, having more than two years of professional experience at  P&G working on and leading large scale projects during  4 great internships focusing mainly on software development and management. Currently working at the international software company Xara as a backend software engineer.

Quick to ramp up with any existing development platform; and perform design, coding, debugging, and testing application and system software. Excellent interpersonal as well as exceptional communication skills, and enjoys a high pressure team environment.
Experienced in: Full stack web development, project management, and manufacturing automation solutions development.

Core Competencies

  • Software Development / Engineering
  • Software Life Cycle Management, LCM
  • DevOps
  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Manufacturing Automation
  • Team Building / Leadership
  • Training & Mentoring
  • Outsourcing / Offshoring
  • Project Management
  • Professional Work Experience




Victoria College, Alexandria, Egypt

Grade: 98.2%

Work History

January, 2019Present

Backend Software Engineer


Middleware team member in Xara Cloud; The flagship product developed by Xara Ltd.

April, 2018January, 2019

BackEnd Software Engineer


• Develop  backend systems in Node.js v9 using JavaScript (ES6) and Express
• Develop backend services using micro-services architecture and REST API standards
• Publish private npm packages to be used across the backend systems.
• Develop chat backend using web socket frameworks such as or SocketCluster
• Secure the back end using security best practices against major security threats (OWASP).
• Develop backend APIs to cater for features required as per documented feature stories
• Develop Facebook Messenger Chatbot using Node.js
• Publish APIs on PostMan to be consumed and tested by developers and Quality Control
• Develop Admin dashboard using EJS  as per Operations requirements.

June, 2016April, 2018

Engineering Intern

Procter and Gamble (P&G)

Had four internships at "P&G October 6 Plant, Egypt " working on, and leading major projects for the plant in a professional workspace. Led complex software development for a broad range of projects focusing mainly on manufacturing automation, data management, loss elimination, and effort saving; as well as leading the digitization campagin for the plant by technically qualifying software development vendors as well as resident IT engineers.

  • Built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality, cost-efficient technological solutions and tools driving business development.
  • Managed all aspects of business and project development from initial scoping through strategic and fiscal planning to final testing and delivery.
  • Recommended for a full time job due to my exceptional performance.

Remarkable Projects

October, 2016June, 2017

EO Dashboard

P&G October 6 Plant, Egypt -- Operations

   One pager containing all measures per equipment. This system grabs manufacturing data, and business KPIs from a number of internal systems, and processes them into a single page per equipment owner in order to keep track of their numbers with respect to the corresponding targets. A number of health checks is implemented into the system in order to be performed by managers on the equipment owner, with the ability to generate reports containing the desired measures.

August, 2016August, 2017


P&G October 6 Plant, Egypt -- Warehouse

   Designed for the warehouse control room, this solution processes shipment vehicles data from an internal system called 'RTCIS', calculates their lifetime duration through the different stages they pass through inside the plant, shows a live view of the vehicles, their current stage, and whether they comply to the target time, as well as showing a live shiftly/daily/monthly summary of the shipment proccess (ex: number of vehicles  shipped, average shipping time, etc..) which has improved the warehouse shipping proccess by 40%.

June, 2016August, 2016

Safety & Quality Trigger Sheets

P&G October 6 Plant, Egypt -- Operations

   Automation of the safety and quality trigger evaluation for production lines shift handovers.

June, 2016August, 2016

IWS Score Cards

P&G October 6 Plant, Egypt -- IWS

    Data management system that grabs business KPIs from a number of internal systems on a monthly basis, saving lots of time finding, updating, and publishing these numbers every month. It shows the data in a color coded table with the ability of generating excel sheets and graphs for a pre-defined set of numbers.

Leadership Positions and Civil Work

January, 2013January, 2015


Fariq Al-Fariq

Fariq Al-Fariq is an activity group at the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University. It was founded in order to provide the students with entertainment and interesting activities at college. Fariq Al-Fariq was founded by Mohamed Gamal and others in 2013 and It was a great success organizing concerts and interesting activities at college.

April, 2013September, 2013

Academig Committee Member

Mind Utopia - SMU

Mind Utopia is a project started in 2013 by the youth initiative SMU (Start Menu Union) that’s located in faculty of engineering Alexandria University. The project aims generally at developing the skills and personality of participants which are considered as a bridge between the practical field and the pure science we learn at college during different academic years. About the way it’s done, the staff presents an extensive set of sessions that’s based on direct interaction among the presenters and the attendees and preparing some unique workshops to help the participants apply what they’ve learnt during sessions. The sessions and workshops are developed yearly by the unique staff of ours. The project’s slogan in its first year was “beat your thinkophopia” Which aimed at helping the participants to stop their fear of thinking by preparing a suitable atmosphere for them to think and apply their thoughts during their presence in the different phases of the project.


Public Relations

Students Union, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University

Was responsible for making financial deals with vendors, as well as contacting public figures to arrange visits, or conferences with the students at the college.