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Award and bonus for "Employee of the Month" while with BLL & Associates, LLC.  The award was given for completing a project on schedule and error free.



Competitive Running, Website Design, Graphic Design, Skiing


Joseph Worcester

I have been the owner of a small engineering firm for over 10 years, and have the pleasure of knowing Katie Schmidt most of that time. She has served as my adjunct information and computer specialist, working primarily remotely over the internet, to solve a myriad of problems. Whatever the problem, she has jumped in to interface with software suppliers, hardware suppliers, IP companies, etc. and has been able to get my systems back up and running. She is cool and calm under stressful situations, and extremely knowledgeable about all phases of the computer systems.

When I moved my company from Florida, where Katie is located, to Pennsylvania 6 years ago, she had proved so invaluable that it was more than worth it to fly her here to work on my systems rather than to trust them to anyone else. Since then she has continued to be a resource to keep my company and its computers running.

Joseph B. Worcester PE


Worcester Engineering, Inc.

Chris Skudder


I'm glad it was/is a good place to work.  You added a tremendous amount of intelligence and value to our team Katie.  I am certain that you will find or make good opportunities for yourself and do well wherever you go. 




I have a true passion for business! I have been involved in projects to build & repair computers, data integration, market research & analytics, developing software and websites. Handling several projects on a daily basis is normal.  Organized and positive thinking allows me stay on top of items to get the work done.  A degree in Computer Science and 10+ years of professional experience in diverse fields leads to a strong foundation for any company seeking a great asset.  My dream career is not defined by a title, but the company. I believe companies are like another family and hope a company will adopt me as their own.  I will learn whatever I have to learn.  I will work as hard as needed with respect to time and efficiency.  All I ask is that this company provides a stable, competitive, and challenging environment to master great skills for long term development.  I believe things happen for reasons, so please consider me as your reason to believe!

Work experience

Aug 2008Jan 2009

Market Research & Analytics


Summary: Considered a "Jill of All Trades" since I did whatever it took in order to complete the job including: managing the retail store, receptionist, data analytics, customer support, research, managing the sales team while directors were out, or budgets. Market Research:

  • Directly reported to VP and COO to company regarding all communities in the Central Florida area. Results were used as part of presentation materials to main investors.
  • Worked within RUS boundaries to create new market research areas.
  • Developed a process for doing market research which involved acquisition of data, drive testing for line of sight, competitive analysis, and satellite penetration by community.
  • Directed team members on projects for market research to meet deadlines.
  • Successfully completed first two phases of market research which would have acquired approximately 50,000 new serviceable customers. $1 million dollars in minimum estimated revenue would have been produced.

Market Analytics:

  • Investigated public and private data resources to increase market penetration and create new markets.
  • Transformed SQL data dumps to create in-house reports using MS Access and complex SQL queries. Extracted results as input to other reports.
  • Extensive cell based programming in MS Excel to create customized reports and graphs. Created complex graphs to identify and fix network problems.
  • Successfully implemented a MS Access marketing database to document and report DNS, Out of Coverage, ROI, Event Management, Commissions.
  • Pricing study to develop contracts, seasonal plans, and pricing changes.
  • Audited 3rd party BOSS system to verify report accuracy with each department specific process flow.
  • Identified report integrity issues including data entry process flow to accurately report commissions.
  • Trained Directors and Sales team how to properly use the Sales Funnel in IntraISP.
  • Created process to audit cancelled customer e-mail accounts.

Marketing Campaign Coordination:

  • Established and managed relationships with 3rd party direct marketing firms to execute company objectives within budget.
  • Pinpointed areas to improve results of direct marketing efforts and reduce costs.
  • Supported sales team & retail store and supplied all marketing literature, lead and event management.
  • Managed internal IntraISP system.
  • Administrator of all changes and audits of the company website.
  • Created Marketing Budget for 2009.

Software Used: IntraISP, WiMAX Technology, Cloudspace Hosting, MS Access 2007, MS Excel 2007, VisualWare, Delorme Atlas Plus (xData)

Nov 2004Aug 2008

Office Manager/PC Technician

Crown Information Systems, Inc.

Summary: Repaired computers/laptops, created mass e-mails for promotions, process flow, managed & trained volunteers, removed spyware & viruses, created & maintain website, ad hoc programming, merchandise placement & pricing, and all assigned tasks.

  • Manage pricing, product placement, and store design for computer retail store.
  • Diagnose and fix desktop/laptop computers for both hardware and software problems.
  • Create and maintain all website functionality for using Microsoft FrontPage and Visual Studio Web Express with SQL Server Express 2008.
  • Develop marketing ideas to drive business for onsite service as well as in store traffic.
  • Responsible for all first contact phone support.

Software Used: Microsoft Visual Studio Web Express 2008, FrontPage, MS SQL Server Express 2008, Microsoft Excel 97/2003/2007, Intel Platforms, Windows 98/ME/2000/2003/XP Home & Pro/Vista, QuickBooks

Apr 2003Nov 2004

Manager, System Implementation

Mastery Marketing Group, Inc.

Summary:  Traveled to different customer sites to support integration of CRM system.

  • Developed CRM type system for a multimillion dollar client. This system is currently in several branch offices of the client. The system will be used nationwide after testing is completed.
  • Communicated with the senior programming staff on new development and testing issues.
  • Analyzed and developed utilities to automate user tasks.
  • Worked closely with marketing departments developing technological solutions and creative ideas for direct mail.
  • Created analytic reports to show response analysis to direct mail campaigns.
  • Implemented techniques for data manipulation and integration from several silos.
  • Several projects requiring data transformation and consolidation techniques.
  • Worked with hospitality industry doing marketing analysis and automating trend reports.
  • Completed user manual for in-house software.
  • Worked primarily with FoxPro 5.0 for all database utilities.
  • Trained and supported users on software products.

Software Used: Fox Pro 5.0, SQL Queries, HTML, VBA for MS Access

Jul 2002Apr 2003

Systems Programmer

BLL & Associates, LLC

Summary:  Gained experience in the development life cycle in a team environment.

  • Extensive application development with VBA in Access 97/XP. Communicating with MS SQL Server to run stored procedures in order maintain current and new data.
  • Successfully maintain multiple databases for multimillion dollar client.
  • Work in a team environment to organize projects and deliverables.

Software Used: VBA for MS Access, Crystal Reports - Data Driven Reports, MS SQL Server 7.0 - Stored Procedures, Queries, Connections, Database Design

May 2001Aug 2001

Marketing Operations Intern

Avon Products, Inc.
  • Optimized data retrieval/processing on UNIX with SAS companion.
  • Simplified VBA code in Excel to run automated quarterly & yearly reports.
  • Participated in monthly departmental meetings.

Presented programming research & results to senior Human Resource Software Used: UNIX, SAS, VBA for Excel


Associate Degree

St. Louis Community College at Meramec

3.2/4.0, Dean's List


Bachelor of Science,

University of Missouri

Golden Key National Honor Society Academic Scholarship, GPA 2.95/4.0


Familiar Software
This list shows you software that was used for projects either as an indirect source or as the main software.  It is hard to place a skill level on each piece of software ever used.  Plus, this skill set would be very long.  Here is the synopsis:   Fox Pro 5.0 VBA for MS Office 97-2007 Windows 98/2000/2003 Server/XP (Home/Pro)/Vista (Home/Business) MS SQL Server 7.0 MS SQL Server Management Studio Express 2008 LogMeIn Remote Desktop Microsoft Digital Imaging Suite 9.0 Virtual PC, Virtual Hard Drives, Virtual Machines, Virtual Mobile Emulation UNIX (college)  
MS Excel 2007
Some examples:   Created customized invoicing systems that communicate with MS Access data.  Complex graphs where a user can have more than one data set on one graph.  User can also use a check box to toggle data viewed. Complex pivot tables. Data transformation.
SQL Stored Procedures
Experienced in writing parameterized stored procedures which allows for dynamic data driven procedures.  I'm not sure what the definition of "Beginner" or "Intermediate" is for this website, but I consider intermediate as writing code with out help.
SQL Queries
I have lots of experience writing complex backend SQL queries.  Updating, inserting, deleting, or joining tables together is not a problem.  In the past, I have taken several different queries and displayed data in a dashboard type utility for a CRM application.  The data was pulled from 5 or 6 different databases or tables but all viewed on the same screen by the user.  This showed the "Big Picture" for all data streams to the client.
C Programming
I was formally trained in C on a UNIX platform in college.  C is the fundamental language for many different programming languages.  I believe it gives a solid foundation to learn other languages.